The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1132 - I'll Take Him Back  

Chapter 1132: I’ll Take Him Back

God Luo’s Streaming TV and God Feng Short Videos were both doing very well now. Christmas was in a few days, and by then, there would be new events on both platforms, so everyone would definitely be busy then.

It was the end of the year, so it was time to have some celebrations. So, before the big increase in traffic and workload, the company was going to have a get-together.

Although Xia Xibei could not appear as the founder, she could appear as a spokesperson and give the company’s geeks and nerds a little benefit!

It was an online company, so there were many geeks and nerds in it, and of course, all of them are experts.

Tang Luo offered a very high salary in the industry, which naturally attracted a lot of experts to come to their company.

As the company was getting better and better, they needed to do some activities to improve morale.

Therefore, Tang Luo decided to have Xia Xibei come be a guest and celebrate with everyone.

A few days later, on the day of the party, Xia Xibei attended while dressed up and managed to get a warm welcome from everyone.

Almost all the people in the company were young, especially since they were in the internet business. So, everyone knew Xia Xibei.

When they found out she was coming as a guest, everyone was overjoyed!

Both guys and girls loved Xia Xibei.

She was the goddess of everyone’s hearts.

When Xia Xibei appeared, the atmosphere reached a climax.

However, because of Xia Xibei’s special status, people did not dare to give her a drink.

Tang Luo was different.

Although people did not know Tang Luo was the boss, she was one of the company’s elders!

Usually, her attitude was a bit aloof, plus she was very talented, so people assumed she was difficult to approach.

This time, it was a company party, and she couldn’t stay aloof.

Moreover, she was already an adult, so she could drink!

In the face of everyone’s toast, Tang Luo was also very stable.

However, no matter how steady she was, she still drank a few glasses.

After a few glasses of wine, her expression seemed to be quite normal.

The other executives soon came over and brought the scene back to normal.

By the second half of the party, Tang Luo’s face was red and her eyes were starting to drift.

“Let me take him back.”

Ren Juncheng pushed his dizzy colleague away and tried to help Tang Luo.

Tang Luo’s drinking tolerance was not good. After only a few drinks, her feet started to float.

In this case, it was necessary to have someone send her back.

Seeing Ren Juncheng was about to touch Tang Luo, Xia Xibei was a little anxious.

Tang Luo couldn’t let anyone get close, but she was also surrounded by people and couldn’t get through for a while.

“I’ll do it.” A tall, thin guy appeared and said to Ren Juncheng. “Boss, just forget about it. You are a mess now too!”

“You brat!” Ren Juncheng smiled and rolled his eyes. “You drink less than me?”

The guy was probably in his twenties, with a pretty clean-cut look.

“I can drink better than you!” he said smugly. “Let me take Tang Luo back!”

“Wait…” Xia Xibei pushed through the crowd, ready to go over.

“No need.” A tall figure appeared and blocked the guy’s hand. The man had a gaze like a knife. “I’ll just take him back.”

The appearance of the tall man slowed down Xia Xibei’s footsteps, and also chilled the atmosphere.

The man looked handsome, with the heroic aura of a mature man.

However, his expression was not friendly. One could not help but feel timid.

“I’ll take him back, you guys take your time.”

His eyes swept over the crowd, and everyone couldn’t help but shiver and move back.

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