The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 116: Landing Far Off The Right Site Again

Chapter 116: Landing Far Off The Right Site Again

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Nangong Wuyue adapted to the new environment faster than Hao Ren expected. In fact, she had successfully mingled with Lily the next day. Of course, the dim-witted and highly easy-going nature of a husky which allowed her to make friends instantly with anybody was also the important reason.

Early in the morning, as usual, Hao Ren was holding a magazine and lying on the couch in the living room to kill time. Vivian was preparing breakfast for everybody in the kitchen. Lily had already started to chat about stories of traveling outside with May, and they are both very harmonious. Lily was holding a book that looked quite old and pointing to the older picture. "You see, this was me wearing a cheongsam, it was popular back then!"

Hao Ren scratched his head and leaned forward to have a look at it curiously. It was a blurred black and white picture on the yellowed sheet. This was the kind of very nostalgic round frame picture. A young girl in a cheongsam stood neatly in the middle of the frame, with a sweet smile on her face. She had a kind of bookishness in her quiet. This was how Lily looked like when she was not talking. She got that literary vibe when she was quiet, but turned into a husky once she started talking.

Hao Ren looked surprisingly at this old book which was almost considered a relic, "Ah, I can hardly recognize it."

"I’m really awesome." Lily licked Hao Ren's fingers and turned her head proudly. "Wuyue Wuyue, did you take any souvenirs or something like that when you travelled? I rarely go abroad…"

Nangong Wuyue smiled, slightly shook his head and said, "Siren just like to travel, but we don’t like to take away anything from that place. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, having seen it once is good enough. There is no need to bring it along. It’ll be very tired if we do so."

Hao Ren’s mind was blank for a few seconds. He looked at his index finger which was covered in saliva, feeling that ever since Lily knew that she was actually a husky, she was slowly giving up on concealing her nature. It felt like she just gave up trying and let it be. Just now, he also saw Lily squatting on the ground and lifting her feet to scratch her face. Hao Ren would never surprise if one day she ran to catch the mouse.

At this time, Vivian’s voice was coming from the kitchen. "Wash your hands! The meal is ready!"

Lily took Wuyue’s hand, skipping and jumping to the kitchen. Hao Ren and Y’zaks looked at them at the back and said, "Looks like this dumb girl finally found a new friend besides dog."

At the table, Nangong Wuyue was amazed by Vivian's good cooking skill again. She was amazed by Vivian’s skill last night, and now she still found it a little unbelievable. As a normal siren, she could hardly imagine how Vivian, the senior blood clan, learned so many cooking methods of human food. And Lily was gnawing at the bone. The crunching noise was exceptionally loud. She stopped trying to behave properly after being familiar with everyone. She was a little reserved for the first few days when she first came here and trying not to make a sound while eating. However, now everybody knew Lily was a husky. She could finally boldly reveal her nature confidently.

"Do you want to go to Raven's office two days later?" Vivian was biting the chopsticks. "And ask about the demon hunters."

When Hao Ren was about to nod, he heard a ‘crack’ coming from the chair of Nangong Wuyue. The siren’s body shook slightly and almost fell down. "Demon hunters? You mean there are demon hunters in this place?"

Vivian thought Nangong Wuyue was frightened, so hurriedly comfort her. "No worries, we got strong fighting power. And we have a Goddess as our backing. The demon hunters can’t harm us."

"But we got into a fight yesterday and we’re almost killed," mumbled Lily while gnawing on a bone.

"For the first time in my life that I've seen a real hunter, a horrible bunch of guys... Have you seen them before?"

Of course Nangong Wuyue looked worried and said, "Errr, how to say... I’ve dealt with them before, and I've been dealing with them a lot of times, which is really troublesome... So are we really safe here? Is there any chance that the demon hunters will suddenly find us?"

As the landlord and guardian here, suddenly Hao Ren felt a sense of mission well up in his heart and said, "Don’t you worry about this! I’m a professional apprentice of the temporary team at the village level office of the Space Administration anyway. Can’t I guarantee your safety?"

