The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 691 - Indescribable Pain

Chapter 691: Indescribable Pain

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Dong Xiyun was severely hurt.

She wanted to say that her family was not poor. At the very least, compared to a bandit family like the Xie family, they were richer and more confident. Moreover, the money came from a clean source!

That was right. Where did the money from the Xie family come from?

“Young Lady Xie, our Dong family came from a clean background, yet we are able to give such an item. Naturally, we are not like you, Young Lady Xie. Your father and brother are brave and aggressive. If they like something, they’d just steal it. It comes free for them.” As she said this, Dong Xiyun covered her mouth, with a panicked expression, she said, “I don’t mean anything ill. I’m just joking. Young Lady Xie won’t mind, right?”

Xie Qiao nodded in all seriousness.

“Speaking of stealing, my father and brother are indeed very experienced in that.” Xie Qiao nodded. “They’re alright now. When they were bandits in the past, my father kidnapped a woman to make her his wife. Now that we’re in the capital, my eldest brother is all alone…

“Didn’t you say that my eldest brother likes you? I heard rumors that he touched you, or did he almost bring you home?” Xie Qiao narrowed her eyes and asked.

Hearing this, Dong Xiyun’s expression changed drastically.

“Young Lady Xie, what nonsense are you talking about? Didn’t you say earlier that this is a misunderstanding? I only saw your eldest brother from afar, he didn’t take advantage of me!”

Dong Xiyun was extremely afraid and quickly glanced at the Fourth Prince.

Back then, she had wronged Xie Pinggang in order to agitate her younger sister.

However, she had become the future Fourth Prince’s consort now. She could not have such a bad reputation!

Xie Qiao smiled. “You’ve said everything, the good and the bad. Forget it, if you say there isn’t… then there isn’t. However, my eldest brother isn’t a good person. I can’t tell if it happened or not. Only God knows.”

Dong Xiyun felt uneasy in her heart.

Xie Qiao would not speak nonsense to the outside world, right?!

She was Xie Pinggang’s younger sister. If she said such things to someone else, would the Fourth Prince despise her in the future?

Dong Xiyun began to panic secretly. She judged others against her own value. She thought Xie Qiao probably would not let go of such a great opportunity.

She was also filled with regret. If she had known, she would not have used that trick in the first place. It had caused her reputation to be tarnished. It was not worth it!

Xie Qiao was still as calm as ever.

After a while, the Emperor, Empress, and the imperial concubines had left, leaving a chance for the young ladies to talk.

A lot of people surrounded Xie Qiao at once.

“We were too far away just now. What exactly was drawn on the world map? Young Lady Xie, can you tell us in detail? We are really curious!” The young ladies who came over all had their eyes lit up.

Among them were students from the Peony Courtyard of the Royal Academy.

In the past, because of the estrangement between the two courtyards, they had never been willing to lower their heads. However, they were thick-skinned and pretended to be on good terms with each other now.

When Fang Muxue and the others saw this scene and looked at Dong Xiyun, they were secretly elated.

“Dong Xiyun wanted to suppress Xie Qiao, but she didn’t expect to be suppressed by someone else instead. She must be feeling… I’m afraid it’s mixed feelings. There must be indescribable pain!” Fang Muxue mocked her directly.

She had always been amiable and was usually a peacemaker. The reason why she spoke now was mainly because of the conflict between the two courtyards. It was especially intense now.

The people of the Orchid Courtyard studied hard every day, but the Peony Courtyard made sarcastic remarks on them all day long.

Those words were unpleasant to hear.

The most popular person in the Peony Courtyard was Dong Xiyun!

Many people who came to stir troubles with them were all Dong Xiyun’s followers!

So now, Fang Muxue took revenge. She must avenge their courtyard!

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