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Chapter 1436 - Coming To See The Girl He Saved

Chapter 1436: Coming To See The Girl He Saved

In the evening, Mo Ling drove out of the underground parking lot of Tianyu Building. After hesitating for two seconds, he drove in the opposite direction to his home.

An hour later, he arrived at the third hospital in Ye City.

According to the exact address given by the girl’s parents, he went directly to the third floor of the inpatient department and came to Room No. 1010, the third building of the inpatient building.

The door of the ward was half open, and out came the conversation between a mother and a daughter.

“Mom, stop asking. It was really just an accident.” The girl’s voice was a little weak, appearing to lack strength.

“Then tell me, what are you doing on Mingchuan road in the midnight?”

This voice, Mo Ling was somewhat familiar, was of that woman who came to him in the company this morning, the girl’s mother.

The girl, “Mom, I’ve said. I was doing an experiment on that road.”

The woman seemed a little angry.

“What kind of experiment requires you to go to a road at night where there are not many vehicles. Do you know that if the father and the son had not saved you, you could die on that road?” The woman said emotionally.

The girl, “Mom, I’m sorry.”

The girl’s voice became even weaker. It seemed that she was already very tired to say so much before she recovered totally.

“Well, in the future, you are not allowed to do any experiments or read those books of nonsense.”

At the door, after making sure that the people inside would not continue to quarrel, Mo Ling knocked at the door twice.

“Come on in!” Then a woman’s voice came out of the ward.

Mo Ling pushed in, with a basket of fruit he had just bought in a fruit shop at the entrance of the hospital.

Since he came over to visit a patient, he could not be empty-handed.

As soon as she saw the man coming in, the woman’s face immediately overflowed with an excited smile.

“Mr. Mo…” Cried the woman, who had come to Mo Ling on her own initiative.

Mo Ling nodded slightly, “Hello, aunt, I’ve come to see your daughter.”

After that, Mo Ling looked at the girl in the bed.

This was a girl about 20 years old. She was nice-looking with long black hair. Her face was a standard oval face and her facial features were very delicate when observed carefully. Her eyes were very beautiful, just like that of the dolls. Yes, that was it! The girl’s eyes were very bright, the color of which were the rare amber.

“Are you Mo Ling!” When the girl saw the man in front of her, she had already put on a smile, that kind of funny smile, like that of a naive child.

Mo Ling didn’t answer, just nodding slightly.

Only at this moment did he see the girl clearly. The street light was too dim that day. In addition, there was blood on the girl’s face, so he didn’t see the girl’s appearance clearly. He didn’t even know that it was a girl lying on the road that day.

At this time, the girl’s mother suddenly went to the bedside and patted the girl on the shoulder.

“Feifei, how can you speak like this?” The woman looked at Mo Ling apologetically.

She thought that in the past six months, her daughter had been very strange and weird. Her daughter used to be a good girl, sensible and polite, with excellent performance in study. She, however, didn’t know why she changed suddenly half a year ago, changing into someone even incomprehensible for her parents.

Mo Ling shook his hand to the woman with “haha”.

“Don’t worry, she’s just a child.”

For Mo Ling, he was actually not angry at what the girl named Feifei had said. The girl gave him the feeling of a child.

He didn’t know why he felt that way.

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