The words Hao Ren said was so powerful that everybody felt like checking out on the spot for their safety after listening to Hao Ren, …

"Don’t worry." In the end, it was Y’zaks the big brother who calm everybody’s mind. "I know roughly how powerful that background is behind our landlord. Although it’s not clear that how they will deal with the problems in this planet, they’ll at least protect the safety of the people in this house. Haha, to be frank, it seems to me that the hunters here are just some little problems that are much easier to deal with than the human braves."

"Eza... zaks right?" Nangong Wuyue could not really remember the strange name of the big demon. "I heard that you’re from another world? And landlord, you said you’re under a Space Administration? And Vivian and Lily, you two seem to have stories as well... I’m actually quite curious, what kind of team are you?"

"You just remember to ask these questions now?" Hao Ren paused for a second and asked, "Raven 12345 didn't tell you anything before?"

"She didn’t make it clear." Nangong Wuyue scratched her hair and continues, "I’m just looking for a place to stay, and I thought here was a small stronghold like a unusual creatures sanctuary. I used to meet this kind of small association in America. But I had a chat with Lily and Vivian last night. Somehow it feels so complicated here."

"...Raven 12345 really can’t be trusted!" Hao Ren said and slapped him on the forehead. "You are also a talent. You don’t clear what are you getting into, don’t you afraid to fall into the wrong place. No wonder more than 100 years ago, the siren was either cheated or sold by people. Ok, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the Space Administration…"

Half way of speaking, a blusterous voice suddenly appeared on hao Ren’s mind. "Hao Ren, Hao Ren, please answer if you receive the call… Is the number correct? Answer the call!"

They were just talking about Raven 12345 when she called suddenly.

"I’m eating." Hao Ren shut his mouth and began to talk to his boss in his mind and at the same time pointed to his head to remind everyone that it was a call from the Goddess. "Why do you suddenly throw a siren here by the way?"

"Siren? What si... Oh, yes, I remember, it's Nangong Wuyue? She’d finally reached your side, really a stream-of-consciousness girl. I tell you, this siren is very useful, especially in your next task. Quickly come to my office, there is an urgent task for you and I want to tell you the details. You have to depart tomorrow!"

Raven 12345 left her words and hung up irresponsibly without waiting for Hao Ren’s response.

"Is the great goddess looking for you?" Although Y’zaks was a demon, he always added ‘the great’ respectfully every time he mentioned Raven 12345. Looking at the bad expression on Hao Ren’s face, he guessed and asked, "She suddenly threw us a task again?"

"She won’t even let us have good rest!" Hao Ren slapped his thigh and continued, "We had almost beaten to death yesterday and haven't rested enough today, but then throw us another urgent task. This is not humane!

"There’s a mission!" A pair of silvery-white ears bounced on Lily's head and was shaking excitedly. "Where are we going to have fun this time?"

Since the last trip to England, the mission of the Space Administration in Lily's mind was equal to going out to play even though she was a freak who could not deal with jet lag at all.

"Don’t know yet, she asked me to go to her office to listen to the details of the mission, looks urgent, we’ll depart tomorrow." Hao Ren sighed. When he saw Nangong Wuyue was looking at him with her curious eyes, he shrugged and said, "No chance to introduce to you now. Y’zaks can tell you more about the Space Administration and the Multiverse. He is more familiar with these."

"Oh," Nangong Wuyue nodded and her eyes looked bright. "I feel like I met a group of very interesting people! Kinda looking forward to the life in the future!"

This was the outspoken siren.

After the meal, Hao Ren hurried out of the door. There was no need to elaborate the process on the way to meet Raven 12345. After he met Raven 12345, before he had time to speak, Raven had told him the situation of the task. "There’s another new tenant. And this one... The landing site is too far off the right site."

An ominous foreboding suddenly welled up in Hao Ren’s mind. "... How far is it?"

"895 light-years."

"The f*ck…"

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