The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 110: The Ace Fighter Is Here

Chapter 110: The Ace Fighter Is Here

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The demon hunters had not tracked them down yet but everybody knew that it was not safe to stay there for too long. Although Vivian had wiped out traces of their scent with spells, the demon hunters were known for their hound-like hunting skills and endless patience. Hence, unless they were completely lagging far behind, they would keep tracking their preys until they died. Plus, it was apparent that the demon hunters had not given up yet.

However, Hao Ren and the rest had to take a break in the wilderness because they needed some time to restore their energy and recover from their injuries.

Ewen Ebben narrowly escaped and was barely alive. He looked miserable like a corpse when he was brought out. Casar Ebben had not completely cleared the effects of the demon hunter’s power off his body. Vivian did not suffer any injury but the battle had consumed a great amount of her energy while Hao Ren needed to wait for the shield to completely recharge. In short, other than the dumbass, Lily, who was in abnormally high spirits, the rest of them basically needed time to recuperate. Otherwise, continuing to run would only burn their energy in vain. In addition, they would inadvertently leave traces and be caught by the demon hunters.

"Cough… I haven’t had such a serious injury in more than 100 years," said Ewen Ebben as he laughed at himself. He was lying on the floor with a pale face. The burns and frostbite on his body were still frightening but, there was already a layer of dead skin over them. New skin was creeping and growing slowly underneath the scorch marks. The frightening wound on his belly had also stopped bleeding. The muscles and blood vessels near the wound were trembling. They flattened and grew at the same time. It seemed that it was only a matter of time till full recovery. "The last time someone made a hole in my body was in 1943. You lied, telling me that the human’s sniper gun was not very powerful… Cough, this time you lied to me about the vampire’s fighting power being very low…"

"This time it was the demon hunter who hurt you okay." Casar Ebben rolled his eyes and continued, "And last time, how would I have known that you'd actually put the barrel into your mouth? I was letting you ‘taste the bullet’, but I didn’t mean to taste it literally."

"If I wasn’t heavily injured during the fight, how could I have been beaten by a demon hunter?" Ewen pulled the corner of his mouth and said, "Damn, I’m very hungry now. Very, very hungry. I've definitely consumed three days of reserved fat. I feel like I can even eat a stone now..."

Lily heard what Ewen said after she was done grinding her claws. Without thinking, she picked up a stone beside her, handed it over and said, "Here you are, stone."

Casar and Ewen looked at each other. They then closed their eyes together and said, "The heck, we got into trouble just for a sick, wild kid!"

Hao Ren watched the two werewolves bicker with great interest, knowing that this was probably Ewen’s way of distracting attention from his wounds. He found that the two werewolves, whom he had just come to know were not as atrocious as he had imagined. Although they ‘kidnapped’ Lily, in the end, it was just a rather edgy way of trying to get things done. Besides, after both parties let their guard down, he found that the two men were still very interesting.

On the other side, however, Vivian was apparently unwilling to stay too close to the werewolves. The vampire maiden stood sentry at a little slope nearby and had no interest in talking to the werewolves. Nevertheless, Hao Ren could also roughly sense that she was not hostile to the two werewolves. There was simply a barrier between them.

"Why did the demon hunters gather here?" Casar Ebben could still not figure it out. "They rarely act in a group but this time, they gathered a team. Geez, I don’t understand."

"Did they purposely gather here to ambush us?" Ewen Ebben was struggling to prop himself up. "Phew— Finally, I’ve almost recovered. Could it be that you exposed your whereabouts during the daytime?"

"It’s unlikely. They should just be passing by," Casar replied and shook his head. "Look at the equipment. They didn’t carry holy water and the Holy Grail used to deal with vampires, which means they didn’t know that there’s a vampire in this city. If they were here to ambush us, they would have done it in the morning when the two of us and the little girl couldn't escape. And did you notice that the weapons in their hands were temporarily enchanted? So, I guess this group of demon hunters was just passing by. Just so happened that as they passed by, we were fighting with the vampire and that lured the plague. The ambush circle was also set up during that short period of time. Demon hunters are very good at setting traps stealthily."

