The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 120: The Destination Is a Sea of Stars

Chapter 120: The Destination Is a Sea of Stars

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When Lily heard Hao Ren’s call, she immediately rushed out of the room at top speed. The very next second, she was held down by Hao Ren onto the coffee table as she struggled to get away. She continued to struggle while she protested, "Landlord, you can’t follow what Battie does! Huskies have dignity too!"

"All right, you know you’re a werehusky and you still care about dignity." Hao Ren knew that Lily was not taking things seriously. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to hold Lily, who was as powerful as a siege tank down with his current ability. So, he just played along for a while and released the husky girl. "I got a mission. I need to go on a long trip, extremely far away from here. I will absolutely not be acclimatized to the environment there. And this time ,I can only bring two people along. One of them is the new comer, Nangong Wuyue. So, there’s only one more seat left. Who wants to follow?"

"Me, me, me!" Lily raised her hands and jumped without even listening about the task. "I’ll go with you. I’m strong! And now, I can even use my paws to release water vapor and dig. I’m also good at running for cover or digging a hole to hide!"

"That’s not something to be proud of." Vivian pushed Lily away and continued, "If you have time, can you please study some serious moves? Landlord, where are you going? Anyway, I’ve got nothing much to do at home so, I have no problems going with you. Plus, I’m familiar with all the places in the world."

Vivian was not ashamed of saying that she was familiar with all parts of the earth. It seemed that the incidents in England last time did not leave enough of an impression.

"Errr, you may not have any context regarding the distance..." Hao Ren looked at the two fantasy creatures, who were natives of the earth and suddenly felt that the concept of interstellar travel did not really relate to them. "895 light-years away."

Lily and Vivian were tongue-tied.

"My god..." Lily froze for a pretty long time. With a marveled expression, she stuck her tongue out and asked, "Landlord, are you kidding?"

"It’s real." Hao Ren also thought it sounded a bit ridiculous. His tone sounded both funny and annoying. "This round, I also need to pick up a new tenant. Similar to Y’zaks, the new tenant stopped at the wrong station. However this time, the spaceship experienced some problems. It drifted off from the route for more than 800 light-years..."

Hao Ren explained what Raven had told him as well as why Nangong Wuyue had to occupy a place. He also mentioned that he could be teleported to the Kuiper Station. Finally, he looked at Lily seriously and said, "We are not going there for fun. Last time, the trip to England was at least on Earth. So it was acceptable for you to go there just for fun. But the place we’re going this time... I really have no idea. I heard it’s a terrestrial planet but the ecological environment of that planet has to be different from here. I need someone who is brave and wise, bold yet cautious at the same time."

"I’m brave!" Lily said the first half of her sentence loudly but the second half of the sentence was almost inaudible. "Just brave..."

"So, you really have to go to an outer planet..." Even Vivian, who was always mature and collected, could not help but be left speechless. This was beyond her experience. "Honestly, I was surprised when I first found out that humans were flying out of the atmosphere. Although I had known for a long time that the earth was round, I really never thought anyone could fly to other planets. That time when Apollo was ready to go to the moon, I almost wanted to hang on to the rocket and follow it to see the world out there... Luckily, I didn't go or else I would have died in the stratosphere. Landlord, to be honest, I really want to go with you."

"I also want to go." Lily was squatting with her four feet on the sofa like a dog, her head hanging. She hit Hao Ren’s arm a few times with her head and begged pathetically, "Can you consider it as helping a poor person and bring me along to see the world? I promise I won’t disturb you. I won’t sleepwalk too."0

"No, I think both of us are not suitable to go with him." Vivian shook her head and looked serious. "Doggie, this is really not for fun. Both of us can’t help Landlord. The most suitable person should be the big demon. Let him go with Landlord."

Hao Ren looked at Vivian in surprise. From her eyes, he could see the reassuring, calm and reliable side of her. The vampire maiden, who looked like an understanding wife and a loving mother was definitely more reliable than Lily, the husky. At least, she understood about priorities.

