The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 107: A Chaotic Battle

Chapter 107: A Chaotic Battle

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The situation worsened. A team of demon hunters who suddenly appeared before them stunned Vivian instantly.

Casar Ebben looked astoundingly at the "human beings" around them who were condescending and expressionless. The muscles on his body started to bulge slowly again. He could sense a disturbing vibe coming from the strange crossbows in the demon hunters’ hands. It was the unique scent left behind by countless creatures that died by the crossbow. As a veteran werewolf, Casar Ebben could feel the strong murderous vibe from it.

There was no doubt that a group of experienced demon hunters were standing in front of them.

Casar Ebben was previously informed that there were traces of demon hunters in the city and he had speculated that there would be at least one or two demon hunters on patrol. However, he never expected so many demon hunters to be gathered there. In addition, they were several times stronger than expected. This was not the kind of ambush that could have been executed by inexperienced demon hunters.

Their intelligence was wrong. Something may have happened to the family sentry. However, it was useless to say anything before he managed to escape the crisis.

Ewen Ebben also started transforming immediately. However, his transformation speed was noticeably slower than Casar Ebben’s. Furthermore, even after they had transformed, they were not as powerful as they were before.

Perhaps the battle with Vivian was one of the reasons for the poor state of the two werewolves; however, the main reason was the faint, odd scent in the air. The scent had left the two werewolves feeling physically weak and incapable of concentration. Ewen Ebben looked at the middle-aged man on the roof and struggled to growl, "You guys... are still so despicable!"

"We’re just hunting." There was no expression on the face of the middle-aged man. "Hunters set traps. This has nothing to do with moral. But, I have a few questions before taking action. So many of you gathering in one place, what are you trying to do? You should not be here."

The middle-aged man’s voice sounded flat, neither angry nor hostile. He was simply curious about the situation and asked accordingly. This was the first time that Hao Ren had ever seen a real demon hunter. He was completely different from the half-baked Nangong he met in England. This demon hunter was more in line with Vivian's description and apparently... more dangerous as well.

When the middle-aged man was done talking, the rest of the demon hunters also raised their crossbows and aimed at the ‘freaks’, which included Hao Ren. It appeared that they were not expecting their ‘prey’ to tell them the reason why they were gathered there. While werewolves and vampires could still engage in crappy conversation after a fight, the demon hunters and ‘freaks’ would become downright mortal enemies. There was almost no chance of compromise between the two parties. Once they meet, they would fight until they die.

"I feel weak." Casar Ebben turned his head and asked quickly before the demon hunters took action, "How are you guys?"

"I’m okay. It has limited effects on me." Vivian also looked as if she was facing a formidable enemy. She tilted her head and looked at Lily as she spoke, "And Doggie looks fine. Probably her blood is special…"

Usually, Casar Ebben would have asked what she meant by ‘special blood’ but now, he did not have time to do so. The moment Vivian finished talking, the leader of the demon hunters gently raised his crossbow and said, "Shoot."

Seven or eight small arrows glittering with silver sparkles flew towards them speedily like electric rays. Compared to the massive battle between Vivian and the Ebbens, the arrows were visibly less conspicuous. However, even Vivian could not underestimate the destructive power of the arrows. She stretched her hand out to push Lily away and scattered into a whirlwind of swirling bats to dodge the attack. Casar and Ewan also leapt in two directions respectively and dodged the arrows quickly. Hao Ren’s reaction was the slowest among them. Although his mind could barely react in time, his body could not keep up with his mind. "Ding!" A wrinkle of water rippled on his chest. Fortunately, the Steel Membrane Shield was able to self-activate in an emergency. Otherwise, his heart would have been ripped open.

The silvery, white arrows that missed their target did not fall on the ground instead, they disappeared mid air after Vivian and the rest dodged them. They then magically appeared in each demon hunter's crossbows again, restored and ready!

This was the demon hunters’ standard equipment, the hunting weapon that was known as ‘endless justice’. The crossbows and ammunition were aided with incredible power which could hunt their targets without any breaks. The demon hunters used their mental power to lock on the enemy. Therefore, before the crossbow succeeds in hitting its’ target, it will be able to reset itself to its best state until it hit its’ target!

There were some ways to deal with the attack. They could either destroy the crossbow or directly kill the user of the crossbow. If not, they could only wait for the demon hunters to switch to other equipment.

Vivian as well as the two werewolves were considered experienced and knowledgeable; they definitely knew the weapons of demon hunters well and began to counterattack immediately. Vivian turned into a bat storm and rushed at the leader on the roof, with two lightning bolts, prepared to decapitate him. The two werewolves were quickly dodging the arrows that were pouring towards them while looking for a chance to approach the attackers on the roof. Their Dark Fog seemed to be suppressed by the strange smell in the air and did not work properly. The only thing they could rely on was their own speed.

Lily was holding her head in her hands and running around like a headless chicken. She was considered safe… temporarily. The husky ran pretty fast.

They got into a scuffle. The crossbow with built-in, unlimited ammo started shooting at Hao Ren and the rest of them like a little machine gun. They could see the subtle traces left behind by the silver flashes. They were the false contours left by the enchanted arrows after they returned back to the crossbow. The two werewolves had no chance to get close to the enemy. They were in such bad physical condition that it was a great miracle that they could still keep their agility without getting hurt. Vivian's first lightning strike did not work as well. There was a lightning rod beside the leader…

The one who shot at Hao Ren was a scarred lady. She was also the only demon hunter who lost her arrow. The layer of Steel Membrane Shield from the advanced civilisation was far beyond the level of this planet and the effects of the demon hunter’s weapon lost its effectiveness on Hao Ren. "Huh?" The scarred lady found it strange when she saw that Hao Ren was covered in a layer of translucent film. He jumped around to dodge the attacks of others. She stood on the roof of the two-storey building. Shortly after, she stepped forward and disappeared instantly. The next second, she appeared in front of Hao Ren, less than one meter away and punched him!

Hao Ren cursed in his heart. He never expected real demon hunters to equip themselves with unlimited ammunition and carry a full screen teleportation plug-in with them. He could not react in time and was hit on the spot. The Steel Membrane Shield absorbed most of the damage but, the impact of the punch was so strong that he was repelled several meters away. Hao Ren could barely keep his balance due to the abrupt attack. He had to rely on the muscle coordination and agility of his enhanced body so that he did not end up in the embarrassing situation of being defeated by a woman.

The cold, scarred lady was astonished to see the shield on Hao Ren’s face. She simply waited for Hao Ren to stand up and slowly asked, "What species are you? I’ve never seen such a spell. Are you a wizard?"

"I’m human!" Hao Ren looked at the chaos surrounding him. He was already furious at the demon hunters who appeared out of the blue and attacked them haphazardly. Now that the demon hunters were successfully raiding them, it made Hao Ren even more furious. He stormed up to her and yelled, "I’m a real human! Even more genuine than all of you!"

The scarred lady did not expect Hao Ren’s speed to be as fast as the extreme charge of a werewolf. She did not even have time to activate her teleportation and just raised the crossbow in her hand to block him. This surprised the scarred lady. Hao Ren, the half-baked Superman turned out to be the first one to successfully disarm the hunter.

"Humans don't have such speed and power, and they don’t have shields either." The scarred lady instantly teleported 10 meters away before Hao Ren threw the second punch. She then quickly took the large and strange crossbow from her back, which was one meter in length. She even had time to say, "You must be a new breed of monster. I would like to take you back and study you."

Hao ren swung the MDT, threw it with all his might and said, "Go and study this!"

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