The Reborn Wife is Farming

Chapter 193 - Chapter 193: Support

Chapter 193: Support

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Mu Shi’s gaze slid across everyone until no one dared to make a sound. Then, he walked to his daughter’s side and cupped his hands at everyone. “Everyone, I am a rough and inarticulate man. However, I’m not afraid of offending anyone here since we’re in the right. The old people say that we should be lenient wherever possible. Our Mu family isn’t someone who won’t take a step back, but we also have to see if it’s worth it to retreat. If these five people sincerely admitted their mistakes, my daughter wouldn’t be so angry. My Mu family doesn’t want a grudge with Horse Head Village, but if things really come to this, my Mu family isn’t afraid either!”

Mu Shi looked straight at Black Charcoal with a knife-like gaze and said, “I’m someone who licks blood on the edge of a knife. 1 rely on this ruthlessness. If I’m a wolf, my daughter will be a wolf cub. Today, in front of my fellow villagers, I, Mu Shi, will say this first. Whoever bullies my wife and children while I’m not at home, you’d better hope that I die on the battlefield. Otherwise, I, Mu Shi, will fight him to the death!”

The expressions of everyone present changed drastically. Not daring to meet Mu Shi’s eyes, some of the more timid ones even took two steps back involuntarily.

Liu Ting placed his hand on Mu Shi’s shoulder and shook his head slightly at him. Only then did Mu Shi not say anything else.

Smiling, Liu Ting walked forward. He cupped his hands at the silent crowd and said with a smile, “Please forgive us, fellow villagers. My cousin is just a boorish person. He speaks a little arrogantly, but he’s a very good person. The people in the village have been interacting with my brother for half a year, so they should know him well. It is a well known fact that he treats his wife and children like treasures. Other than this, everything else is fine.”

“However, since we are all from neighboring villages, why would anyone bully my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew? Is that right?” Liu Ting continued with a smile, “Our Liu clan is in the West Village next door, just less than 45 minutes away from here. In the future, if my eldest niece does anything wrong, just come to the village to look for me. I’ll teach her a lesson.”

Liu Yuan also came back to his senses. He went forward and said with a smile, “That’s right. My uncle used to live in our village near the mountain. My aunt and I only have one son. The couple passed away early, so my uncle and father treated my cousin as their biological son. Back then, my uncle even officiated his wedding. We also treat my eldest niece as our daughter. If she offends the villagers in any way, don’t get angry. Just come to West Village to look for us. Even though you won’t be able to teach her a lesson, let us lecture her and seek justice for everyone.”

The corners of everyone’s lips twitched when they heard that. Although he was seemingly chiding Mu Shi and Mu Yangling, he was undoubtedly supporting Mu Shi and Mu Yangling. In the future, if Mu Yangling really had a conflict with the villagers, everyone would definitely have to gauge the attitude of the Liu clan in the West Village and couldn’t bully the Mu family too much. Otherwise, if they went back to mobilize reinforcements, they would be up against many members of the Liu clan. If they really fought head-on, no one would stand to gain.

The corners of Black Charcoal’s lips twitched. “Since your eldest niece is so capable, I’m afraid no one in the surrounding villages can bully her. We’ll bring these five people back first. Don’t worry, they’ll definitely take a detour when they see the Mu family in the future.”

Mu Yangling snorted coldly. Mu Shi said, “Didn’t you just say that your village also metes out its own punishments? I’m waiting.”

Seeing that Mu Shi was playing the bad guy, Liu Ting hurriedly came out to play the good guy. With a smile, he said, “Cousin, since he has already said that, he definitely won’t lie to you. However, considering they’re injured now, even if they have to punish him, they can’t do it now. I think it’s better to let them go back first. They’ve embarrassed Horse Head Village so much, so I’m sure they will be punished by them. If you’re still worried, you can just make a trip to Horse Head Village later. It’s not far from us anyway.”

