The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: No Can Do

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The official’s eyes held respect, whereas Pei Wanyue’s head was in a muddle.

Xie Qiao, was she really… that well-loved?

It was fine if it was only the townspeople who were like that, but why were the officials on it too?…

“Sir…” Pei Wanyue spoke wistfully.

Then only did the officer regain his composure, then he smiled at Pei Wanyue and said, “Miss, now that the body’s clearly identified and the case had been solved earlier, so of course the skeletal corpse shall be buried properly.”

“Clearly identified?” Pei Wanyue was dumbfounded.

All because Xie Qiao said so?

“Rest assured, the officials will never act on baseless accusations. Ms. Xie has already provided the victim’s identity, so we would proceed to contact his family. When the time arrives, someone will come to see to the bones. But these are just bones… there’s no guarantee that they would recognize him… It’s a good thing the Water Moon Temple has an excellent reputation outside of the region. We could give the victim’s family an explanation now.”

The reason why they trusted the Water Moon Temple was not because they were disciples of deities.

But it was because they often helped the authorities.

The reason why Half-immortal Xie could find the bones were probably not because she coincidentally passed by, but because she had calculated it beforehand. Similar things had happened in the past.


A skeleton like this did not have a single sign or mark on it. If Ms. Xie said nothing, then no matter how much the police investigated, they would never find out who it was. The worst thing that could happen was that there would be one more lost ghoul wandering around in the world.

The officials seemed like they had absolute faith in Xie Qiao.

Pei Wanyue did not even know what to say.

She could only force a smile. “Then that’s great. I was originally worried about Xie Qiao… Now I can finally rest easy! Where do you plan to bury this person, Xie Qiao?”

Xie Qiao was perplexed. Neither did she give a direct answer to Pei Wanyue’s question.

Instead, she looked at the bones on the floor and asked, “Mother, who opened my package?”

Ms. Lu’s expression stiffened. It was rather awkward. “Is this important?”

“Of course it’s important. Whoever opened it should pack it back up.” Xie Qiao said matter-of-factly.

Just as she said this, Pei Wanyue’s heart jumped. “Mother, I don’t want to…”

Those were human bones!

No way she was going to touch them!

“Since you dug them out, why can’t you pack them back again? Wanyue is still so young, she had never seen anything like this. How would she handle this?” Ms. Lu quickly said. “You brat, just treat it like a favor for your sister. I will be thankful to you too!”

Xie Qiao lightly smiled when she heard this.

“Which part of Ms. Pei is my sister? Is it through our familiar blood ties or is it through our ancestral heritage? If it’s neither, then we’ll need to be clear. She has to do what she must do. If you can’t bear to let her handle it, then you could take over instead, Mother. I’m not picky.” Xie Qiao said lightly.

Take over?

Ms. Lu did not even dare glance at that body.

“Xie Qiao, you are capable. I can’t do it. Please help me out, alright?” Pei Wanyue spoke adorably. She immediately faltered as she watched Xie Qiao wistfully.

Xie Qiao smiled slightly. “No can do, Ms. Pei.”

Pei Wanyue’s awkward smile was plastered on her face.

At that moment, she did not know what to do. Her eyes were red, sobs interrupted every word from her mouth. She was a pitiful sight.

“The items are yours and you are the older sister. It doesn’t even cost you to tidy it a bit…” In the crowd, the man who ran to summon the officials called out.

The moment he said this, a few dozen people actually nodded in agreement.

Xie Qiao had brought over the body and she had left it in her house. It was obvious that she was not afraid of these things. However, it was a different matter for a regular young maiden. How would she handle this kind of shock?

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