The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 138: And This Is Your Ship

Chapter 138: And This Is Your Ship

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Hao Ren had a boat load of questions to ask Raven 12345 when she arrived. As the ship arrived, it shocked Hao Ren into a stupor and he almost instantaneously forgot all that he wanted to ask. The only phrase that ran through his head was : This is your ship... This is YOUR ship... He stood there motionless for a good 30 seconds, and only broke out of it after Raven 12345 flicked his forehead.

"How about that? Cool right?" Raven12345 chirped as she tapped Hao Ren on the shoulder. A huge grin was plastered on her face. "I spent half a day at the stardock picking this out for you. It's the most popular model for inspectors, both official and private. While I'm not sure about the ship's technology-majigy, I heard recommendations that it's pretty great..."

The gigantic spacecraft was now sitting on the beach. It was silent throughout its operation and did not as much as move the sand when it landed. The sight was simply amazing for a ship this size. The outer layer of the ship shone in bright silver. Along the body was a series of lines in blue and yellow that Hao Ren could not decipher. On the fore of the ship was the imperial emblem, illuminated in a faint blue light. Beneath the ship, was a network of energy conduits. While the network seemed exposed, it was the strongest and most durable part of the ship. The conduit was the source of the ship's energy barrier, and also its energized armor. Nearly indestructible did not even begin to describe it.

Hao Ren admitted that he did not know much about space ships. He could not even figure out where the entrance was. What Raven 12345 told him earlier about the ship had already been cleanly forgotten. It was a complete surprise for him, almost too complete that he went back into a stupor, and walked in a state of hypnosis towards the belly of the ship. The size of the ship exuded a sort of pressure that took one's breath away. In actual fact, the ship was a size smaller than the No. 883 cargo craft, which Hao Ren took. Then again, the perception of size really said a lot about a human who had never encountered things of this scale. Hao Ren could barely tell the difference between the size of the two crafts but, he knew both of them were pretty awe-inspiring.

But most importantly, that ship was his! His very own ship!

For an Earthling who had previously only owned a rickety motorcycle, it would not be fair to expect him to stay composed.

Hao Ren tapped the ship's armor. The feeling of the cold, sturdy frame was incredible to him. He turned around to Wuyue and Y'zaks. "Please, punch me in the face, one of you...just to make sure I'm not dreaming."

The great demon and the siren quickly clenched their fists and walked towards him. Hao Ren quickly cowered and said, "...On second thought, maybe not. You two will be the end of me."

"How about that? This goddess here did a pretty good job don't you think?" Raven12345 laughed as she looked at Hao Ren. Hao Ren had been ignoring the goddess for a good while as he continued to be awestruck by his new ride but, she did not seem to take any offence. She allowed him to gawp at the ship for another short while before she stepped forward and pulled him by the ears. "Alright, enough of that. We still have work to be done."

"...Of—of course! It's awesome!" Hao Ren finally calmed down and he felt that Raven 12345 looked particularly beautiful today. " this really mine? Can I get on?"

"Oh, yes you can, and you need to go in. We'll be taking it for our ride home. I also want to see how this thing operates."

"Huh?" Hao Ren was puzzled for a moment. " don't know how to opera... How did the ship even get here then?"

"Oh, auto-pilot of course," Raven12345 said nonchalantly. "Had the delivery guy set the course, and I just hopped on. Even the landing was automated."

Hao Ren wanted to ask about the delivery guy. It seemed like everything the goddess had was pretty OP.

"How do I even enter?" Hao Ren scoured the entire belly of the ship for a door. He only came to realize that his ship was a totally different model from 883 from the general design to the material of the outer armor, leaving the poor sod at a lost. Raven 12345 pointed towards a part of the underbelly armor. "See that thing over there? Oh right, did you bring the key I gave you last time?"

"Yeah, it's here." Hao Ren quickly ruffled his pocket for his wallet and pulled out the precious, little crystalline panel from it. Ever since he got the key from Raven 12345, he never let it out of his sight. "Kept it close like it was my babe."

