The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 43 - The First Scene, Stunning!

Chapter 43: The First Scene, Stunning!

Leng Rongrong walked away and discussed with Little Nanyu how to act next. Then, they were ready to start.

Leng Qingqing narrowed her eyes and looked at Leng Rongrong.

They had just officially started shooting, and this was only the first scene. If Leng Rongrong couldn’t do it, it was possible that she would be replaced.

Leng Qingqing was familiar with the script. If Leng Rongrong had a problem, she could then recommend herself and become the lead instead.

The thought of Leng Rongrong failing the first scene excited her.

Inside the wide sleeves of their ancient costume, Leng Qingqing’s hands were crossed together as she gently stroked a little thing that was in her palm.”Little guy, it’s all up to you this time!”

The official shoot was over, and the part where Leng Rongrong was stabbed by a sword went by easily.

Next, she would be shedding blood and tears until the end.

Once everyone was ready, they started filming.

Little Nanyu stood close and watched.

Leng Rongrong stood on set as she looked down at the sword in her chest. Then, she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, clutched her chest, and stumbled two steps back. She looked up with eyes full of despair.


The scene was desolate and beautiful. Leng Rongrong, who was dressed in light muslin clothes, was like a butterfly with broken wings. She took two steps back before falling backward.

Her posture was perfect and she looked at the sky in despair.


At that moment, everyone around felt suffocated, but they didn’t make a sound.

They just looked at Leng Rongrong without saying a word.

It was a long time after the director called for a cut, and the scene was over smoothly.

Following that, it was the scene where Leng Rongrong would fall to the ground and Little Nanyu would burst into tears while looking for her.

Leng Rongrong was ready. She lay on the ground for her scene to start. Somewhere close to her, Leng Qingqing shook her sleeve, and then something black fell to the ground.

The black worm started crawling towards Leng Rongrong.

But, no one on set noticed the worm.

The filming had already started. Leng Rongrong lay on the ground with her eyes full of despair. When Little Nanyu was about to start crying, a black worm passed by, and Leng Rongrong immediately noticed the little black worm.

This was a poisonous insect.

She had seen others breeding them!

Who was the one who released such poisonous insects? These insects would not appear here unless someone deliberately released them!

At the same spot, Leng Qingqing was focused on Leng Rongrong with excitement. She was waiting for Leng Rongrong to be bitten and for her to scream at the top of her lungs.

However, after a while, she heard the director say that it was over and that the scene was perfect.


How could that be possible?

Leng Qingqing rushed to the director in disbelief and asked, “Director, did you say that it’s over? This one’s so hard to film, but you just let it pass in one take?”

As she said that, Leng Qingqing watched the replay.

Leng Rongrong’s performance was surprisingly good. The worm that she released was not captured by the camera, but it didn’t mean that it had not bitten Leng Ronrong. She had planned it well and deliberately left something on Leng Rongrong’s body so that the poisonous worm would definitely bite Leng Rongrong.

How was that possible?

Leng Qingqing was shocked as she started looking for the worm. She had spent a huge amount of money to get it. She was told that one bite was enough to poison an adult. Even if it was a superficial bite, it would take at least a few months to recover. If it was a deeper one, it could directly turn the victim into an idiot.

But now, the worm has gone missing.

What happened?!

She was sure that she placed it on the ground. She even tested it on animals prior to this. She was sure that it was a real worm.

But why was Leng Rongrong still alive?

Leng Qingqing turned around. She was looking for the worm frantically.

After rounds of searching for it, Leng Qingqing did not find the worm, and she decided to search for it in the other areas.

“What are you looking for?”

Suddenly, a cold voice came from her behind.

Leng Qingqing was so frightened that she quivered and then turned around.

Leng Rongrong tilted her head and looked at her. Her white clothes were still stained with red blood. Although it was fake, it was still a shocking sight.

“It’s none of your business.” Leng Qingqing snorted coldly and ignored Leng Rongrong.

“It’s none of my business? Are you looking for this?” Leng Rongrong raised her hand and revealed the poisonous worm that was in her palm to Leng Qingqing.

Leng Qingqing’s eyes narrowed when she saw the poisonous worm. Her face was full of disbelief.

Wasn’t it said that ordinary people would be poisoned if they touched this poisonous worm?

Why was Leng Rongrong fine even though she had it in her hands?

This was impossible… It shouldn’t be like this!

Leng Rongrong squinted her eyes and instantly understood. The venomous worm was placed by Leng Qingqing in order to defeat her. No wonder she was so surprised when she managed to complete the scene with one take.

“Leng Qingqing, let me give you a piece of advice. You can come after me, but don’t hurt the others who are in this crew, and don’t you dare delay the filming!”

The crew was surrounded by a good atmosphere. The director, the male lead, and the others were all very kind to her, which was why she liked this crew very much. She didn’t want anything bad to happen to the crew because of Leng Qingqing.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand!” Leng Qingqing looked in another direction.

“Oh, really? Then, I’m going to pinch your valuable poisonous worm to death.” Leng Rongrong clenched her fists, ready to crush the poisonous worm.

“Stop!” Leng Qingqing exclaimed.

“If it’s not yours, why are you so agitated?” Leng Rongrong sneered and threw the poisonous worm at Leng Qingqing.

Leng Qingqing jumped in shock and dodged instinctively.

The poisonous worm fell to the ground, then wriggled and crawled away in another direction.

Leng Rongrong shrugged her shoulders and walked away coldly.

Leng Qingqing stomped her feet in anger. “Leng Rongrong, just wait and see.”

Leng Rongrong didn’t think much of it and said without turning her head, “Come at me then. I won’t be known as Leng Rongrong if I’m afraid of you! Remember what I just told you. ”

“Bitch!” Leng Qingqing cursed angrily.

There were still a few other scenes to shoot that day, but most of them were talented actors. As a newcomer, Leng Rongrong was the subject of everyone’s concern, but unexpectedly, she gave off a feeling of being very well-trained.

She was very good at finding the position of the camera without fail every time and could easily get into her role. She also had an eidetic memory of her lines.

She had the most scenes that day, but her acting was also the best.

Apart from her, who felt that she had to repeat the scene because she wasn’t satisfied, the director and assistant director thought that Leng Rongrong had done a good job.

Leng Qingqing, on the other hand, was so angry that her mind was a mess because of the poisonous worm that had run away and how she did not make a joke out of Leng Rongrong. She couldn’t act well in a few scenes and was reprimanded by the director.

Leng Qingqing got even angrier after being reprimanded, and she placed all the blame on Leng Rongrong.

She felt that if it wasn’t for Leng Rongrong, she would not have been scolded.

It was Leng Rongrong who had stolen all the limelight from her.

The first day of filming ended rather early. Leng Rongrong was a newcomer, and even though she had taken on the lead role, she didn’t have an assistant. Her manager was also somewhere far away and didn’t care about her at all, so she drove from the hotel to the set by herself, unlike the others who had someone to assist them.

When Leng Rongrong walked to the parking lot, she realized that her car was surrounded by other few vehicles, and it was impossible for her to move her car!

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