The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: When Are You Paying Back?

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“What’s the matter?” Xia Xibei stepped out.

When Yang Xuan caught sight of Xia Xibei, he couldn’t help but be stunned, his eyes gleaming with astonishment.

He knew that Xia Xibei was good-looking. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen her as his girlfriend.

It was a pity that she was always dressed in old-fashioned outfits, which did nothing but embarrass him. Besides, due to some special reasons, he had never taken her out before.

If it weren’t for the fact that she wanted to break up with him, he would never have turned up here.

Unexpectedly, she showed up like a whole different person today.


Before Yang Xuan could finish his words, he was cut off by Xia Xibei.

“Let us talk over there.”

As she finished, she took the lead and walked away before him.

This made Yang Xuan’s face fall.

Was he being too nice to her? Her arrogance was sky-high now!

Nonetheless, he still caught up with her.

The crowd at the back stared at their backs in shock. They couldn’t help but start gossiping away… Xia Xibei and that Yang Xuan were related? They hadn’t noticed it before!

Yang Xuan followed Xia Xibei to a remote and quiet corner.

This was a blind spot of the security surveillance, some students chose to resolve their issues here.

“Xia Xibei, stop right there!”

Yang Xuan was enraged. He stepped forth in wide strides and reached out to grab Xia Xibei’s shoulder.

However, with a swift movement of her feet, Xia Xibei dodged his hand and flashed a sarcastic smile at him.

 “Did you come to pay my money back?”

Yang Xuan froze as she said those words.

“What, what money? What nonsense are you talking about!”

Xia Xibei’s smile turned even more sarcastic. “You told me that your father was in trouble, so I lent you 3,000 yuan. Later, you said that you wanted to purchase materials, I lent you another 2,000… Summing up all of those, you owe me at least 10,000 yuan. When are you paying me back?”


“Xia Xibei!”

Yang Xuan’s face instantly turned red, and he grew even more furious. “When did I ever borrow money from you? Don’t you speak carelessly!”

“Is that so?”

“Of course!” Yang Xuan quickly regained his composure. “You gave me the money yourself, I did not borrow it from you!”

Such shameless remarks made Xia Xibei laugh.

“I can’t even manage to feed myself, yet I gave you money? Am I stupid or what?”

Of course, Xia Xibei was indeed foolish back then. She could barely make ends meet, and yet she generously provided financial support to Yang Xuan.


They had not been together for more than half a year, and Yang Xuan had taken 10,000 yuan from her.

It might not be a big amount to others, but as far as Xia Xibei was concerned, 10,000 yuan were all the savings she had!

Yang Xuan was also shameless. He knew that Xia Xibei had to make money by working for people, yet he played the victim and asked money from her without any sense of guilt.

If it was only a matter of money, she might just as well forget it and pretend that the money had been dropped in water.

However, what Xia Xibei could not tolerate was that, not only did he take her money, he even ruined her!

Back then, she thought that it was her that had provoked the homeless man. However, a few years later, she found out that it had been arranged by Yang Xuan!

The reason he did that was to teach her a lesson!

Xia Xibei was reluctant to put herself in his hands, so he resorted to such means to make her understand a fact: now that she had been tainted, it was her blessing that he still wanted to be with her!


Listen, what a ridiculous justification!

That wasn’t even all to it. After that, he intended to give Xia Xibei away as a present!

If Xia Xibei hadn’t been alert and ran away in time, she would have ended up with an even more tragic fate!

Several years later, here he was in Xia Xibei’s life again, inflicting even more misery upon her!

As she thought of it, Xia Xibei’s eyes turned icy cold. “If you do not return my money…”

“Return what money!” Yang Xuan said in a raised voice with his head held high, “It was you who gave me the money! Also, why are you breaking up with me? Are you seeing another man?”

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