The Queen of Everything

Chapter 447 - More Strict Than Him

Chapter 447: More Strict Than Him

After thinking for a while, the female director coaxed and persuaded him. The production crew was also on the same wavelength as Su Cha. Li Miyi only agreed to apologize when she reached the entrance of the house.

The main reason was that he had promised his mother when he went on the show that he’d be good. Now that the program could not continue, he was afraid that his mother would reprimand him.

Su Cha thought about it and went back.

In fact, Li Miyi’s apology was within her expectations.

Now that she was the only contestant left, it would be too late for other contestants to be switched over. It couldn’t do for Su Cha to be the only one who could not be recorded. Since Su Cha was unmoved by both hard and soft methods, Li Miyi had to apologize.

As soon as Li Miyi lowered his head, Su Cha became confident.

He was a naughty child. If a person was not more fierce and unreasonable than him, he would think that everyone in the world was his mother.

Of course, if Li Miyi insisted on being willful, the show would definitely fail.

Since she had signed a contract, shouldn’t she still be worried about the penalty fee?

Of course, the production crew must have some ideas.

This show was so popular, and Li Miyi was also very popular. Although Su Cha did this because of Li Miyi’s bad temper, she was a little unreasonable. If she just gave in, wouldn’t it be fine to just peacefully let the next two days pass?

Now that it’d come to this, the editing would not be easy. If it was broadcasted, Su Cha might be criticized.

The audience would not care about her.

After returning to the room, Su Cha saw Li Miyi playing with a toy in the middle of the room.

He stood there and saw that Su Cha had returned. He stiffened at first, then turned his face back as if he was embarrassed.

Su Cha said calmly, “Didn’t you want to apologize to me?”

Li Miyi: “…”

His small body stiffened. Then, like a clock that had a spring, he turned around and whispered, “I’m sorry…”

He was not sincere, but Su Cha did not care. She had achieved her goal.

If she did not take the initiative to speak, given Li Miyi’s personality, she did not know how long it would take for him to apologize.

After he apologized, Su Cha went to the kitchen to wash an apple. After peeling it, she asked Li Miyi, “Do you want it?”

Li Miyi looked at the apple and hesitated. He was forced to lower his head just now, and now he had to accept the other party’s bribe?

Wouldn’t that be too embarrassing?

“I’ll give you three seconds. If you don’t want it, I’ll eat it myself.”

“Three, two, one…”

Su Cha ate it herself.

Li Miyi: “…”

You said three seconds, but you counted in just one second!

The production crew: “…”

They were f**king impressed.

Li Miyi was so angry that he was about to cry. Su Cha was completely out of line. She did not care about Li Miyi at all. She swallowed the apple in a few bites and slowly washed another one. “Do you want it?”

This time, Li Miyi walked over and glared at her. “Yes!”

Just as he was about to reach out to grab it, Su Cha suddenly raised her hand. “Go wash your hands. You played with a toy, your hands are dirty.”

Li Miyi: “…”

Holding his breath, he went to the washroom and washed his hands.

It was strange that no one could coax Su Cha into speaking with a coquettish tone when she spoke. She would only speak in a cold and hard tone with a hint of command. Her tone was unquestionable. After what happened just now, Li Miyi did not dare to be too naughty. He could tell that Su Cha was not someone who would give in to his whims.

After he got the apple, he sat on the sofa and ate it fiercely. As if he was substituting the apple for Su Cha, he bit it to vent his anger.

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