The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 179 - Are You Trying to Choke Her to Death?

Chapter 179: Are You Trying to Choke Her to Death?

Zhao Xuanjing retracted his hand immediately. His face was cold and calm. He did not present to be nervous.

The imperial doctor was running over since the Crown Prince had called him. Thus, he arrived soon.

“She must’ve felt upset from being angry and failed to catch her breath. Nothing, it’s nothing. She’ll be fine after resting for a while.” The imperial doctor shoved a big pill into her mouth as he spoke.

Zhao Xuanjing could not help but say, “It’s such a big pill. Are you trying to choke her to death?”

The imperial doctor’s eyelids twitched. The pill was meant to be dissolved in her mouth… to wake her up.

Zhao Xuanjing was upset and suddenly thought the punishment he had given earlier was too light.

Look at Xie Qiao, she looked like she was dying…

In reality, she was only pretending to faint. However, she did not manage to catch her breath after holding it. She then lost consciousness.

It was those people who were fighting for air with her.

There were too many people at the academy. Unlike the Taoist temple, apart from the occasional crowd visiting, there were not many people who would appear around her during other times.

Xie Qiao’s episode made Qi Huai and the rest even guiltier now. They would be criticized wherever they went.

They had been embarrassed completely.

Xie Qiao did not remain unconscious for too long this time.

The imperial doctor’s pill was effective. Realizing that Zhao Xuanjing was still there when she opened her eyes, she almost failed to catch her breath again. “I’m not going.”

The ghouls at the Criminal Division were different from those at her shop!

She had set up the feng shui at her shop, so the ghouls’ fury had been suppressed significantly. Most of the ghouls that come to her shop had no ill intentions. However, was it the same at the Criminal Division?

She had heard that the ghouls there had met devastating deaths.

Not only that, but they were especially ugly as well. They had blood all over their bodies.

Apart from that, there were many vengeful ghouls too.

“I didn’t force you.” Zhao Xuanjing frowned helplessly. “Can it be that you fainted because you heard it’s the Criminal Division?”

“Hmm…” Xie Qiao nodded while looking down.

That was not it. She did not want to see those ghouls around the Crown Prince.

She would definitely agree to go without even thinking about it if she could not see ghouls when the Crown Prince invited her sincerely. After all, there were not many men who had such a lucky face. She kind of liked it. Naturally, she was willing to admire his face.

Zhao Xuanjing’s expression was complicated. There was helplessness in his calm eyes.

He said with his cold voice, “Rest well. If there’s anything that I… need, I’ll come to you myself.”

This meant that she no longer had to go to the Criminal Division.

Xie Qiao glanced at him feeling troubled, but she eventually said shamelessly, “It’s perfect to meet at the academy. If you want to meet outside… forget it,”

The Yang energy at the academy was strong.

Xie Qiao thought she was pretty courageous to be naming her condition when talking to the Crown Prince.

Zhao Xuanjing felt doubtful, but he did not show it in his eyes. He merely nodded calmly.

The Crown Prince left after Xie Qiao had fully recovered. It would be inappropriate for him to stay even if he did not want to leave.

Xie Qiao returned to the classroom with a pale face.


Tens of eyes were staring at her.

“Xie Qiao! You’re really… amazing!” Fang Muxue was the first to speak. There seemed to be a fire in her eyes when she looked at Xie Qiao.

Xie Qiao was stunned. “Oh, I’m pretty amazing…”

So what?

“In reality, our Orchid Courtyard despises the Peony Courtyard. Now we’ve finally gained some dignity for ourselves!” Fang Muxue added.

Xie Qiao pursed her lips. “You despise them? I remember you guys were eager to go there…”

She was speaking the truth.

Fang Muxue was rendered speechless and suddenly thought it was hard to strike a conversation with Xie Qiao.

‘This young lady is fierce. Whatever she says sounds sarcastic. She’s provocative!’

Naturally, that was what Fang Muxue used to think. However, now she could not help but think Xie Qiao was rather… cute.

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