The Queen of Everything

Chapter 340 - Where Are Your Family?

Chapter 340: Where Are Your Family?

On the way to the hospital to visit Jin Mou, Su Cha received a call from Bo Muyi.

It should still be early in the morning.

“Cha Cha, are you okay? Are you alright?”

His voice was mixed with panic, as if he was trying to confirm something. Su Cha immediately comforted him. “I’m fine. Don’t worry, it was another contestant.”

The secret guards would not hide such a big matter from Bo Muyi, so they’d reported it immediately.

Bo Muyi was furious. “I told you that it’s not safe for you to stay in the dormitory. What lousy show is this!”

Bo Muyi was so angry that his murderous intent rose. He was not by Su Cha’s side and could not control anything. Given his frustration and gloominess, he naturally had the intention to kill.

The production crew became number one on his list.

“Be good, I’m really fine.”

Su Cha coaxed him, “Let nature take its course. This is too unexpected. No one expected that I’d have already settled it.”

She was not afraid of whether An Qiao would take revenge on her. Now that Bo Muyi was in such a state, if An Qiao made trouble for Su Cha, her whole family would be in danger.

Although nothing had happened, Bo Muyi was a man who bore grudges. It was uncertain if An Qiao had enough strength to take revenge on him.

Su Cha would not show mercy to such a vicious person.

“I will help you with the rest.”

Now, the secret guards were reporting the details. Bo Muyi sighed softly. “I don’t see you for one day and this kind of thing happens.”

Su Cha: “…”

It couldn’t be helped that something would happen.

No one could have expected this. It was just like an accident that could not be avoided.

“I’m going to the hospital to see my fellow contestant.”

This time, Bo Muyi did not stop her. “Go.”

After all, if bad luck had not fallen on Jin Mou, it could only have fallen on Su Cha.

Jin Mou had drunk the poisoned cup and helped Su Cha to a certain extent.

Su Cha was still worried about Jin Mou. She did not know if her ability could cleanse most of the poison, but at least it could lessen the effects.

However, Su Cha reckoned that Jin Mou would not be able to participate in the competition.

After arriving at the hospital, she asked where Jin Mou’s ward was, then went upstairs.

Jin Mou was currently resting in the ward after getting treatment and examination.

When Su Cha entered the ward, she did not see anyone except the staff.

The staff was surprised to see Su Cha, but they did not say anything.

Jin Mou’s eyes turned red when she saw Su Cha.

She was lying on the hospital bed with an IV drip. When she saw Su Cha, she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. Su Cha went up to hold her hand and said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, the person who poisoned you has been found. I’ve dealt with it. Rest well.”

Then she turned to the staff and asked, “How’s Jin Mou?”

The staff answered, “It’s nothing serious, but she won’t be able to speak for a short time. She can’t sing for at least a month.”

A month was a much shorter time than what the secret guards had expected. It proved that Su Cha’s inner force had worked.

However, being unable to participate in the competition for a month was no different from elimination for Jin Mou.

Lying on the bed, Jin Mou looked at Su Cha. She tried her best to calm down, but her eyes were still filled with disappointment.

Su Cha could not bear it and asked, “Where are your family?”

Why was Jin Mou’s brother or parents not here yet?

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