The Queen of Everything

Chapter 342 - You Don't Know?

Chapter 342: You Don’t Know?

He stared at Su Cha for a long while before saying, “It’s wrong to use violence to stop violence.”

Then he lowered his head.

Su Cha sneered and did not speak.

Given his status, it was natural for him to say it was wrong to suppress violence using more violence.

But if it were for the sake of his younger sister, Su Cha did not believe that Jin Duan did not think about making the culprit pay the same price.

After calming Jin Mou’s unstable emotions again, Jin Duan gently stroked her hair. “I just asked the doctor. It’s not a big problem. You will recover in about a month. But since you can’t participate in the competition, follow me to the master’s place. It will be better if you stayed there.”

Jin Mou nodded.

Su Cha found the word “master” strange.

Jin Duan continued, “Brother will take revenge for you.”

Although he was smiling, there was a fierce look in his eyes.

Su Cha was a little surprised. Due to Jin Duan’s behavior, he did not seem like an orthodox police officer.

After a while, Jin Mou fell asleep.

Jin Duan called Su Cha out of the ward. He took out a cigarette and bit it between his lips. Su Cha glanced at it and did not say anything, but she moved further away from Jin Duan.

Jin Duan noticed Su Cha’s movement and paused for a moment before lighting the cigarette. He said with a hoarse voice, “Thank you for this.”

Su Cha raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Why are you thanking me? Are you planning to call the police?”

“The police will implicate you.”

Jin Duan was not hesitant. “I will deal with that contestant myself. She will not let you off.”

“But I’m not afraid of her.”

The girl smiled gently. “I don’t mean to pry on your family, but Jin Mou has been confiding to me that you don’t want her to compete. She said that a criminal would cause trouble for her. Are the cases you’ve been investigating recently very vicious?”

Jin Duan did not expect Su Cha to ask this question and looked at her in surprise.

After a pause, Jin Duan said, “It has something to do with the murder case last time.”

Su Cha was a little surprised. She said in a low voice, “The culprit… was not caught?”

“It’s not that.”

Jin Duan did not want to say more. “There are some complicated things involved. This matter is beyond your imagination. Just pretend that you don’t know anything. You guys have a bright future ahead of you, so don’t involve yourself in these things. Jin Mou is my sister; it’s a mark of failure for me to have implicated her.”

He’d said “you guys.”

It was strange to use this word on Su Cha. It was as if it was not just referring to Su Cha, but also to separate Su Cha from him.

Su Cha instantly understood that the previous incident might have involved martial artists.

And now, it seemed there were even bigger entities involved. For “ordinary people” like them, it was indeed unimaginable.

She had thought that he was just your run-of-the-mill police officer, but it seemed that Jin Duan was not ordinary at all.

If Jin Mou was implicated, Jin Mou would indeed be in danger.

She turned back to the room and glanced at the sleeping girl. She paused and said, “You can call me if you need anything. You can ask Jin Mou to look for me.”

At least she was very safe now.

But she could not say much, and it would seem strange.

Jin Duan was surprised by Su Cha’s words, but he thought that she was just being polite. He did not expect Su Cha to be of much help.

He stayed behind to take care of Jin Mou. Su Cha prepared to return to the Lookout Pavilion. As she was about to leave, Jin Duan suddenly asked thoughtfully, “Do you really not know anything about the person who died last time?”

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