The Queen of Everything

Chapter 410 - Will You Accompany Me?

Chapter 410: Will You Accompany Me?

Su Cha was speechless.

She wanted to say that she was fine, but that kind of thing could not be explained easily.

The silence spread between the two of them. Su Cha did not know how to speak, and Bo Muyi did not seem to be in a hurry, so he too did not speak.

After a while, Su Cha asked in a hoarse voice, “Did your secret guards tell you?”

“What do you think I care about?”

There was no emotion in the man’s tone, which could make one worried for no reason.

Su Cha pondered. Oh no, he was really angry now.

In the past, even if he was angry, he would at least expose himself.

Unlike now, his calm tone could make one shudder.

How should she coax such a boyfriend?

She had no experience, and the situation was too urgent for her to search online.

But since Su Cha had expected it, she asked back, “What do you care about? It’s probably a matter of life and death.”

What does Bo Muyi care about?

Su Cha could guess it. She tried to speak. “Are you worried about me?”

“Cha Cha.”

He said tiredly, “Of course. I don’t care whatever you’re hiding from me.”

He moved closer to her ear and said in a seductive voice, “You shouldn’t be concerned about others and put yourself in danger.”

Su Cha’s heart skipped a beat, but she immediately felt a little helpless. “No one expected this to happen. I saw it at that time. I can’t just leave, right?”

Jin Mou was her friend, after all.

Su Cha was not a person who could abandon her.

“And I am confident…”

If it really did not work, Su Cha would have left. She would not joke about her safety.

Besides, she had two secret guards by her side.

Bo Muyi did not speak.

Even though Su Cha had good eyesight in the darkness, she could not see his expression clearly. She touched Bo Muyi’s face with one hand and caressed it for a while before saying, “I promise there won’t be a next time.”

The man approached her and suddenly opened his thin lips to bite Su Cha’s ear. Although it was not hard, it was itchy. Su Cha subconsciously shrank her neck and fell into his arms.

She heard a sigh.

Bo Muyi hugged her. His fingers were cold, but his arms were hot. Su Cha could hear the beating of his heart in his chest. It was gentle and strong.

She asked softly, “Are you going back again?”

“No, I’m done.”

He did not tell her how, when he received the news, he had not rested for two days. In the end, he could not fall asleep after receiving the news.

He had always known that Su Cha had many things to hide from him. He was so smart, how could he not know many things?

He just did not want to ask. He was afraid that if he asked too much, the person in front of him would have a knot in her heart.

After all, he still did not know what Su Cha was thinking and what she was hiding…

It was not that he did not want to know, but he just did not dare to.

Su Cha touched his earlobe. “My competition is not over yet.”

“I know. Do you still live there?”

Su Cha hesitated.

Although she needed to stay with the production team, Bo Muyi was already back. Besides, with Jin Mou gone, it was better for her to stay in the Lookout Pavilion.

Thinking of this, Su Cha said calmly, “I’m not going back to stay. I’ll stay here. I’ll call the production crew later. Are you tired? If you’re tired, go to bed.”

She heard him say, “Will you accompany me?”

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