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Chapter 141: Dead Four Times

Chapter 141: Dead Four Times

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Name aside, the speed of the Petrachelys Patrol Frigate left Hao Ren grinning from ear to ear. It was so much faster than civilian transport ships—it took them just an hour to complete a journey that was 800 light years away. Plus, it included photo stops, sightseeing at reduced speed, and detour-adventures. In short, it was incredible. In fact, speed was not an appropriate measurement: once fired up, the superluminal engine drove the spacecraft at a rate faster than light speed. Hao Ren was not sure if he could have called it a "cruise" because, when they were cruised in the hyperspace bubble, it was like a spatial shift.

On top of that, this was just in Cruise mode. The frigate had another capability—warp jump. It could hop between two worlds as well as between two points within the same world. However, warp jumps required charging and charging took time. Using the warp jump capability would place additional load on the frigate’s drive system. Raven 12345 suggested that, unless it was absolutely necessary, short-distance journeys of a few hours should be in Cruise mode. This was to ensure that the frigate was always in tip-top condition and ready to respond should any circumstances arise—an SOP every captain should know.

However, Hao Ren was still a long way from becoming a real captain. He needed to at least get a crash course on all the information contained in the MDT. He may have been the owner of the frigate but, it was only by name; he just had to set his destination, and the main flight computer and his MDT would handle the rest. Was he a captain? Not yet.

After passing through the anti-reconnaissance shield, the guiding lights of Kuiper Station came into view. The last time he departed from the station, he hitched a ride but, in just a short span of two days, he came back with his own official spacecraft. Excited was an understatement. He actually could not wait to flaunt it.

Luckily, there was no one there he could show off to.

"Landing request sent—landing permission granted. The spacecraft will land on a special docking zone," the main computer reported with a soft but monotone of voice in the cockpit. The Petrachelys was flying slowly towards a detached building at the Kuiper Station's side wing. The MDT shouted excitedly, "Hurrah, hurrah! What a perfect first flight! I am made for this spacecraft! Quick, weld me down into that hole permanently!

Hao Ren grabbed a bottle of 502 Superglue, pretending to tip it all on the MDT. "Say that again? You want me to give you a hand?"

The MDT immediately shut up like a church mouse.

"From now on, your spacecraft will dock here." Raven 12345 came forward and appeared to be in high spirits. In fact, she just woke up—she dozed off as soon as the spacecraft departed for Kuiper earlier on. Pointing at the hologram of Kuiper Station's side wing, she said, "This special docking station is reserved for inspectors and other official, Empire spacecrafts. Remember, you have special privileges in the world of human civilization. They include right of way in any flight path, exemption from transit inspection, usage rights of the Stargate and unlimited docking time at any space station. But that doesn’t mean you can become a bully. You must act according to the prescribed rules. Strictly dock at the prescribed bay only, do not hang around the main flight path for non-official duty, do not expropriate civilian spacecrafts and facilities in the space stations for personal use, and strictly no shooting at neutral parties. I don’t want to get any complaints about you floating above these rules. I know what you've been thinking about from the moment your own excitement overcame you."

Hao Ren cracked up. He was happy for Raven 12345’s business-like approach. "Don’t worry, you can trust me. By the way, that’s a lot of privileges!"

He did not have a clue what "right of way", "exemption from transit inspection" and all that stuff meant but, he knew these were cool privileges. He now became even more curious.

"An inspector is a protector, who ensures the universe works normally and that civilizations develop safely.

Don’t be surprised. I know what you’re thinking. You think the things you do are trivial but, I’m telling you that there's more to what I’ve assigned you than meets the eye. But, let’s talk about that later. In short, authority requires accountability; you’ve got to live up to the name and the privileges you have and earn respect. Notice the crew at the aircraft and port facilities? They’re working for the Empire with a sense of honor. You’ve got to show that you’re worthy of their hard work."

Although Raven 12345 always sounded loud and harsh, it was not without reason. After having an earful, Hao Ren was feeling heavy with his sense of responsibility fired up. Because of his lackadaisical attitude, he felt sorry for the crew at Kuiper Station and the 883 transport ship, which had given him a free-ride. A flame was now within him. He felt like going out there and finding some villains of the dark force to vanquish. The fire burned for a mere six seconds before Raven 12345 confided in him. "However, these people work overtime because the pay is good and the parvenus from Fairy Void Consortium are the shareholders of Kuiper Station. I was just igniting the fire in you and your sense of responsibility—I got it all from corporate management self-help books..."

"...Can’t you let my fire burn a little while longer?"

Raven 12345 chuckled. "Just mind your own business. If you screw up, I’m going to screw you, right and proper."

As they were spoke, the spacecraft docked. The port was a large facility similar to the No. 4 Connecting Port. The interior was so huge that it could easily fit another five spacecrafts in there. Hao Ren was not done with the Petrachelys yet but, he had to leave it. As he disembarked, there were a few crew members at the personnel platform and one of them was the female guide.

"Welcome back, sir." The guide smiled. She bowed politely as the personnel behind her saluted him. Hao Ren was flattered: he was not a hero, he just brought back an egg from a foreign planet—and the egg was more important than him too...

"Oy, shouldn't you greet me?" Raven 12345 jumped to her feet. She pulled up a ring of light behind her head as she yelled, "I’m your goddess, your Highness!"

"Yes, yes, Your Highness. We actually noticed you." The guide smiled as she looked at Raven 12345. "But, we weren’t sure whether you were playing layman or not so, we didn’t dare speak a word... Guys, please greet our goddess: Welcome Goddess, the Omnipotent, the Almighty—"

Raven 12345 quickly stepped aside and said, "Ease up, I think I better pretend to be a layman now. Just act like you don’t know me."

Hao Ren was surprised: another side of the goddess’ personality? She seemed to know everybody in Kuiper Station. Hao Ren was more than curious about her everyday life.

Meanwhile, an old man with overgrown white hair and a moustache pulled up to Hao Ren; the man looked like he was in his senior years but, still remained energetic. He was dressed in a crease-free, blue uniform and reached out to shake Hao Ren’s hand. "Sir, I’m the station master. You can call me Dan Moss. Sorry for not greeting you earlier, I was busy."

Then the old man pointed at the guide. "Let me introduce you. She’s my granddaughter, Lulu. I guess you’ve met her before."

"Nice to meet you." As Hao Ren and the old man shook hands, he sensed a strange aura from the man. But, before he knew what it was, Raven 12345 cut in with her introduction. "Dan Moss was the commander of the Empire. He’s from Pan Galaxy Commonwealth. He died in a battle but, resurrected and left the army to become the station master here. You may want to get to know him more because, you might need him in the future."

Hao Ren was left in a maze after the introduction: "Dead? Resurrected?"

"Yes, I died four times. The last time I died, they barely managed to bring me back to life." The old station master sounded as if it was a routine matter. "When going into battle with the Xi Ling Disciples, dying a few times isn’t unusual. However, they told me that if I die again, I’ll certainly die for good so, they discharged me. Don’t worry, I know the Empire's affairs inside and out. I’d be happy to help if you need my assistance."

By then, Hao Ren was already as confused as a bee. He nodded his head and repeatedly uttered, "Nice to meet you, nice to meet you..."

An old man who has died four times. Can you believe that?!

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