The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 38: The Language Barrier, Solved!

Chapter 38: The Language Barrier, Solved!

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"Now I finally understand what Raven 12345 meant when she said she was ‘too busy to deal with the trifles of earth’." said Hao Ren after disconnecting from the call. "Her daily job is way too crazy, it’s exactly like a scene taken out of a blockbuster movie."

"Does she hold grudges?" Vivian, who also saw the space battle, got a little scared of Raven. Although she had no idea about space wars and mathematical rates weapons, she couldn’t help but feel that Raven 12345 is the kind of boss you wouldn’t want to cross. "Are you sure that you have never offended her before?"

"Well there are times where I called her the white haired succuba silently inside my head. Does that count?" asked Hao Ren after contemplating for a while.

"..." Vivian was speechless.

While Hao Ren was still chatting with Vivian, his MDT suddenly flashed and a message came in directly into his head: "The interpretation program had been sent to you."

Hao Ren switched on the MDT and found the interpretation program quickly. In fact, he didn’t have to search for it. He just simply gave a command in his mind and the MDT carried out the intended function, bringing up the interpretation program immediately. As he was reading the program manual, Hao Ren licked his lips subconsciously, saying, "The heck! Another high-end product. If I had had this product back then, I wouldn’t have to retake the CET-4 three times…"

"How is it?" Lily scratched her head while looking at the MDT with much interest. "Does it explain how to use the program?"

Hao Ren pointed at the holographic image. It was clearly stated here:

The script for the usage of the Universal Adaptive Interpretation app.

• Accessibility clearance level: F

• Accessible to basic level agents or equivalent positions

• Connects directly to user’s mind upon activation

• Simultaneous interpretation inside the mind. Users will not experience lapses in the interpretation process and supports language auxiliary function at the same time

• Able to take charge of part of user’s language ability and enabling users to engage in barrier-free communication in different languages.

Though the above script contained multiple terminology, Hao Ren was able to grasp the general operation of the program just by picking out the few words that he understood from the script. He had to admit that the program was pretty amazing. It was similar to the MDT as both linked directly with the user’s mind. As a matter of fact, all of the auxiliary programs in the MDT could do the same. At first he thought the interpretation app was just a text translation program with voice recognition (It can’t be helped, the last he checked, that’s the best earth’s technology has to offer isn’t it?), but he never expected it to be able to link with and work in his mind with any language. There was even a "language auxiliary function" which could actually take charge of some parts of the user’s language ability?

Hao Ren thought at this rate, he could pretend to be a local and actually pull off a flawless London accent.

"By the way, we can give it a go now!" Hao Ren suggested as he noticed a side note stating that there’s a built-in language library encompassing the languages of the worlds under the jurisdiction of the empire. Even aboriginal languages and those long-lost from uncivilized worlds were included in it. He was curious and wanted to test it immediately. He activated the program immediately and confirmed in his mind that the mental port was ready. He then turned to Vivian and said, "You can speak to me in Anglo-Saxon English now, let’s see if it works. According to the user’s guide, any spoken language on earth can be translated."

Vivian blinked and said, "Is it really so amazing?"

"Let’s give it a go!" said Hao Ren excitedly. "Go ahead."

Vivian paused for a moment and said, "I spoked to you in Old English just now, and you replied in Old English as well."

Hao Ren was stunned while looking at the MDT. A few moments later, he talked to himself, "Well it really worked. I don’t feel the lapse with the process of interpretation. It even imitates your accent."

Lily sat on one side with her arms wrapped around her knees, watching them. She could no longer hide her curiosity and smiled as she walked towards Hao Ren. "Landlord, landlord, can I give it a try please?"

But as soon as Lily takes the MDT over from Hao Ren’s hands, the interpretation program stopped.

"Even though this device is a low accessibility clearance model, there are still rules to follow!" Read the line of words appearing on the MDT. "You do not meet the functional module’s accessibility clearance level, identification failed. Proceeding with this session is against the law. If you really wish to continue, feel free purchase the lock-free downgraded civil model in the City of Shadows."

