The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1394 - Let Them Off the Hook

Chapter 1394: Let Them Off the Hook

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Bai Meixue and Bai Qinghan had been resenting Xia Xibei because of the previous incident.

If it wasn’t for Xia Xibei, they wouldn’t have need to run away to a foreign country in the dust, like bereaved dogs.

Everything was strange here, and it was especially hard for them.

They didn’t even think that this was what would happen to them after they had done something wrong.

That was why they wanted to get back at Xia Xibei.


In Xia Xibei’s opinion, she was already very kind.

Due to them, she had lived a miserable life for decades.

Although the events of her past life had passed as if it was just a dream, she had, after all, suffered so many injuries.

In this case, she did not retaliate against them, which was already a great mercy.

However, they didn’t feel that they had done anything wrong. Instead, they continued to attack her.

This was so… Wrong, right?

It seemed that they were still having too good a time to have the spare energy to think about these things.

So, she had to beat them down hard.

Not physically hurting them was already her bottom line.

As for the rest, she didn’t think too much about it.

Besides, the fact that Bai Qinghan would encounter such things was also her own fault.

Sometimes, when one walked too much at night, one would encounter ghosts.

In a previous life, Xia Xibei’s face was also destroyed once. After the second life, the pain left at the beginning was not so clear.

Now Bai Qinghan’s face was injured too, it was also a cycle of karma.

Xia Xibei believed that after taking away all their money, they would not be free to come back to pick a fight.

Of course, if they came back, she would not be so kind again.

This was the last chance she gave them.

In fact, without Xia Xibei doing anything else, neither of them would have a good time.

Now, Bai Meixue’s money was gone, and Bai Qinghan was injured and needed to spend a large amount of money on treatment.

It would take the two of them an unknown amount of time to recover.

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