"Talking about experience... I do have some experience in space navigation." Y’zaks did not utter a word earlier. However, he did not reject the idea of going with Hao Ren. "I used to utilize space magic to explore some of the secondary planets near my hometown and I took the Imperial Spaceship before so, I know what the starship life was like. Plus, I’ve seen civil flights as well. But my experience is limited to these scenarios. About exploring the larger terrestrial planets or reading the star atlas... I’m just like you guys..."

"It’s all right, we don’t have to worry about that. You’ve had the experience of flying a spaceship and that’s enough." Hao Ren clapped his hands and asked, "Then, do you have any plans these next few days? Will you go with me?"

"Okay." Y’zaks smiled and continued, "I won’t find a job anytime soon. When shall we leave?"

Hao Ren took out the MDT, opened the log and looked at it. "As long as we depart within the next three days. It mentions that we are going to ride a civilian transport. This ship transits in the Solar System and stays there for three days. By the way, I’ll discuss with Nangong Wuyue when she comes back. Guess she doesn’t know about this yet. Raven 12345 always does things all of a sudden"

"I want to go, I want to go, I want to go..." Lily kept muttering. She looked like she saw a meat bone.

"You’ll get a chance soon enough." Hao Ren patted Lily on the head and continued, ‘My private ship will reach soon. Then I can bring you to travel around the universe. So, stop biting the sofa cushion."

After some consolation, Lily finally calmed down. She held a cookie box, went back to her room and continued to watch TV.

Although Vivian could not go with them, she seemed to care about this just as much as Hao Ren. She stood aside and pondered about something. Suddenly, she started to ask a lot of questions. "What should you prepare for this kind of business trip? Is it convenient to eat or drink on the ship? What about the laundry? Is there any disease on the planet that the medicine from earth can't handle? You said the Kui... whatever its name is, the station isn't operated by humans, right? Then they’re all aliens, right? Are they easy to deal with? Landlord, can your translation system translate alien language?"

Hao Ren was kinda thrown off by the series of questions. He gazed at Vivian. He vaguely saw his mother in Vivian. It felt like she was a young housewife who was scrambling to pack the luggage for the first time. These questionable associations flashed across his mind. Finally, he calmed Vivian down and said, "Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about these things. Just prepare a few clean clothes for me. According to Raven, everything has been arranged for us. Someone will pick us up when we reach Kuiper Station. By the way, Terminal, this reminds me, how do we solve the problem of eating on the planet?"

"If you are willing to give it a try, you can eat the synthetic food at Kuiper Station. But I can't guarantee the taste. I can’t even guarantee if you’ll be able to absorb it. After all, the procurement at Kuiper Station is based on the popular standard of the general study of organic matter. The adaptation crowd does not include the people from Earth. Miss Vivian, if it's not troublesome, you may prepare some easy to store food; better than those sawdust-flavored compressed cookies."

Hao Ren and Vivian composed themselves and began to think seriously about what to prepare for the trip. As they listened to the MDT introduce things over there, Hao Ren could not help but exclaim, "Now I really envy those who have storage space... They don’t even have to prepare a suitcase."

"Soon, you’ll have it," said the MDT. "After your evaluation goes up a little bit more, the benefits and privileges of the official staff will keep coming. There are no official employees of the empire who don’t carry along their storage space."

Hao Ren suddenly paused and asked, "They have that? Really!?"

"Why not?" The MDT looked even more surprised than Hao Ren. "You’re working for God, can you raise your expectations a little bit higher?"

Hao Ren wanted to say that every time he met Raven 12345, the expectation in his heart would drop by at least 10%. However, considering that the crazy goddess was likely to eavesdrop on a whim, he was afraid to say it.

At around five o'clock in the evening, Nangong Wuyue came back from the city by cab. The siren girl was exceptionally overjoyed when Hao Ren told her the big news. As a siren, she loved to travel!

Although Hao Ren felt that flying to a hostile planet more than 800 light-years away to carry out a mission had nothing to do with traveling…

So, the candidate and the preparation work needed for the ultra long distance travel was finally settled. On a sunny spring afternoon, Hao Ren and his two assistants (the demon and siren) were well-prepared and ready to teleport to Kuiper Station.

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