The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1744 - 1744 Join Forces

1744 Join Forces

Han Rui came back not only because he didn’t want to be caught, but also because he was worried that his family would become the target of revenge.

Those guys were outlaws who didn’t care about ethics like leaving a foe’s family out of the conflict.

As far as they were concerned, if they managed to capture his family, they could use them as hostages to threaten Han Rui.

Han Rui would then be at their mercy.

Without the help of Xia Xibei and Qiao Yanjue, those guys might have succeeded by now.

After all, his parents and Han Chuo were ordinary people who were powerless against those guys.

“Well, I’ll help you too,” Qiao Yanjue said.

“How?” Han Rui was puzzled. Even though he did tell Qian Yanjue about his situation, how could he possibly help him?

“Easy, I’ve fished out things about those guys already,” Qian Yanjue said with pride.

“You found their whereabouts?!” Han Rui was surprised.

“Of course,” Qiao Yanjue nodded. “You think I’m fooling around with you?”

Only by finding those guys and eliminating them could they ever have peace of mind.

Moreover, they had to uproot those guys completely to prevent future troubles.

Right after Han Rui asked him for help, Qiao Yanjue sent someone to take care of things.

After investigating for some time, he found their whereabouts.

“Where are they?” Han Rui got excited.

“In a hotel twenty miles away from us,” Qiao Yanjue disclosed without holding back anything. “Just waiting for you to act.”

Han Rui took a deep breath, and the look on his face turned resolute.

If he could wipe out those guys, his family wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

Besides, he found that Qiao Yanjue was much more capable than he had imagined.

“But should we also lure out the person behind this?” Xia Xibei said.

“Yes!” Qiao Yanjue nodded. “There’s still a problem to deal with!”

“Do you know who betrayed you?” Qiao Yanjue asked.

“I’ve got some thoughts, but no proof,” Han Rui shook his head.

“That’s good enough,” Qiao Yanjue smiled. “Let’s just lure them out!”

Han Rui looked at the bottle on the table, touched the mask on his face, and it occurred to him.

“Okay, let’s lure them out!”

He needed to know who had set him up!

That person clearly wanted him dead!

After a quick discussion, they came up with a plan.

Han Rui looked at them with awe after listening to the plan, “You two are way more ferocious than I am!”

“Ferocious?” Xia Xibei looked innocent. “I think we’re pretty kind.”

If they hadn’t shown some ferocity to those who wanted to cause harm to them, wouldn’t they feel sorry for themselves?

Qiao Yanjue patted Han Rui’s shoulder, “Go get some water. You look parched!”

Han Rui was stunned for a second when Qian Yanjue reminded him, and then he jumped and rushed to the water dispenser.

He had been so completely engrossed that he forgot he had taken a sip of vinegar.

Now that he finally came to realize it, the dreadful sensation came flooding back.

After downing several glasses of water and diluting the vinegar in his system, Han Rui breathed a sigh of relief.

He then noticed that all his pains had disappeared!

The potion was truly a miraculous one!

Since Han Rui was feeling fine now, it was time to act right away.

That night, he headed to the hotel, as per Qiao Yanjue’s instructions.

There, with the new face that he was wearing, he caught sight of a somewhat familiar face.

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