The Queen of Everything

Chapter 393 - Wonderful Act

Chapter 393: Wonderful Act

“You’re auditioning for the role of Chao Yun, correct?”

The assistant director had had no choice but to break the silence.

Su Cha forced back the goosebumps on her body and smiled. “Yes.”

The assistant director extended a hand. “We don’t have any requests. This role is relatively simple. You can first perform how you imagine Chao Yun to be.”

Su Cha nodded and did not say anything else. She glanced at the beauty and started to prepare.

The beauty smiled again.

Her smile could make one’s soul fall out. This made Han Yongbing, who was next to her, take another look. It seemed a little strange.

Su Cha restrained her aura and thought about Chao Yun in the script. Suddenly, her expression changed.

As sad as a cloud, Chao Yun found out that her life savior had fallen into a treacherous situation in the court, so she swore to give up everything for her life savior.

“When the benefactor saved my life back then, I returned the favor with a drop of water. No matter what, I cannot hope to repay such a great favor, but I am willing to give up everything for the benefactor in this lifetime. Whatever the benefactor says, I will do.”

Chao Yun, who had just entered the palace, was originally kind and innocent. After all, a girl who could remember her savior could not be bad.

It was just that the palace was treacherous and complicated. The master she had been following was unfortunately being targeted by someone. She had been through ups and downs for a while before she met her savior. She remembered the kindness she had been shown in the past and experienced the cruelty of today. The girl who was only 16 years old was no longer as calm as an ordinary girl.

But deep down, she was still the pure girl from a remote mountain village. Chao Yun.

And Chao Yun was just a name given by her master.

Her real nameā€¦

As if someone was playing with Su Cha in front of her, she suddenly showed a sad and beautiful expression that was neither crying nor laughing.

Then, the void gently intruded. “Benefactor, you still remember my name. I will never forget this kindness.”

Su Cha thought that this performance was not bad. It was not that she suddenly had amazing acting skills, but this segment had the same emotions as her struggles in the palace. They were both equally helpless.

She had perfectly portrayed Chao Yun’s helplessness and kindness in her heart, but she still did not want to be one with the role.

To put it bluntly, she had found only her shadow in the role of Chao Yun.

But this segment was quite surprising.

Even Han Yongbing’s expression softened. It was already a pleasant surprise that he did not interrupt.

The assistant director was also amazed. He did not expect the girl recommended by a friend to be so surprising.

The only difficult part of the role of Chao Yun was that she had an innocent temperament. After entering the palace, she had to be mature and experienced. It was not easy to find an actress who fit that. If one just looked at the plot, it did not seem difficult.

But Su Cha’s interpretation was quite good!

The assistant director could not help but want to say hello, but before the performance had ended, he did not dare to speak.

When Su Cha surfaced from the scene, her expression was calm. She no longer looked sad. “Directors, I’ve finished my performance.”

Han Yongbing picked up her documents from the table and said loudly, “You are still participating in a competition. Even before the competition ends, we won’t clash with each other when we start filming. But since you are participating in a singing competition, why would you want to act?”

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