The Queen of Everything

Chapter 384 - That's Too Tragic

Chapter 384: That’s Too Tragic

When the contestants in the room saw Zuo Zhici running into Su Cha, they found it strange that this girl came to look for her. Now that they heard Zuo Zhici call her sister, they were dumbfounded.

How could Su Cha have such a powerful background?

This pretty girl with limited edition clothes was actually her sister?

Other than the strange dominance that Su Cha had shown them in the beginning, Su Cha did not look like a super-rich person…

Although the clothes she wore looked exquisite, they were all just pieces of clothing. Most contestants here could afford better clothes.

She actually had such a rich sister?

Everyone in the room came up with thoughts about the big dramas in wealthy families. Su Cha suddenly wanted to laugh.

Although Zuo Zhici was only 17 years old, she was only slightly shorter than Su Cha. After all, she had excellent genes, but Su Cha’s height advantage was enough for her to look down on Zuo Zhici from above. “What major did you choose in college?”

Zuo Zhici’s smile froze. She did not expect Su Cha to ask this. She smiled subconsciously and answered, “Sister, I’m going to study business management. What about it?”

Su Cha chuckled. “It’ll be a waste of your talent if you didn’t join me in the acting department.”

Of course, Zuo Zhi could tell that Su Cha was mocking her.

Her expression changed and she almost wanted to have it out with her again. However, with so many people around, she held it in. The moment after her facial expression twisted, she calmed down again. Su Cha wanted to praise her.

“Sister, what joke are you talking about? I came here to tell you something. May I enter your room?”

Su Cha looked at her steadily, then at the crowd of contestants waiting to gossip behind her. Her smile was cold, but she still walked towards her room.

The contestants dispersed and returned to their rooms or to other places.

They were a little surprised to see Su Cha leaving.

However, after the two of them walked upstairs, everyone heard a conversation.

“Hey, sister, what are you holding? Is it food?”

Su Cha: “…”

Zuo Zhici asked, “What food?”

Su Cha: “It’s not delicious. It’s poisonous.”

Zuo Zhici: “…”

Everyone: “…”

After she’d entered the room, Zuo Zhici’s smile faded.

Su Cha leisurely ate the pancake she’d bought near the villa.

It would not taste good if it was cold.

Zuo Zhici glared at her. “I heard from Mom that you don’t want to go back to the Zuo family. What tricks are you playing?”

Su Cha took a bite of the pancake and felt that the taste was not as good as she had imagined. At that time, she only smelled the fragrance and had not yet tasted it. After putting the food down, she said, “It was the biggest mistake that Madam Ruan sent you to be a lobbyist.”

Zuo Zhici blushed in anger. “Su Cha, don’t be ungrateful. I can’t accept you being my sister! Now that the results of the paternity test are out, I can’t do anything about it. But I have to consider things for my parents’ sake. They want you to go back, and there must be something wrong with your brain if you don’t want to. Do you know what it means to return to the Zuo family? Yet you don’t want to go back! Are you crazy?!”

Zuo Zhici could not understand. In Su Cha’s case, returning to the Zuo family meant that she would be able to soar to the skies. Why would Su Cha not accept it?

Su Cha smiled slowly. “What does it mean to be part of your family? If it means that I will become someone like you when I go back, that’s too tragic.”

Zuo Zhici: “…”

Although she was unruly, she’d never fought with others.

This was the first time she felt the impulse to hit someone.

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