Lily stared at it and asked, "Why then can I access the music player without any problem?"

"It’s a lock-free function. According to the regulation, you can freely access it." Another line of words appeared. "However, please respect the original setting of this devise. Its main function is to execute tasks, not to play music! You can insult the traditional looks of this device but don’t you dare insult the speakers. It’s a serious provocation to this device to play in your mind the Little Apple in a loop using the sixteen channel mode!

Hao Ren looked quizzically at her. Embarrassed, Lily returned the MDT to him. "I was just bored. The other day you left it on the coffee table before going off to prepare lunch for Bats. So I took it and used it for a short while."

Hao Ren quietly took the MDT back and kept it away. However, he couldn’t bear the disappointment on Lily’s face. Therefore, he tried to divert her attention. "How about this, Vivian and I have tested the function just now. You can give it a go I you want. Just simply pick any foreign language or dialect. Let’s see if it can be translated as well."

The idea brightened her up. After Hao Ren was ready, she cleared her throat and said tentatively, "Woof?"

Hao Ren, "..."

Vivian, "..."

MDT, "..."

"Erm… this device isn’t pre-loaded with the corresponding glossary," a line of words appeared again on the MDT.

"However, according the scenario analysis and the condition your body is in, could what you’ve just said be ‘food’?"

Lily hugged her knees and pout, "It was just guessing around, that doesn’t count. It’s not funny at all. I want to go down to get some something to eat."

After Lily left the room, Vivian turned to Hao Ren and smirked, "You see, she won’t usually admit that she is just a big doggie but once she opens that mouth of hers, she exposes her true identity."

"You can’t say that," Hao Ren stuck up a tiny bit for the stupid werewolf of a sister who had always cheered him up. "I told her to speak in some foreign language. Probably barking is a foreign language to werewolves… at the very least it could be a dialect."

Hao Ren was amazed by the new function of the MDT. He felt that he could be an expert in any language in no time without any problem. Had he not been lazy, he would have probably disguise himself as the top student in every college of linguistics with the help of this device. However, little did he know that that function was actually the most basic function in the most basic equipment in the Space Administration and it’s considered outdated. The language barrier was a common problem faced by basic level officers as they inspect each and every space. They were different from the Xi Ling disciples in that they couldn’t directly access all the knowledge via the mental network. The ordinary basic level officers (which also includes agents, ‘hallowed scions, ‘bishops’ and the likes) usually rely on a variety of equipment to solve the difficulties they faced in their tasks. Now the Space Administration was in the process of improving this situation. The solution was to directly integrate some of the functions in the MDT into the Bioenhancement and Reconfiguration Program. The first project was to install the interpretation program directly into the brain which enable these agents to communicate with any race in any language without any barrier and without the help of any device. It was a pity that Hao Ren didn’t join at the right time. He had to get back into that ‘coffin’ for the second time after the next two days.

Let’s not talk about the things that are yet to come. Hao Ren and Vivian went into the room. What were you thinking?! They were just trying to discover the other functions of the MDT. Hao Ren realized at that moment how unreliable Raven 12345 was. That White Haired Succuba didn’t even know the inner workings of a basic equipment of the Space Administration. It’s euphemistic to call her a tech illiterate. Hao Ren wondered if the woman was actually only an exception in the Space Administration. Anyway, in order to avoid similar problems in the future, Hao Ren must find out if there were any other problems with this equipment in his hands. My, oh, my, did he found another one! It was an app called "The Encyclopedia of Antenatal Care for 37 Races" was preinstalled in the Date Repository in the "Weaponry" folder.

This was literally Hao Ren’s expression: O_o!!

"Can the five-digit crazy Goddess still carry out her duties reliably? Imagine one day I am on the brink of death on the battlefield, requesting for backup and all I’ve got is two prams descending from the sky? And for whom I wonder…"

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