The Reborn Wife is Farming

Chapter 23


When Qi Xiuyuan pushed open the door and entered, he saw the two of them standing up while eating a plate of snacks. Smiling, he said, “Don’t eat too much. I’ve already asked someone to prepare food. You might be too full for dinner later.”

Qi Haoran threw a piece of snack into his mouth and said, “I can even scarf down a cow now.”

However, Fan Zijin obediently set aside his snack and stopped eating.

Qi Xiuyuan dragged the brothers to dinner. After eating and drinking to their heart’s content, he dismissed all the servants and asked seriously, “Alright, I didn’t ask last night since I saw that you were as tired as dogs. Plus, I haven’t been free today. Can you tell me now, why you ran away from home?” Qi Xiuyuan looked at his brother first and said, “You first.”

Anger flashed across Qi Haoran’s face as he said hatefully, “Brother, that woman wants to matchmake you to her own niece. How can she, a concubine, dream of making you take her niece to be your first wife? How will you face others in the future? Moreover, her niece is lazy and has a terrible reputation. I don’t want her to be my sister-in-law.”

Fan Zijin glanced at him and corrected him. “Madam Wu has already been promoted to first wife.”

Even more furious now, Qi Haoran snorted. “I won’t acknowledge that.”

“So you fell out with them because of my marriage?” Qi Xiuyuan asked.

Qi Haoran felt a little uncomfortable, so Fan Zijin said, “Eldest Cousin, they wanted to take advantage of your absence to welcome the bride into the family so that they could settle this marriage. They asked Haoran to welcome the bride on your behalf. Madam Wu locked Haoran in the courtyard, and I only managed to bring him out overnight by bribing the servants in your residence.”

Qi Xiuyuan’s expression turned ugly. “She actually locked Haoran up? Does Father not care at all?”

Fan Zijin lowered his head and did not speak, but Qi Haoran’s eyes turned red. “He only has Second Brother and Third Brother in his heart. When was he ever concerned about me?”

Qi Xiuyuan grabbed his brother’s hand, his eyes flashing with coldness and helplessness.

That being their father, he could neither hit nor scold him.

However, Qi Haoran was very proud. “Now that I’ve run away, they won’t be able to find anyone to substitute as Big Brother. Big Brother, you have to sharpen your vigilance and find me a good sister-in-law in the future.”

Qi Xiuyuan lips twitched slightly. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely find you a good sister-in-law.”

“I’m afraid they won’t give up just like that.” Fan Zijin frowned slightly. “I’ve always found it strange. Why are they in such a hurry to marry Little Miss Wu to Eldest Cousin?”

Qi Haoran looked at him in disdain. “You don’t even know that? My elder brother definitely won’t marry a girl from the Wu family. They naturally have to settle the marriage while my elder brother is not around.”

The marriage could be canceled, but the marriage contract could not be canceled. He could either find his wife’s fault and divorce her, or he could only ask for her approval and divorce. But no matter what, it would have an adverse effect on Qi Xiuyuan.

Fan Zijin said with a straight face, “I think there’s something wrong with Little Miss Wu. Otherwise, there’s no need to be in such a hurry.”

With a wave of his hand, Qi Xiuyuan said, “That’s not important anymore. Now that Haoran is no longer in Lin’an, she can’t very well ask her two sons to welcome the bride on my behalf, right?” If she dared to do it, Qi Xiuyuan would dare to say that since Little Miss Wu’s two younger brothers had already suffered in his place, he didn’t dare to have such a wife. Who’s to say otherwise?

As a man, he was naturally not afraid. He just had no idea if the Wu family was that bold.

Though marriage was dictated by one’s parents and the words of the matchmaker, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t do anything.

Qi Xiuyuan looked at Fan Zijin. “Then why did you run out?”

Fan Zijin shifted his butt uncomfortably and said, “I accompanied Haoran here.”

Qi Haoran shouted indignantly, “That’s not true. Uncle decided to marry Enyin, who was supposed to marry Zijin, to Fan Zixiao instead. In a fit of anger, Aunt raised her sword, wanting to slash Uncle, and the two of them started fighting over this. Zijin felt that it was meaningless, so he ran out with me.”

Fan Zijin’s mother, Xia Tong, and Qi Haoran’s mother, Zhu Wan, were cousins and grew up together. Hence, they were very close. After Zhu Wan passed away, the two aunts of the Zhu family were no longer in Lin’an. Furthermore, Qi Feng didn’t care about his two sons. Qi Haoran, who was only one year old, and Qi Xiuyuan, who was seven years old, were taken care of by Xia Tong, hence they were very close to her.

Fan Zijin was two months older than Qi Haoran. When the two little fellows were still learning to crawl, they were already hanging out together all the time. They were like real brothers.

In Qi Haoran’s heart, other than his eldest brother, Qi Xiuyuan, the second most important person to him was Fan Zijin.

Qi Xiuyuan glared at Fan Zijin and said, “I’ll write a letter to Aunt. I don’t think you will be able to focus on your studies in Lin’an, so why don’t you stay here for now? I’ll hire a teacher for you.”

Truly suffocated by the atmosphere at home, Fan Zijin heaved a sigh of relief. That was why he agreed without thinking when Qi Haoran suggested they “escaped”.

“Since you even prepared your travel passes, why did you not prepare any money? Why were you in such a sorry state? You actually had to be saved by a hunter girl?”

Blushing, Fan Zijin said guiltily, “We did bring some money, but there was an accident on the way…”

No matter how smart Fan Zijin was, he was only 12 years old and had never traveled far. He and Qi Haoran always had a pageboy following them in and out. With the pageboy paying for their purchases, they did not even know how much a bun cost.

Fan Zijin was on guard, but he lacked life experience, after all. Hence, they fled in luxurious clothes. Just buying a horse cost more than half of their money. In addition, the two of them encountered robbers, scammers, and people who turned greedy after seeing how rich they were. In short, during this two-month journey from Lin’an to Linzhou Prefecture, it could be said that the two of them had a narrow escape.

When they met Mu Yangling, they had already reached their limit. At that time, they ran into the forest as they were being chased by a manor owner. The two of them lost their way and starved for two days, to the point where they almost did not have the strength to move.

That was why Mu Yangling’s help was so precious.

Not only did she give them food, but she also gave them directions. She could be considered an incredibly good person among the people they met along the way.

However, the more Fan Zijin was deceived, the more suspicious he became. Although Mu Yangling had saved them, he still suspected that she had ulterior motives. That was why he was so resistant to Qi Haoran getting close to her.

Of course, Qi Xiuyuan was more careful. After all, Mu Shi had a face that was different from the Han people. Though, there were also many mixed-blood Hu-Hans in the army. Still, in order to be careful, he sent people to investigate the Mu father and daughter.

At this moment, the Mu father and daughter, who had no idea that they would be investigated, were rushing home.

The sky was already completely dark, but Mu Yangling exclaimed happily when she saw the lights of the village, “Father, we’re home!”

Mu Shi chuckled and said, “You’re fast. Quickly run back and see if your mother is at home.”

Mu Yangling responded and ran home.

As soon as she reached the village entrance, she saw two torches. Her mother and brother’s faces barged into her eyes. Mu Yangling ran even faster and reached her mother’s side in a flash. She shouted, “Mother, why are you here?”

“Geez, she’s worried about you and your father. My mouth is turning dry from persuading her, but your mother refuses to go back and insists on standing here and waiting.”

Only then did Mu Yangling see her aunt, Madam Liu-Zhao, standing at the side. Mu Yangling smiled and bowed. “Thank you for accompanying my mother today.”

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