The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 45 - Qualification

Chapter 45: Qualification

Xie Qiao did not consider having much silver with her.

The Water Moon Temple was running all year. The loss was pretty heavy.

She would not take just any job. Although the Water Moon Temple was famous in Yunjin, not many people were burning incense there.

There were few people at the temple. Their hands were full, causing the silvers they made to drop significantly.

She had brought 6,000–7,000 taels of silver for her trip this time. It seemed a lot, but in reality, there were many things to spend on.

Her body was lacking in health, so she was weak. Although the various souls caused it, she had to replenish her body.

Forget it that she had been eating ginseng like nothing since young; the old man had even prescribed her with Yang energy medicine. The ingredients were very expensive—one to two stalks of ambergris would cost 40 taels of silver!

Apart from her own medical expenses, food for Da Xiong cost quite a bit.

A portion of the worms that Da Xiong ate was dried insects from the mountain.

Meanwhile, a portion of them were the worms that she caught herself and fed with cinnabar.

Cinnabar could replenish one’s spirit, calm one’s soul, and go well with fire. As it was retrieved from veins with the essence of sun and moon, it came with Yang energy.

The cinnabar she used had to be high quality as well.

Although Da Xiong did not eat many worms, she needed it to practice talisman inscription on the daily. The expenses were significant when added together.

Overall, she was poor as well.

It was their first time meeting, so she did not want to spend Xie Niushan’s silver.

Although he was her biological father, this father was indeed poor, saving every little bit he could.

“What kind of people does the Royal Academy take in? Or do we need silvers and an official in the family?” asked Xie Qiao.

Pei Wanyue looked at Xie Niushan curiously too.

Xie Niushan thought about it for a little bit. “I’m not too sure about that. I only know that your brother and sister didn’t even sit for the examination back then. We only paid.”

Xie Pinghuai lifted his head carefully and said happily, “I know!”

“Please enlighten us, brother,” Xie Qiao said while smiling.

Xie Pinghuai’s cheeks blushed.

“For the children of third-grade and above officials, the direct sons and daughters can study in the academy directly after eight without having to sit for the examination. The unofficial sons and daughters can only sit for the examination after ten. However, the content is very simple. As long as one isn’t dumb and not entirely without skill, most can get in.

“For the children of below third-grade officials, apart from paying silver to buy the qualifications, they’d have to sit for the examination after ten. However, the examination is slightly more difficult. It’s similar to the imperial examination.

“Not only will the unofficial sons and daughters need to sit for the examination, but the fee is also one time more expensive.

“Commoners can apply too, but the requirement is even higher. They’ll either have to pay a huge sum, smart enough, or they’d need to be recommended by third-grade and above officials.

“The difference between male and female would be… They’d only accept male students once a year, whose age is between ten to 25. For females after ten, there’ll be a certain day each month for the examination. They can’t enroll if they’re married.” Xie Pinghuai was very detailed in his explanation.

Xie Qiao got it now.

Not many wanted to really study at the Royal Academy. Most of them were there for fame and money.

There must be many imperial princes and imperial grandchildren. Those non-official families that were wealthy would naturally send their children in no matter the price they had to pay. It would be great to even butter up those people.

“One can only get in with the recommendation of third-grade and above officials? I-If not, how much silver does one have to pay?” Pei Wanyue suddenly asked. Her voice was rather impatient.

‘Uncle Xie is just a fourth-grade official!’

Not only that, she was not his daughter by blood. She could only be listed as a commoner!

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