The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1767 - 1767 Wang Tianze’s Purpose of Visit (2)

1767 Wang Tianze’s Purpose of Visit (2)

“Tianze, didn’t you say before that you couldn’t come because you had some family matters to attend to?”

He Xuan poured a glass of wine for Wang Tianze and chuckled at him.

“Yeah. I’ve dealt with most of it,” Wang Tianze lifted his glass and drank it in one go, his face somewhat gloomy. “If it weren’t for…”

“What happened?” Xue Zhelan looked at them curiously. “Is there something I don’t know?”

He was in the City of Ao, competing with his brothers and sisters for the family’s assets, and hadn’t had time to be in touch with them.

As a result, he didn’t know about what happened to Wang Tianze before.

Moreover, what happened to him was too embarrassing, and he wouldn’t bring it up on his own.

Due to this, he was kept at home for a long time and his family did not allow him to communicate with the outside world, especially his grandfather, who was extremely disappointed in him.

Originally, he had thought that Wang Tianze was the most outstanding descendant of the Wang family and wanted to pass on the power to him.

He never thought he would make such a joke of himself.

His grandfather was disappointed, so naturally he didn’t pay attention to him, and this made his father, Wang Qun, even angrier.

His other uncles and brothers ridiculed him like never before, which made him feel miserable for a while.

Apart from Yang Mo, he didn’t get in touch with anyone else during that time.

Several months had passed since the incident, and he had slowly recovered from the impact.

“Don’t mention it!” Wang Tianze was extremely dejected with an awful look on his face. “If it weren’t for that bitch, I wouldn’t be so embarrassed now!”


“Qi Xibei!”

He spat out each word through gritted teeth.

“Qi Xibei?” They were both stunned. “Is she the child of the Qi family?”

They sure knew about the Qi family’s situation, but did the Qi family have a child named Qi Xibei?

“Yes,” Wang Tianze nodded. “She is Qi Zhi’an’s daughter.”

“Wait a minute, you’re talking about Qi Zhi’an’s daughter… Isn’t that Qi Xin?”

However, wasn’t Qi Xin the daughter of the Qi family?

When did it become Qi Xibei?

Who was this girl that appeared out of nowhere?

“She is the biological daughter of Qi Zhi’an, and was mistaken for someone else because of some things that happened before,” Wang Tianze explained in a few words. “She wasn’t found until last year.”

The two looked at each other, feeling surprised.

“Then why didn’t the Qi family announce it to the public?”

If the Qi family had announced it, they would have known about Qi Xibei’s existence and wouldn’t be as clueless.

“How would I know?” Wang Tianze coldly snorted in response.

“Perhaps the Qi family doesn’t care about her?” they proposed.

“It’s very likely!” Xue Zhelang speculated. “Although she’s a child of the Qi family, she didn’t grow up there. What could she possibly amount to? She must have been looked down upon!”

As far as they were concerned, blood relations were the most unreliable thing.

So what if there was a blood relation?

It was like Xue Zhelang, whose father had three legal wives because of the special laws in the City of Ao.

Apart from the children of the three wives in the family, he also had several illegitimate children out there!

Strictly speaking, Xue Zhelang had many siblings.

If they really were to talk about blood relations and feelings, it would be ridiculous.

To them, that was the most impractical thing.

Personal interests were the most important of all!

Moreover, having been away for so long, the Qi’s biological daughter certainly wouldn’t be able to keep up when she returned to a place like the house of Qi.

If she couldn’t keep up, sure enough she would be looked down upon.

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