The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: You’re Trying To Evade Your Debt

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Although the class had started, many of them were still playing back Xia Xibei’s words in their minds.

Now that they thought it through, they were all shocked by the huge amount of information spilled during the conversation!

Jin Yazhen claimed that Xia Xibei and Yang Xuan were a couple, but Xia Xibei had hooked up with someone rich, so she broke up with Yang Xuan.

But then Xia Xibei said that Jin Yazhen and Yang Xuan were a couple, that the two of them patronized her workplace often, and that she paid for their meals.

And due to the excessive consumption of meat, Jin Yazhen and Yang Xuan could be having some health problems…

These pieces of information befuddled them. Who was actually speaking the truth?

However, judging from Xia Xibei’s and Jin Yazhen’s reactions, they tended to believe more in what Xia Xibei had said.

Xia Xibei used to be introverted and timid in the past, and no one had ever seen her with Yang Xuan. Wasn’t it funny to call them a couple out of nowhere?

Besides, all that Xia Xibei had eaten, worn, and used were visibly wretched. Apart from her sudden change of appearance today, the rest of her remained the same.

If she had hooked up with someone rich, she wouldn’t be wearing clothes and shoes that cost no more than 200 dollars altogether, would she?


Looking at Jin Yazhen, on the other hand, she had a pale look on her face and a restless, uneasy look in her eyes… Something surely wasn’t right with her!

While the teacher was writing on the board, the students started passing notes as if they had gone insane. The love and hate between the three of them began escalating.

It was a huge gossip!

Seeing all the great commotion around him, Tang Luo couldn’t help but shoot a glance at Xia Xibei.

He heard what Xia Xibei said too, and he was amazed by her change as well.

Back then, she would never have retaliated like how she just did.

In pleasant words, Xia Xibei used to be gentle and introverted. In honest words, however, she was timid and foolish!

However, she was a changed person today!

Most of all, after saying those words, she had her focus on the book right now?!

While everyone else was caught up in the agitation, Xia Xibei remained totally unruffled. She was reading the book with her head down.

In the past, she started working right after finishing high school because of a series of incidents that had happened to her.

In fact, even if she got accepted by any college, she would never have made it anyway because her parents wouldn’t provide her school fees.

Besides, her results were far from excellent because she had always been caught up with work. She had a long way to go if she were to get into a good college.

After making her way into the entertainment industry, her high school results became a shortcoming of hers, which brought about a great deal of mocking and ridicules to her.

Especially when put in comparison with other female celebrities, she would receive dozens of negative comments.

No matter how successful she became later, this would always be a regret to her.

Therefore, she was determined to get into a top-notch college in this lifetime!

Not for anyone else but for herself!

It was a joyous thing that her memory was so much better than before. Even though she hadn’t been in touch with these contents for a long period of time, it only took her a glance or two to re-activate her memory. The things that she once found complex and abstruse seemed so much simpler now.

If she continued this way, she would most likely get impressive results for this monthly assessment.

As for Jin Yazhen who was sitting on tenterhooks, she did not grasp a single thing taught in the class.

It was finally recess. The second the teacher stepped out of the class, she dashed over to Xia Xibei.

“Xibei, you’re mistaken, Yang Xuan and I are not a couple, you and him are…”

Before she could finish, Xia Xibei cut her off, “How could you not be? If you aren’t with him, why would you become his guarantor when he borrowed money from me?”

“Borrowed money? Guarantor?”

Everyone pricked their ears to listen in. It was a massive gossip!

Jin Yazhen was rattled. “I did not become his guarantor, and he… he did not borrow any money!”

“Jin Yazhen, are you two trying to evade your debt?” Xia Xibei’s face finally turned glum.

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