The Record of Unusual Creatures

Chapter 101: The Name

Chapter 101: The Name

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A loud scream was coming from somewhere nearby. At that time, Hao Ren knew that there was trouble yet again.

However, he was not too surprised by it. As a human, he was slowly getting used to such incidents.

Hao Ren looked towards the direction of the loud scream. A tall, muscular man was standing at the corner of the warehouse. It was Casar Ebben, whom Hao Ren had met once before. However, unlike the last time, the man now appeared in front of Hao Ren with a furious and vicious look on his face.

It was obvious from the look on the man’s face; a fierce battle was about to break out between both parties and he would not listen to anything.

Vivian was ready to fight and never let her guard down from the start. Although she was a little surprised that the Blood Mist did not work on him, she was still able to react the moment Casar Ebben appeared. Her giant bat wings were spread wide open instantly and the air was filled with a bloody chill. Vivian snapped her body up, flapped her wings and launched an attack on the enemy. Hao Ren just saw a flash of light and countless scarlet shadows, racing from all sides of his vision. They pounced on the enemy dozens of meters away. The damage caused by the scarlet shadows was shocking. Green smoke arose from the cement floor and outer walls of the warehouse. The iron foil on the walls quickly corroded into slag. This was followed by layers of ice which spread rapidly. The power that Vivian released was like a violent storm sweeping through the range.

While the attacks of the senior Blood Clan member were powerful, Casar Ebben was not a weak opponent as well. He transformed into a wolf without hesitation the moment he found Vivian’s strength to be above his expectations. He took her attacks head-on and resisted the blood shock which could have melted bones as well as corroded flesh.

It was over in a flash. The scene outside the warehouse turned upside down instantaneously. Cold wind, which smelled like blood whirred and emanated from the Vivian in all directions. Everything was covered with a layer of frost after severe corrosion. Casar Ebben was not really affected by the cold wind. He was surrounded by an unknown shadow, completely isolated from the cold and his appearance began to change gradually. His hair was growing rapidly and his body was becoming burlier than before. His sturdy muscles were bulging at a rate visible to the unaided eye. The bulge soon became visible under his clothes as well. His hands became bony, his joints swelled as well as became stout and his finger-tips turned into formidable claws. Thick black hair was grown quickly from his chin to his cheek. At the same time, a pair of wolf ears appeared on his head. This was the first time that Hao Ren witnessed the real transformation of a werewolf.

"So ugly…"

"Of course, this is how a male werewolf looks like." Red lights flashed across Vivian’s eyes and a swarm of shadowy bats formed behind her. "You’re indeed a mad dog from the Ebben Family. I haven’t seen the Dark Fog in ages."

A weird smirk surfaced on Casar Ebben’s twisted face. "You do not seem to be cut off from the world, blood sucker. I thought there aren’t many vampires who know about the Ebben Family these days!"

"Of course! When I fought the first, Dark Fog Werewolf, he didn’t even know how to write the word 'Ebben' yet!" Vivian tried to divert his attention using provoking words. At the same time, she continued attacking. A big swarm of bats rushed towards the werewolf at the far end like a whirlwind. Anything that crossed paths with the bats looked like it was destroyed by a metal storm; even steel and cement were instantly turned into ashes. "I’ve beaten your ancestors!"

Hao Ren was sweating. He thought: age was indeed a woman’s best weapon though, the way Vivian made use of it was rather odd…

Casar Ebben was slightly struck by what Vivian just said. It probably reminded him of stories told in the family. However, he was not distracted by her words. The werewolf roared and slashed at the bat swarm with his paws. It created a piercing sound which tore the air. The cloud-like bat swarm was split in half by sheer pressure of the wind. Casar’s strong body which was already inflated like a beast, swooped out of the torn bat cloud and pounced on Vivian in the middle of the air. He then shouted, "What do you mean?!"

Vivian did not dodge at all. She just gave him a sardonic smile and turned into countless bats, which dispersed in all directions just as Casar’s paw almost caught her hair.

