The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 21: Nobody's Normal!

Chapter 21: Nobody's Normal!

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Vivian preparing dinner in the kitchen was a shock to Hao Ren as she was 100% vampire. Look at the life of a vampire shown in TV shows: dressed in a black gown and red cape, living in a 20,000 square meter castle by the sea with plenty of slaves and treasure, a vampire sleeps from 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. A vampire drinks a bottle of 1982 vintage blood once awake and invites other creatures to party in the castle till midnight (this was called a ball); standing on the porch with a glass of red wine, the vampire will enjoy the sight of the moon until its time for bed. This is supposed to be the life of a vampire―exciting and grand but low profile. Apparently, broke Vivian was not part of that list: not only did she not need to drink fresh blood to survive, she could eat the noodles crudely made by Hao Ren. Plus, she was cooking using a stove…

Just thinking about all this was enough to make a person’s jaw drop.

As Vivian served the dishes that she prepared, Hao Ren realized that there were more surprises ahead!

Vivian’s cooking was not bad in general. However, the menu was peculiar: it consisted of stir-fried eggplant with garlic, green beans with minced garlic and noodles tossed with garlic paste―all prepared with the perfect combination of color, aroma and taste. The entire living room was filled with the pungent smell of garlic that Hao Ren felt like he was swimming in a sea of garlic. The so-called vampire was at a corner of the dining table, eating cloves of raw garlic… Even normal humans could not have coped with so much garlic!

Seeing this, Hao Ren and Lily were stunned. Both looked at Vivian from head to toe and simultaneously asked, "Are you really a vampire?"

Vivian’s expression immediately turned serious. "Please refer to me as a member of the Blood Clan. This is a very serious issue…"

"Stop being contentious!" Hao Ren shouted, unable to take in what he just saw. "So vamp….. the Blood Clan is not afraid of garlic? You’re eating garlic like rice!"

Looking at the dishes, Vivian came to understand the situation. "Oh, you meant this? Normal Blood Clan members are not fond of this and lowly vampires can get ill just by the scent of garlic. I’ve no idea why I’m like this… I just know that I’m unafraid of garlic. When life was hard, even getting a meal was an issue. Who would still be picky about the taste of their food?"

Hao Ren was tongue tied; touching his nose he asked, "I’ve been wanting to ask you this. Since you’re a vamp…. Blood Clan member, why are you so broke?"

"I’ve no idea. Ever since I can remember, I haven’t been lucky with money. When currency did not exist I lost things, when shells were used as currency I would lose the shells, when coins were used I’ll would lose the coins. Now, I always lose cash... It’s difficult looking for a job now or run a business. I was determined to rob someone last year but in the end, I took pity on her and gave her six British pounds of my own money instead…" Vivian threw her arms up as if accepting her bad luck which followed her from the past millennium. Whilst talking, a sense of delight flashed across Vivian’s face. Upon searching herself, she found a silver armlet. "I still have some valuable things with me. Look at this armlet. I didn’t have the heart to exchange it for money even when I was at my poorest. I found this armlet, which was made from pure silver in a village in Egypt a few hundred years ago. It even protects one from evil spirits."

Upon hearing this, Hao Ren was speechless.

Vivian then continued, taking out a necklace from her collar; a cross was dangling from the chain. "I got this near the Vatican when I was living in Europe for some time. I had my purse stolen, I lost my job and the place that I was living in caught fire. I could only work odd jobs in a church as I was penniless. The church priest gave me this as a gift since I was hardworking. He even said he blessed this necklace himself. It can also ward off evil spirits!"

"Then there’s this piece of wood I found near Mount Wutai. It was a gift from an old Taoist priest. It can also ward off evil spirits!"

"Also, I got this amulet from the Vikings a few hundred years ago after I did them a favor. It really works! It wards off evil spirits!"

"I’ve concluded that there’s a pattern: I’ll lose the money that’s with me. However, ever since humans used paper and coins as currency, I’ve never lost any of my other possessions…"

Hao Ren quietly put down his cutlery and pinched himself as hard as possible. Once he confirmed that he was not in a dream, he stared at Vivian and asked, "Please tell me again, are you really a vampire?!"

"How many times do I need to say this, call me a member of the Blood Clan instead of a vamp… Fine, forget it. You humans always get confused with this. Why are you concerned about this?"

Looking at the ‘vampire’ in front of him who was wearing a large number of amulets and protective accessories (she was just wearing a plain black dress so, how did she manage to carry a vast amount of accessories under her clothes?), Hao Ren felt like he would have a heart attack soon. "You need protection from evil spirits?!You’re considered one yourself! Those things you’re wearing alone could kill hundreds of vampires!"

"I have no clue," Vivian answered indignantly. "Well, I’m not afraid of these things! And maybe they can help ward off my bad luck. Even if they don’t do that, they make me braver."

Lily only raised her head once she finished the food in her bowl. "As a vampire, you should feel embarrassed if you need to wear a cross to feel brave."

The silly werewolf was not stunned from Vivian’s abnormal ways at all. Her focal point was indeed peculiar…

They finished dinner in a weird mood and Hao Ren felt that he got to know a new Vivian. Not only was this vampire a broke one, she was not afraid of garlic, silver and the cross itself. She was not even afraid of those objects that warded off evil spirits. She had at least a few pounds worth of these items on her to help ward off her bad luck―a few pounds!

This peculiar group welcomed its first peaceful and normal day as everyone went about their own business after dinner. There was a human landlord (also a worker of the Space Administration), a silly werewolf, a broke vampire and last but not least a black and white cat named Rollie. Hao Ren could not help but feel that it was a miracle for the lot of them to be able to live under the same roof.

Lily was squatting in the living room watching TV. Yes, squatting. She was squatting like a dog and Rollie was beside her. Both looked like siblings. Lily was finally getting used to Rollie. Although still fidgety and would jump aside if she was in Rollie’s way, at least she was not hiding at the back of the sofa anymore.

Feeling energetic, Vivian went out for a stroll. As a nocturnal creature, Vivian’s biological clock was most active after sunset. She decided that she would fly back to the city, hoping to find a job... Hao Ren had a rough idea why the vampire was broke and had difficulty in her job hunt. Was it that hard to adjust her biological clock? Who’s that crazy to look for a job at three in the morning?

As Vivian transformed into a bat and disappeared into the dark night, Hao Ren took out a deck chair. He then proceeded to sit at an empty area outside his house. It was a secluded area and along with it was an exceptionally quiet environment. In front of the apartment was a large vacant lot that no one used. Thus, it had become Hao Ren’s property over the years. It was a habit of Hao Ren’s to sit there and feel the cool breeze while in deep thought. This natural environment was healthier than sitting in the house with air conditioning.

Of course, his main intention was actually to avoid spending time with Lily alone for fear that his intelligence may be affected… The silly werewolf was watching dog feed commercials on TV! Hao Ren felt that even if he hid himself in his bedroom and was segregated by a wall, he would still lose a third of his intelligence!

Summer nights in the north were cooler than the south. Reclining on the deck chair in his usual spot and listening to the indistinctive sounds of insects at night, Hao Ren started to feel sleepy.

In his semiconscious, state, Hao Ren felt an unfamiliar blow of wind on his cheek.

The gust of wind was refreshing yet slightly cold. It was not the type of wind that came from the hustle and bustle of humans in a modern city. This gust of wind woke Hao Ren up completely. He jumped to his feet and folded the deck chair.

However, he already had a look of his strange surroundings.

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