The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 112: Big Bluey

Chapter 112: Big Bluey

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At two meters and fifteen inches tall, the villainous looking Y’zaks was a giant. He squatted on the floor, patiently talking and reasoning with the demon-hunter leader. It was a sight too unusual. The demon-hunter leader was dumbstruck. He looked on as this psycho foamed at the mouth, drifting into some crap about the vertical development of the universe.

"...and in conclusion, having all races bury their hatchet and jointly develop the planet is the only way forward. Looking at the bigger picture, any conflict that happens in the world is akin to a family squabble which will undermine the overall development of its civilizations and the universe as a whole."

"Anyway, we better just stick to the outlooks of your little mind. Such an intricate topic is clearly out of your league." Y’zaks carried on for over ten minutes before he finally stopped. He then pointed towards Hao Ren and his company. "My friends over there, they are the finest example of racial harmony. Look at them—a vampire, a werewolf, and a human; they were each other’s sworn enemy but now, they live with one another in peace. So, why can’t you? Let me tell you, kid, open your heart, be a good man and accept the world as it is."

After enduring the lengthy lecture, the demon-hunter leader gawked at Y’zaks. He had never encountered such a thing in his entire life: his life was spared by his enemy—who was of unknown origin, extremely powerful, mean and monstrous. Instead of killing him, the demon gave him a lengthy lecture about humans and nature. His will was bent as he unconsciously nodded his head and sighed. "Then, could you please knock me out?"

He glanced at his mate who had passed out beside him, feeling envious; being unconscious was not a bad thing after all. At least, his mate’s worldview was still intact.

Disappointed, Y’zaks looked at the leader before he knocked him out. He then let out a soft sigh. "The good of man, fettered by monomania. You passed on a chance to cleanse your heart."

After he was done with the duo, Y’zaks got to his feet and moved up to Hao Ren with a smile. "Is everything okay? I just tried to educate them. But, the demon hunters in your world are stubborn, way more stubborn than the holy knights in my world."

"Your world?" Casar Ebben was stupefied. "Where did this hotshot come from?"

"Are they the two werewolves who kidnapped Lily?" Y’zaks smiled as he looked at Casar and Ewen. "I was thinking about sharing a thing or two about harmony with you guys. But, looks like things have been sorted out."

Wary about the good guy logic, the werewolves stepped back inadvertently.

"Did you always do that back home?" Vivian asked curiously. Y’zaks’ lecture was way too smooth and organized to be impromptu. He must have memorized a script, she suspected.

"Yup!" Y’zaks smiled as if he knew what Vivian was thinking. "You know, our people are generally very stubborn. And racial problems aren’t much better there. Because my thinking is a little bit more modern, that doesn’t stand well with them so, I have to patiently educate them."

He went on to explain patiently, "Well, I’d hang them up and give them little whips while I teach them how to be a good guy. If they don’t listen, I beat the daylights out of them, punish them by making them write the knights' code of conduct and then continue the beating. Back then, I had my own soldiers. They were honest and well-mannered, which were basically the result of such an education. There was an evil shadow demon whom I threw into the lava for four years after which, he learned how to escort an old lady crossing the street. It was hard. Anyway, that’s history."

Y’zaks let out a sigh of sadness as he finished. Hao Ren and Vivian looked at each other, their eyes almost popping out of their heads.

There was definitely something wrong with this guy, with the good guy logic. Frankly, there was nothing wrong about his good intention but, the same could not be said about his means. Nevertheless, taking the racial and environmental factors into consideration, Hao Ren had nothing more to say. It was down to cultural differences, Hao Ren sighed.

"Please mind you own business," Hao Ren told the werewolves off as he had noticed their curiosity towards Y’zaks. "Everybody has his or her secret. My friend here doesn’t really want his own past to become a subject of concern. Of course, I can’t prevent you from gossiping but, the same cannot be said about him. I’m sure he'll hang you two up and make you listen to his lecture for two hours."

Casar and Ewen nodded in a rush. Hao Ren knew the duo would not dare to create any more trouble.

"What should we do with the two of them?" Vivian got closer and checked the two demon hunters out. She picked up a few items from their bodies as souvenirs before giving each of them a kick. "Big boy, do you really want to let them go? I think that’s a bad idea. Behind the veil of their noble, evil-banishing cause, these guys are thick-skinned and more cold-blooded than the wraiths. If you let them go today, they will come back with at least two companies of reinforcements."

The thought of killing them to shut them up flashed across his mind. He was frankly opposed to this idea. After all, he was just an ordinary man. Although he had experienced some of the most bloody battles and gone through the darkest valleys, he knew deep down that some lines just could not be crossed. However, when faced with a life and death situation, kindness and justice had to take a back seat.

Hao Ren was trapped between two minds. Then, Y’zaks waved his hand and spoke, "Don’t worry about it. Let’s see what Big Bluey has to say."

Suddenly, Hao Ren heard a buzz from above. It was like the sound of a high-frequency electrical current. A light blue vortex emerged a few meters above ground, flashing. There was lightning and the light grew stronger, forming into a tall, shadowy figure as it descended.

It was a semi-transparent, light blue, humanoid creature. Its body was filled with lightning and cloud. Hao Ren instantly recognized it. It was the arcane servant, subordinate of Raven 12345.

Apparently, the arcane servant was who Y’zaks referred to as Big Bluey. What an apt epithet.

"When I arrived at the warehouse, Big Bluey was already there," Y’zaks smiled as he explained. "It was he who finished off the rest of the demon hunters. He found your MDT too. According to intel provided by the MDT, there were still two demon hunters who escaped towards your direction so, I shadowed them and came right to you. Then the rest was history."

Things became clear. Hao Ren looked at the arcane servant in surprise. "Did Raven 12345 send you?"

The blue creature made a series of low and high buzzing sounds. Though they sounded meaningless to others, Hao Ren managed to guess what they meant. "My master knew things were getting sticky so, she sent me here and ordered to intervene only in the event that you were dying. But, since you were still holding up after so long, all I needed to do was wrap the last part up."

Hao Ren was speechless.

The arcane servant was as blunt as a kick in the shins.

Then Vivian chimed in, "About the demon hunters..."

"I’ll bring them back to the master," said the arcane servant. With a wave of its hand, the two demon hunters disappeared under a shroud of blue light. "Master made me inform you this: don’t go anywhere, there may be a new mission coming up."

As the arcane servant opened up a portal and went into it, Hao Ren asked, "Why didn’t she contact me personally?"

While the arcane servant disappeared into the portal, a whisper rang in his head. "She simply doesn’t remember your number..."

Hao Ren’s gratitude towards Raven 12345 for her 'secret care' went down the drain just like that.

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