The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 129: Another Fight

Chapter 129: Another Fight

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Two of the prairie’s black wolf packs were fighting for territory. Hao Ren found one of them to be the group of high IQ, funny wolves that could speak the human language he knew.

Probably because there was also a werehusky that was somewhat related to a wolf, he had a feeling of intimacy with this group of funny, black wolves. He noticed that Becky had already put her hand on the hilt of her sword as if she was ready to rush down to kill them. He hurriedly stopped the girl and said, "Wait a minute, there is someone I know... Err, some wolf."

Becky frowned, looked at Hao Ren and asked, "Did you fall so badly?"

"I really didn’t freaking break my head!" Hao Ren had been driven mad by this repeating question but, he still managed to calm down and explained, "I have dealt with one of the packs. You can do it later. I’ll go up and say hello, then you wait for my order before taking action."

Once Hao Ren finished talking, he did not wait for Becky’s response and jumped outside the little mount. Becky could merely say, "Eh" the moment he left and swallowed the second half of the sentence, "Why should I listen to you?"

At this time, Hao Ren had already rushed to the edge of the concave ground as fast as he could and he ran towards the wolf leader he knew. Of course, his high-profile movements did not escape the eyes of the wolves that had highly sensitive senses. The wolf leader and a few black wolves around him turned their heads immediately. Hao Ren heard a black wolf that could not articulate properly, screaming loudly, "B… B… Boss! The steel man is here again!"

Hao Ren almost fell onto the ground. He found the black wolves’ skill of phrasing and wording simply amazing.

"Don’t panic! I’m here to help!" Hao Ren greeted the wolf king from a distance. His thought was very simple. It was fate that led them to know each other. Although there was some misunderstandings in the beginning, the wolves still helped him after the misunderstandings were cleared up (the wolf king himself carried him around). Now they were fighting with another pack of wolves that he did not know and it was not too much to help.

"You are all right?" said the wolf king. The wolf king was very surprised to see Hao Ren. "I went to the place the next day. The hurricane destroyed the small village. I thought you were dead."

Hao Ren was a little scared thinking of the scary hurricane. He drew his neck back and asked, "I was just about to ask, what happened to the hurricane?"

"I don’t know. Strange things often happen on this prairie. It is said that this place used to be an ancient battlefield and the dead mages are still chanting magic underground, which causes the occasional hurricane and lightning," said the wolf king said as he shook his big head. "And that night we were almost swept away by the tail of the hurricane. Luckily we realized it early enough. We were really running for our lives. And I ate a mouthful of sand."

"There’s such a strange thing on this prairie?" Hao Ren was startled. "Didn’t there used to be people settled on this prairie before? Can people survive here?"

"It doesn’t happen every day," the wolf king bared his teeth and said. "Those who are lucky can stay in a place for hundreds of days and nights without encountering these strange things. Of course, those who are not as lucky would get struck by lightning every few days. And the humans who live on the prairie use their strange tools to predict these strange things. Something called a magic compass… while we rely on instinct."

"Such a strange place," Hao Ren said with amazement. He looked up at the wolves that were still fighting. Apparently, the opponents noticed the human. Several of the black wolves were staring at him in a menacing and threatening way. "What did you say... Primitive wolves?"

"Yes, a bunch of idiots who can’t even speak," the wolf king growled. "And dare to fight with us to rob territory. They don’t even know what the deployment of troops is..."

Hao Ren immediately paused and asked, "… You even know about the deployment of troops? But I don’t see any tactical deployment of troop in your wolf pack."

"Our boss got a human book two days ago and learned about this noun. And then today, he took us out ‘to protect and defend our home’. The one speaking was a black wolf who could not really articulate words properly. "In fact, this piece of land was taken up by foreign wolves last month and we were quite lazy to take action. However, our leader said he learned a sense of honor from the human book too."

"You can even read?!" Hao Ren looked at the wolf king with his mouth opened.

"Slightly, slightly." The wolf king nodded modestly and explained, "When I was a wolf cub, I knew a strange, old man. He taught me to read and play fetch. But then, as I slowly grew up, he found out that I was not a dog and let me go."