Hao Ren had limited knowledge about demon hunters. As such, when he heard Casar’s analysis, he perked his ears up hurriedly and listened carefully. He had no idea that there were so many things to consider and after hearing what they had said, he felt that the information would be useful in the future. God would know how to explain the situation: An official worker employed by the goddess had become a member of the monster camp unexpectedly. And now he had to find a way to fight the human guardians… Hao Ren was sure that Raven 12345 had known all along.

"You must be one of the very clever ones among the werewolves," Vivian's voice was suddenly heard from the side. She approached them quietly. "I remember a few werewolves who were able to analyze a situation as you do."

Casar Ebben grinned and said, "Of course, I’m the wise one among the werewolves…"

"Tsk!" Vivian whispered and thought the werewolf’s wit probably stopped there.

"How long are you guys going to rest?" Vivian was looking at the distance to confirm that the demon hunters were not after them. "I’m afraid something bad will happen if we keep procrastinating. So, let's split up. You guys find a way to go back to the family and report the situation here. We still have an ace fighter and a big boss behind the scenes. So, we aren’t really afraid of the demon hunters."

"Right, it’s better to separate the action." Casar was looked at his arm which had almost recovered, nodded and said, "Goodbye then. I’ll convey the countess’ message to the elders of the tribe."

Hao Ren also stood up. He searched his body, frowned slightly and said, "Why do I feel like I’ve forgotten something?"

"Did you leave something behind in the warehouse?" Vivian stretched her wings open, tapped Hao Ren on the shoulder and asked, "Is it your wallet?"

"You think I’m like you?" Hao Ren brushed Vivian's wing off his shoulder and continued, "And even if the wallet’s gone, I still have money to feed all of you… I remember I was throwing something at that time..."

Halfway through his explanation, Hao Ren heard a sharp whistling sound coming towards him. "Damn it, you threw me away!"

The MDT was glowing blue, rotating rapidly in the sky like a UFO, which had lost control. It rushed towards Hao Ren’s forehead. Bang! It slammed into the Steel Membrane Shield and yelled, "Does anyone use a PDA like you do? You used to handle me carefully during the first few days. Where’s that kind of mentality now? I'm sturdy,so, you really treat me like a brick, right?"

"What the hell is this..." Casar as well as Ewen were suddenly dumbfounded and exclaimed unanimously. During the scuffle earlier, they saw Hao Ren throwing out a shiny and scary object but, they did not have time to see what it was. Just like the scarred lady, they also thought it was some kind of secret weapon. However now, they were amazed to see that not only could it fly, jump and speak, it could also trace and return to its owner from a far distance. Ewan slapped his forehead and asked, "Human technology has become so advanced? Is this the Iphone 66 or MI 79? "

Hao Ren pushed the MDT into his pocket awkwardly and said, "Haha, this is my blade, my portable blade... Stay in the pocket quietly! Don’t jump! Don’t turn around! Don’t get hot! Don’t make me look bad!"

The two werewolves stared at this scene. They had probably never seen any blade that could fight with its owner in their entire life.

At this moment, a simple and sincere, buzzing voice suddenly echoed from a distance. "Hehe, you guys are here. Is everyone all right?"

Hao Ren turned towards the direction of the voice and was overjoyed at once. That familiar tall figure, that familiar big, bald head, and that familiar evil face that could get him a 15-day administrative detention for simply walking down the street! It was Y’zaks! He knew that even if the demon hunters were grouped up, fully resurrected and about to jump out to attack them, there was no need to worry anymore. This was the monster-class boss who could pull a meteorite down from the Kuiper Belt and take down a city in seconds. Optimistically, Y’zaks could beat those demon hunters in three sneezes.

Lily and Vivian came forward to greet Y’zaks. The two werewolves looked at each other in astonishment and Ewen could not help but asked, "This is... The ace fighter you were talking about? Who is he? I didn’t even sense his arrival!"

"Nonsense, that’s because you’ve been beaten by a demon hunter and it blurred your conscience," said Casar.

"Oh, I see."

"I probably know what happened." Y’zaks said hello to Lily and Vivian. Then, he walked up to Hao Ren with a simple and sincere (scary) smile on his face. "I found your ‘blade’. You guys ran into demon hunters, didn’t you? Is that the guy over there?"

Y’zaks raised a finger and pointed at a direction. Hao Ren turned and looked in the aforementioned direction. He was stunned: The leader of the demon hunters quietly appeared 100 meters away unexpectedly!

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