The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 2025

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the restaurant that mr. president was dining in was huge.

mr. president was sitting alone at the huge dining table.

he sat there like an oil painting. this man was like a god in the painting, giving people a very special feeling.

as soon as golden fox and mo nan chong came in, he invited them to sit down and have breakfast together.

golden fox did not stand on ceremony and sat down at the side.

naturally, mo nan chong did not stand on ceremony. she also went over and sat down.

“did you sleep well last night?” mr. president asked.

“it’s not bad. of course, it’s comfortable to sleep on such a big bed.” golden fox clicked her tongue and said, ” mr. president is indeed mr. president. people like us have never lived in such a big bed before. i’m a little curious about what mr. president’s room looks like. ”

mr. president smiled. ” it’s nothing much. it’s about the same as what you guys sleep on. ”

he looked at mo nan chong as he spoke. ” master chong, are you alright? ”

“it’s pretty good.” mo nan chong looked at the breakfast that the servant had just served and said, ” the breakfast is not bad. it’s quite sumptuous. ”

“i’ve specially prepared this for you.” mr. president was still smiling.

after breakfast, mr. president heard about the servants mocking mo nan chong. he immediately felt that it was ridiculous and asked his secretary to deal with them.

golden fox thought about how she wanted to meet mr. president’s top thug and asked mr. president to let her meet him.

” mr. president, your number one thug can’t just go on and on without rest, right? ”

“can’t you ask him to come out and meet me? i’m here for him.”


the secretary was a little angry. ” that’s the person who’s protecting our mr. president. he didn’t ask you to come here to play. his duty isn’t to follow others, but to protect our mr. president! ”

the secretary always looked very cute when she was serious.

golden fox teased him on purpose. ” i want to find him. if he doesn’t come out, i will kidnap your president. if that’s the case, he will come and fight with me, right? ”

as soon as she finished speaking, many bodyguards suddenly appeared around her and surrounded her.

golden fox: ” … i was just joking. do you have to be so serious? ”

as the person who stood beside golden fox, master pet was also helpless because she was also surrounded.

“the treasonous words just now were said by this fox, so you can just find her. it has nothing to do with me.” mo nan chong shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile.

of course, the guns were still pointed at them.

the secretary said anxiously, ” do you really have such thoughts in your heart? i will not allow you to bully our president!”

he was about to die from anger.

the one mr. president brought back didn’t seem to be a good person.

not only did he want to fight with the number one bodyguard, but he also wanted to kidnap mr. president and deal with the number one bodyguard.

this was a little too much.

” mr. secretary, she’s just joking. she just has a mean mouth. she won’t really hit us. can you let us go? ” mo nan chong was a little speechless.

mr. president, who was walking in front, also sensed everything behind him. he turned around and took a look.

“secretary wu, let them go. they just like to joke.”

secretary wu didn’t intend to let him go.

“mr. president, i have to ensure your safety. you can’t joke around like this. don’t you know what place this is? as your guests, how could they make such a joke? they’re not good people.”

” hey, secretary, i’ve even praised you for being cute. why are you so rigid now? i was just joking! ”

golden fox was also anxious.

she just wanted to get into a fight, not really do anything to the president.

she was not even willing to do anything to mr. president. it was not safe.

“alright, let them go.”

at mr. president’s command, everyone dispersed.

” do you really want to see my bodyguard? ” he asked golden fox. ” i’m afraid you can’t beat him. ”

“although i can’t beat him, our darling can.”

golden fox said, ” i’ve become stronger recently. i might be able to beat him. i can’t beat him, so i’ll ask darling to help.”

“… did i agree to help?” mo nan chong asked.

the golden fox put her hands together. ” master pet, you will help me. you won’t watch me get bullied, right? ”

her face was filled with anticipation.

mo nan chong asked the question in his heart, ” will you be bullied? ”

golden fox,’if i lose, won’t i be bullied? if i win, then it’s a different story.”

mo nan chong was speechless.

mr. president still arranged for the thug to meet with golden fox.

although mo nan chong had heard of him, he had never seen such a powerful fighter.

they met at a training base. that place was the training base for mr. president’s bodyguards. all the powerful people trained here.

when mo nan chong and the others arrived, they attracted a lot of attention.

this was because other than the people they trained, no one else came to this place.

mo nan chong and golden fox were afraid of the first girl to arrive, and she was accompanied by mr. president. everyone was a little surprised.

the group of people stopped their training, all very curious.

“who are those two girls?”

” could it be that mr. president saw that we were training too hard and sent two beautiful women to be our wives? ”

“hahaha, keep dreaming. can’t you see that mr. president’s attitude towards them is very good? obviously not to be our wives!”

“what’s that for?”

” but they’re so beautiful. they’re both so beautiful! ”

“it can’t be that they’re here for us to fight, right?”

just as everyone was discussing, mr. president had already gathered everyone.

“i’d like to introduce two friends to everyone.” mr. president said in a friendly manner.

everyone looked up at mo nan chong and golden fox.

“these two people are very good at kung fu.” mr. president said, ” this is miss jin and this is miss mo. miss jin, we are here to challenge your boss today. wushang, come over here.”

wu sheng walked out from the crowd. he was dressed in black training clothes and had a strong aura. he had a well-proportioned body and was tall. he could be considered a handsome man.

“it’s him!” golden fox whispered to mo nan chong, ” he’s very good at fighting. ”

“is that so?” mo nanchong glanced at wu sheng and said indifferently, ” he looks okay. ”

although his voice wasn’t loud, it was heard by the group of people.

the group of people instantly exploded.

“what do you mean by” not bad “!”

“our boss is very powerful, okay?”

“this girl is a little arrogant!”

“who is she to be so arrogant?”

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