The Reborn Wife is Farming

Chapter 36


The children couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a disaster due to an overpopulation of rabbits. They only knew that rabbit meat was delicious and that rabbits were difficult to catch.

They would go to catch rabbits in the forest under the excuse of collecting firewood, but they often failed. Though they imitated Mu Yangling and set up traps, it didn’t work nine out of ten times. The remaining one time where it did work was a demonstration when Mu Yangling taught them.

Hence, Liu Lun drooled and asked, “If there’s a disaster due to too many rabbits, does that mean we can eat more rabbit meat?”

Ignorance was bliss, truly. Mu Yangling looked at him enviously and said, “Don’t let your grandfather hear this, or he’ll beat you up.”

Rabbits loved to dig holes. Although this was not a grassland and there was no grazing, so the damage to the ecology could not be compared to the grassland, the overpopulation of rabbits would still have a huge impact on everyone. Not to mention anything else, Nearhill Village was located at the foot of the mountain. If they were hit by a few storms next year, the soil that had been loosened by rabbits digging holes would be washed down, possibly resulting in mudslides.

Mu Yangling had never seen it before, but Mu Shi had witnessed it in Nearhill Village more than 10 years ago. Therefore, Mu Shi could not help but worry when he saw the number of rabbits in the forest increase and the situation becoming increasingly intense.

However, his ability alone was limited, and he could only hunt so many rabbits by himself. The mountain forest was too dangerous, so he did not dare to encourage everyone to enter the mountain.

Mu Yangling was thinking about how to set up more traps, catch more rabbits, and earn more income when Liu Daqian put down his bowl and chopsticks. He waved at the people who had also stopped and looked at him. “Alright, you guys can continue eating.”

As he spoke, he stood up and walked towards Madam Ma-Liu. Everyone knew that the siblings had something to say, so they relaxed and continued eating.

Liu Erqian slowly filled his bowl with mutton with his chopsticks. Then, he stood up and walked over. His cousin, Liu Dazhu, twitched his lips and silently cursed him for acting strange at such an old age.

However, he was old after all, and there were juniors present, so he gave Liu Erqian some face.

Liu Erqian followed his older brother and sister and stood at the side to listen to their conversation.

Liu Daqian looked at his sister, who was more than 10 years older than him, and sighed slightly.

Among the six siblings of the Liu family, only five survived. The third child starved to death when he was four years old, and Madam Ma-Liu was the eldest. Back then, there was a famine. Liu Daqian and the other three siblings only survived because of this older sister who risked her life to enter the mountains to find food. Though tenacious and competitive, unfortunately, this older sister of theirs wasn’t fated to lead a good life.

After thinking for a moment, Liu Daqian said, “Sister, we won’t be able to get the farmland back, but with your brothers around, you don’t have to be afraid of being bullied by them. I’ll get Ah Ting and Zhuangzi to come over tomorrow to help you collect the grains.”

Madam Ma-Liu wiped her tears and said, “There’s no need. Your family has to work too. The autumn harvest will only last for a few days. If we delay any longer, it will start to rain. I can handle this myself.”

Liu Daqian didn’t say anything, but his attitude was obvious.

Madam Ma-Liu asked, “I haven’t seen you for three to four years. Are you still healthy? How’s Third Sister?”

Liu Daqian’s expression was a little ugly. His eldest sister had married into West Mountain Village, but his second and third sister had married into Nearhill Village. Last night, he had gone to look for his third sister and asked her son to come with them, but she had rejected him using all sorts of excuses. That look of extreme disgust was clear as day to him.

Liu Daqian felt very uncomfortable. Back then, all of them doted on this youngest sister, but in the end, she despised her eldest sister.

However, Liu Daqian didn’t say it out loud as he didn’t want to upset Madam Ma-Liu. Instead, he said, “She’s doing well. When I came, she even asked me to send you her greetings.”

This attracted a sneer from Liu Erqian. It was only when he looked up at his brother that he turned his head away.

Liu Daqian was furious. He kicked him and said angrily, “How old are you? Why are you still behaving like this? If you don’t speak, no one will think you’re a fool.”

Liu Erqian said coldly, “I didn’t say anything.”

Liu Daqian was even angrier. How could Madam Ma-Liu not understand? She only felt the anger in her chest surge and her eyes sting. Blinking her tears back, she forced a smile. “Don’t bully Second Brother. He’s already a grandfather. You can’t lecture him like you did in the past.”