Hao Ren was silent for two seconds and decided to stop chatting about another funny story with the funny wolf. He rolled up his sleeves and jumped from the ramp into the battlefield. "I’ll join the fight first. Let’s chat later!"

The wolf king was stunned, seeing Hao Ren really rushing into the battlefield. He stuck his tongue out and said, "This human is so weird... Is he really here to help us fight?"

The wolf king had seen a lot of humans in his life. Because he was born smart and with the ability to speak, he dealt with a lot of people. However, he had never seen anyone like Hao Ren who could communicate with a wolf like this. When other people talked to the wolves, they were obvious in a way that they were ‘talking to animals’. Even if the animal was smart, it was still just an animal. However, this incredibly hard human was totally different. The way Hao Ren talked to him was perfectly natural and equal as if two men were talking to each other. It also felt like the way the wolf king communicated with his pups.

As a wolf, the wolf king did not have complicated emotions like humans. He just felt that this guy was... quite interesting.

At this time, Hao Ren had rushed into the battlefield. His body was covered with the Steel Membrane Shield, which made him look like the God of War (he felt this way). It reminded him of the last month when he met a few wolves. He was so scared that he had a twisted stomach and could barely stand still. Thinking about his current heroic act, he also felt that he was quite incredible. The wolves around him found it even more unbelievable than him, and most of the wolves had one question: what was this man doing here?

However, the wolves were soon divided into two factions. One faction of the wolves knew Hao Ren. They knew this human was as hard as the ramparts so, they howled and ran away immediately while the other faction were the primitive wolves that did not know Hao Ren. They instinctively pounced on Hao Ren viciously.



A few unlucky wolves with mouthfuls of broken teeth that stood beside the wolf king heard these familiar loud noises. They could feel the pain in their mouth and every single strand of fur on their bodies stood on end. They turned their heads away in unison to avoid seeing the terrible scene.

Hao Ren jilted his arm and threw off a few unlucky wolves whose mouths were full of blood, more than 10 meters away. He then lifted his legs to kick away one in his sight but then, he heard a painful cry. "We’re on the same team. I’m just watching!"

"... Boss, will you keep these funny wolves away from me?" asked Hao Ren.

The wolf king shouted immediately, "You guys, go and help at the flank! The second squad, seal the battlefield perimeter and don’t let the enemies get away! The reserve teams, go and form a defensive formation!"

After the wolf king gave the command, the wolf pack was immediately in high spirits. "Boss, what’s a ‘flank’?"

"Boss, what’s ‘the second team’?"

"Boss, what’s the defensive formation?"

A very dignified voice came from within the pack, "Don’t ask. Boss has been obsessed with the book again these past two days. Stick to the old rule. Pick the one you don’t like and bite."

And so the wolves agreed with a unanimous roar!

The fighting situation was cleared immediately. The hapless primal wolves were no match for the smart, super wolves. And now, a man who was harder than the ramparts was rushing in. After they had more than 10 broken teeth, they were defeated by the swarming wolves and scattered into many waves which fled in all directions.The wolf king saw this and shouted urgently, "Stop them! As many as you can! Or they’ll come back sooner or later!"

Hao Ren immediately shouted towards the direction of the distant little mound, "Becky, it’s time to make extra money!"

The moment Hao Ren finished his words, a lightning-like figure leapt out of the mound instantly. Becky drew her sword out of its sheath and rushed to the largest pack of black wolves that were fleeing. Hao Ren’s sharp eye noticed that the girl’s blade was emitting a hot red glow. The edge of the red glow was also entangled with wind pressure!

Becky swept over the battlefield as if her body was covered in a small whirlwind. The sword blade flew out of her body when she was spun. It was fierce like a metal storm that lost control. As she spun, nothing could be seen except for dirt, which covered the sky and the wolves’mutilated limbs.

The talking wolf pack exclaimed, "The steel man also brought a sword man!"

Hao Ren was speechless.

He felt like getting to know these funny wolves was a mistake from the beginning.

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