"Just a trick!" The werewolf growled angrily. Suddenly, his body was surrounded by a strong and thick, black fog. The Dark Fog moved out towards the swarm of bats. The speed it was spreading was no less than the speed of the flying bats. Almost 80% or 90% of bats were shrouded in fog within seconds. The bats struggled in the smoke and finally freed themselves from the entanglement before the smoke covered them completely. Vivian reformed her body a hundred meters away. She looked at Casar Ebben with a slight surprise. She did not expect this "kid" to be quite hard to deal with.

Werewolves were poor in magic. However, as a supplement, they had innate skills to make up for their shortcomings such as curses, obscurities, shadows and the like. The Ebben Family was a very famous group of wolves. Their natural ability was this strange and unpredictable Dark Fog. The Dark Fog did not have much effect in terms of attack but, it had troublesome spatial attributes, which were useful either in the transfer of objects or blockade of certain areas. Although Vivian claimed to have beaten the ancestors of the Ebben Family, she honestly did not really want to get tangled up in the pesky Dark Fog. What she liked was to bully the werewolves who often had a silly, crude and careless side. It was easier to deal with a mage warrior; however, it was a headache to fight with a dark knight.

"You were able to get out…" Casar Ebben's body was filled with Dark Fog. Coupled with his sinister appearance, he looked like a demon. "You are not an ordinary vampire. Tell me your name, let’s have a fair fight."

"Who still cares about that these days?!" A scarlet pike materialised in Vivian’s hand and she threw it with all her strength towards Casar Ebben. "Go to hell!"

The expression on Casar Ebben’s face changed as soon as the scarlet pike appeared. He could take on all of Vivian’s attacks head-on but this time, he turned into a big cloud of dark smoke, dispersed and escaped in all directions. The scarlet pike seemed to have life. The moment the enemy escaped, it turned to the direction of black smoke in the air and ripped. It stabbed into the nearest cloud of smoke.

A whiff of burnt fur came from the smoke. Then, the pike and smoke vanished at the same time.

The rest of the smoke cloud quickly gathered in another place. Casar Ebben regained his physical form but he looked a lot more compromised than he did earlier. The fur on his face was charred and his coat was ragged. A wisp of blood flowed from his forehead, suffused with an abnormal, red light.

"You are the countess who can summon the red moon, Vivian Ancestor..." Ebben forcibly wiped the blood off his face. The wolf’s body expanded again which seemed to fully catalyze the werewolf’s potential in order to deal with the enemy. "You’re still alive?!"

With her hands on her chest, Vivian descended slowly and asked, "Oh, I even had a name like that back then?"

The battle between them was vigorous. Vivian had the upper hand and did not seem to need Hao Ren’s help. So, he simply found a place at the side, stayed there and watched the show. He was ready to release a black pike whenever there was a chance or sneak into the warehouse to look for Lily when Casar Ebben was not paying attention. However, their conversation during the fight had peaked his curiosity. He almost fell onto the ground when he heard Vivian’s words. He thought: Vampire lady, can you please not descend from the sky in such a graceful posture before saying such a thing?

The look on Casar Ebben’s face was quite strange but still better than Hao Ren’s. He remained vigilant while he slowly distanced himself from Vivian. "So, it’s you… Can’t remember your own name, roamed the world... Even the vampire family didn’t know which side you belonged to so, they simply named you a countess… same as the record in the family."

Vivian looked interested and said, "Let’s stop fighting. Tell me more about how I’m recorded in your family. I really can’t remember what happened back then."

Is now a good time to chat? Of course, not. No matter what Vivian thought, Casar Ebben was certainly not going to talk nonsense with the enemy, especially when the vampire in front him was the infamous, odd and tough countess. He remembered the warnings for the younger generation in his family records. As such, he lowered his head, black smoke covering his entire body and directly stormed upwards!

Vivian flapped her giant wings and flew back into the air. She then said, "Tsk… then I’ll ask for more details after I’ve knocked you down. I’m in an excellent state today!"

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