"Right. Listen up, this key just needs to be activated once. After you complete the activation process it'll be kept under lock in the ship's mainframe. Unless there is a change in your ship, the key will be one with the ship," Raven 12345 said as she led Hao Ren to the entrance of the ship. "Use it to open the door. Point the key towards the blue marker there. I'll move aside once you've done that. Can't let the scanner have a peek of my glorious awesomeness."

As she finished her sentence, Raven 12345 ushered both Wuyue and Y'zaks to distance away from the ship. Hao Ren simply followed Raven 12345's instructions and lifted the crystalline key. A blue ray of light immediately shot out from the panel and scanned the key. After that, the light hovered over Hao Ren as it also took a scan of him. A few seconds later, an entry way opened up. A panel slid away from both sides and opened up an entrance that was a few meters wide. From where he stood, Hao Ren could see a brightly lit corridor.

A gentle voice suddenly spoke in his head. "First time activation successful. Mainframe engaged. Visitor mode disabled. Level C and above areas now accessible. Please proceed with follow-up operations."

"And there you have it. The ship is now fully engaged for the first time." Raven 12345 popped out of nowhere as she tapped Hao Ren on his shoulder. "The mainframe has completed the registration of your personal profile. It has now changed from Visitor-Trial mode to Normal Operations mode. Most of the functions have unlocked. After you insert the key into the mainframe, the ship's weapon systems and what not will come online. Hold on to that properly. We're going in."

Hao Ren meant to ask what weapon systems Raven 12345 was talking about. But, before he had the chance to speak, he was pushed into the ship by the goddess. Wuyue and Y'zaks followed after that. Once all four of them had entered the ship, the door silently shut itself behind them as if there was no door to begin with.

In front of them was a wide corridor, which was very well lit. White and silver, alloy walls extended all the way to the end. On the walls were moving lights that guided them to where they needed to be. Hao Ren, like the country bumpkin he was, moved along cautiously. After a few steps, something struck him. This was his ship... So, why the unnecessary caution?

It seemed like Hao Ren still had a lot of adjusting to do with things happening so quickly.

"Wow, this is beautiful." Wuyue's reaction was much, much more natural than Hao Ren's. She curiously walked about and knocked or fiddled with anything that was lit up. "So sparkly. I can't imagine the power consumption for this!"

Y'zaks also had a curious look on his face. "A beautiful ship indeed. It's almost similar to the one I came on. Must be the same model."

"This is one of the most widely used spacecrafts among inspectors, with 60% of them using it. Due to its excellent functionality, it is a popular spacecraft," the MDT explained as it floated beside Hao Ren's face. "By the way, I found the product description of the ship. Do you want to have a look?"

Hao Ren quickly nodded. "Yes! Yes!"

The MDT generated a holographic image and it contained various information of the ship that they were on. Hao Ren decided to stop and have a good look at the description.

"Model S-X6. Military/Civilian-Use Special Light Patrol Frigate. There are two different variations; the first variation comes equipped with top-end military equipment and weapons, a basic scouting vessel of the Empire. The second variation comes equipped with a specialized life support system and various energy cores, and is for civilian-use, a mainstay vessel for inspectors. This ship is the second type. The length of this ship is 565 meters, and the widest point is 200 meters. It comes equipped with various complicated but excellent systems. The civilian model was first launched in the year 9986 of the New Imperial Calendar and the reception was very positive. Production was ramped up by the Pan Galaxy Commonwealth's 16 giant military industries, and after various modifications and improvements, it quickly became one of the most loved vessels among inspectors. As a vessel that is so commonly used for missions, it uses a very safe Secondary Psionic Drive as its main source of movement. It can perform warp and cross-world travels. The ship also comes with self-defence weaponry (Not suitable for combat roles; no ability to perform ground bombardments) and also a self-sustaining life support system. The storage system utilizes a dimensional expansion storage and is able to carry cargo many times its own size. Its speed and defensive capabilities are exceptional plus, it is a very useful vessel for inspectors who run about all the time."

That was the brief description of the ship.

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