Then, she said to Liu Erqian, “Second Brother, now that you’re already a grandfather, you can’t fool around like before. You have to be an example to your grandchildren.”

Liu Erqian responded nonchalantly and said, “Is there anything else? If not, I’ll go back and eat.” As he spoke, he turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something. He took out a money bag from his pocket and stuffed it into Madam Ma-Liu’s hand, before turning around and leaving.

Shocked, Madam Ma-Liu was about to chase after him when Liu Daqian stopped her. “Alright, don’t you know Second Brother’s temper? If you return it, it will arouse his bullish nature, and he might very well just smash the dining table. Hurry up and keep it. The two grandnieces are not young anymore. Just keep this for their dowry.” As he spoke, he took out a money bag from his pocket and stuffed it into her hand. With a sigh, he said, “I’m useless as your younger brother and failed to protect you. Don’t blame me.”

With that, he turned around and left.

Madam Ma-Liu leaned against the wall and cried. She did resent her two younger brothers.

As her parents had died early, she was responsible for raising her four younger siblings. In the end, when she was in trouble, her brothers could not protect her. Her not returning to her maternal home to visit them for the past three to four years was actually a show of her attitude and resentment. But now, it seemed that this matter had hurt her and them, and only stood to benefit her enemies!

However, still, she was reluctant to return to her maternal family like she did in the past. Sometimes, Madam Ma-Liu would think that if her younger brothers could not protect her, what was the use of raising them back then?

Madam Ma-Liu exhaled and said self-deprecatingly, “Well, isn’t it of use now?”

After everyone had their fill, Madam Ma-Liu cut the remaining mutton and distributed it to everyone. She said, “Thank you for coming today, brothers. Our family is poor and we don’t have much to serve everyone. Please make do.”

Liu Dazhu smiled and said, “Cousin, don’t spoil them too much. Now that you’ve been wronged, as your younger brothers, how can we not come and stand up for you? This is a good life experience for your nephews, too.”

“Alright, alright.” Liu Daqian pushed them out. “Don’t waste your breath here. Hurry up and go back. We’ll leave in the afternoon.” Then, he said to the younger generation of the Liu family, “Help your father and uncles walk slowly and make sure no one gets left behind. There are ferocious beasts in the mountains.”

Everyone responded and helped the elders of their families leave.

Liu Ting rolled up his sleeves and said, “Father, let’s carry the grains out for Aunt.”

When Mu Yangling heard this, she hurriedly said, “Uncles, you can go cut the grain crops. My father and I will do the carrying. We’ll be done in half an afternoon.”

Liu Ting expressed his doubts, and Mu Shi hesitated. Mu Yangling tugged at his sleeve and said, “Father, let Eldest Uncle and the rest go harvest the grains. With so many people, we will be done in the afternoon.”

Mu Shi thought about it and agreed.

The Ma family still had half a plot of grains left to harvest, but there were many people left behind today. Liu Daqian and his brother, their two sons, and the children could go to the fields to harvest the grains. There were a total of twelve people, and they could finish harvesting in half an afternoon. This way, they wouldn’t have to make another trip tomorrow. Otherwise, even if their two aunts didn’t say anything, they would definitely feel uncomfortable.

Liu Daqian thought about it and agreed. He said to Madam Ma-Liu, “Big Sister, go and borrow the scythe.”

At the thought of getting everything done by today, Madam Ma-Liu was no longer in the mood to clean up the table. She quickly went out to borrow the scythe and brought them to the field.

Mu Yangling and Mu Shi were in charge of transporting the grains out, while the others cut the grain crops together. With so many people and four young men, it was done in less than four hours.

Liu Zhuang waved his hand and saw that the Mu father and daughter had already carried the two plots of grains out, and were now sitting on the ridge to rest. The corners of his mouth immediately twitched as he said to his cousin, Liu Xuan, beside him, “She’s too capable. She’s simply stronger than an ox.”

Liu Xuan glanced at his father and said, “Shut up, or Uncle will beat you up if he hears you.”

After cutting the grain crops for half of the plot of land, there was no time to transport them out. Madam Ma-Liu hurriedly urged them to go back. “You should hurry back. Otherwise, you won’t be able to go down the mountain before dark.”

Liu Daqian nodded and returned the scythe to her. Waving his hand, he said, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go home.”

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