Only then did Mu Shi let them go. Mu Yangling gently tapped Thief B’s arm with the tip of her foot, scaring him so much that he trembled. Smiling, Mu Yangling said, “Do you see your Big Brother’s arm? You have to tie yours up like him. Otherwise, you’ll be crippled even if you try to reattach it later. When the time comes, don’t say that I’m too ruthless. I actually held back and only broke two of your bones instead of crushing them.”

Although this was a reminder, it was also a threat. Everyone trembled in fear and hurriedly used a tree branch to stabilize their arms before leaving in a hurry. The onlookers also hurriedly took advantage of the chaos to leave. Soon, only the Liu clan was left in front of the Mu family’s door.

Only then did Liu Ting frown and look at Mu Shi. He said disapprovingly, “Since you’re at home, why did you call the children out to settle things?”

“Come in and sit down,” Mu Shi explained. “I’m just trying to let All Ling establish her might. I’m often away in the military camp and won’t be able to help much with family matters. The entire family depends on Ah Ling. When others see that she’s a child, they’ll inevitably bully her. This is a good opportunity for her to establish her might. In the future, even if I’m not around, she can shoulder the responsibility alone.”

In the past, when Mu Yangling was in Nearhill Village, her words were absolute. It was just that with Mu Shi and the Liu clan backing her up, no one dared to bully her.

But it was different outside, for nobody knew Mu Yangling.

Liu Ting thought about it and understood. Seeing that so many cousins were here, he clapped and said, “Alright, since you’re here today, don’t be in a hurry to go back. Help us build a straw hut first. We’re almost done and can finish it today.”

“Brother Ting sure knows how to order people around. Brother Rocky, you have to tell my father that we’re building a straw hut for you instead of skiving


When Mu Shi heard this, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely tell them about it.” Mu Shi got Mu Yangling to go up the mountain to hunt some prey and distribute some to everyone to bring back later. Then, he went to build the straw hut with them.

Qi Haoran and Fan Zijin had already left among the crowd. Qi Haoran gestured as he walked. In just a few moves, he had actually mastered the ‘Quick Snatching’ technique that Mu Yangling had used just now.

Satisfied, Qi Haoran put down his hands and said to Fan Zijin, “In two days, when Mu Yangling isn’t so busy anymore, I’ll come and learn this ‘Quick Snatching’ technique from her. I’ll practice it with Big Brother Jiang Ze later.”

After saying that, Qi Haoran turned around to look upon hearing no reaction from Fan Zijin. Only then did he realize that the latter had his head lowered in deep thought. He asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“I’m wondering who Mu Yangling learned her martial arts from. Didn’t you realize that her movements are simple but useful? Previously, when you were exchanging moves with her, in the heat of the moment, every move of hers could strike the opponent fatally. Those moves were simply meant to kill. And when you and Mu Shi were exchanging moves, 1 watched from the side. Mu Yangling was able to last about 150 moves from you, but Mu Shi couldn’t even last 50 moves. Don’t you think it’s strange that Mu Shi doesn’t know any of the killer moves Mu Yangling knows?”

“What’s so strange about that? My father doesn’t know everything that I know either.”

Fan Zijin glared at him. “How can that be the same? You have a martial arts master and a secret manual to learn from. Furthermore, your father doesn’t even practice martial arts. But didn’t Mu Yangling learn all her martial arts from Mu Shi?”

“Who said that Mu Yangling’s martial arts were all taught by Mu Shi? Didn’t she say that her grandfather taught her?”

“Her grandfather died before she was born.”

“Then it’s also possible that he left behind a manual or something. What’s there to feel conflicted about? Mu Yangling is more talented than her father, so it’s not strange for her to master what her grandfather left behind at a higher level. Zijin, martial arts are different. If everyone copies from the same essay, their essays would be identical. However, martial arts are different. Different people can achieve different effects with the same actions. Even the same people can perform the same actions differently at different times. Mu Yangling was born with divine strength. How can such a person not have talent? Perhaps she’ll even surpass her grandfather after mastering what he left behind?”

Seeing that Qi Haoran was wholeheartedly speaking up for Mu Yangling, Fan Zijin instantly felt a little helpless. Not in the mood to continue arguing, he nodded perfunctorily and said, “Perhaps you’re right..”

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