The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 50 - Lethal Destiny

Chapter 50: Lethal Destiny

Xie Pinggang was not a petty person. Upon figuring that this sister from the Pei family had lost her biological father and that life had been hard, it made sense for her mother to want to shower her with love. He said nothing more.

“You’ve already spent it, so don’t worry about it,” said Xie Pinggang. “However, about studying, I hope Sister Pei can understand our family’s situation. We really can’t pay 50,000 taels of silver at once.”

Pei Wanyue nodded sincerely, her voice as soft as a mosquito. “I know.”

Xie Niushan felt rather pitiful seeing her like that. It seemed like his family was bullying a young lady.

She had come all the way here, after all. If they were unwilling to spend some money on her, would it not be humiliating if the news went out?

Xie Niushan extended his head and asked, “Should I borrow from someone?”

Ms. Lu looked grateful.

Xie Pinggang snorted. “Father can borrow from someone else. I’m just worried that you can’t pay it off. If you’re in debt, you won’t be able to provide for the old lady and uncles.”

Xie Niushan’s impulse was put off at the moment.

“Then… there’s nothing that I can do. Indeed, I only have this much money that’s only enough to send my daughter to the Royal Academy. Young Lady Pei will have to go to another academy. I’ll talk to the dean. Maybe he can settle it at 2,000–3,000 taels of silver,” Xie Niushan said directly.

Pei Wanyue almost tore the handkerchief that she had been twisting.

She had lost her appetite to eat.

However, she knew she could not change the current situation.

In reality, Xie Qiao did not really mind which academy she was going to.

However, now that she knew that there were countless books in the Royal Academy, she was secretly excited. She had no interest in imperial princes and imperial grandchildren. However, those books were priceless. She would be glad to read more.

The matter was settled during the meal.

Xie Qiao said she did not want them to spend money, but they insisted.

She did not bother to explain. She was going to find out more about the Royal Academy when she had the time.

The Xie family’s men were busy, so were the two young ones—they did not have time to talk more.

Moreover, she had a lethal destiny.

The evil energy was still in her body, while dark energy lingered. It would not affect outsiders, but she should not be too close with people of her own blood, or they would be harmed. Even though she carried many amulets with her that could almost avoid that, Xie Qiao would stay away from them to prevent anything bad from happening.

Ms. Lu, Pei Wanyue, and even the servants had no idea of what happened.

However, Xie Niushan and Xie Pinggang knew about it.

“Your application won’t be approved so soon. Stay in the courtyard when you have nothing to do. Don’t keep going to the front yard.” As soon as Xie Niushan was done speaking, he said to the two young ones, “Same to you guys. You can go to your eldest sister’s courtyard to play occasionally, but not every day. Don’t disturb her too much, or wait for my canning.

“Elder daughter, go to your Mother if you encounter any problems.” He waved and got rid of Xie Qiao as soon as he was done speaking.

Ms. Lu could not understand Xie Niushan’s attitude.

She peeped at Xiao Pinghuai and saw him nodding in agreement.

She was even more confused now.

He did not seem like he loved Xie Qiao based on his behavior earlier.

Did Xie Niushan like this daughter or not?

Ms. Lu could not figure it out. To the servants, the father and brother did not like Xie Qiao at all.

Not only was she arranged to live in the courtyard at the corner, but she was also asked to have little interaction with the young master and young mistress at home. They must despise her!

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