The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 153 - Unable to Distinguish Right From Wrong

Chapter 153: Unable to Distinguish Right From Wrong

Xie Qiao should not be too emotional since her body was weak. Therefore, she had to control her emotions at all times.

If she died a sudden death one day, she would be unwilling too. She would think that she had yet to redeem herself before dying.

Xie Qiao said while writing, “So your wish is to hit that man. How far do you want to go?”

“Just… give him a hard slap…” The female spirit felt rather embarrassed. “Actually… I also want my parents to be less upset, as well as spending less time with him…”

Xie Qiao suddenly asked, “Your parents have no idea of the reason for your death?”

“Yes…” The female spirit nodded in humiliation.

Xie Qiao sighed.

That was pretty terrible. She was dead because of her husband, and her parents were still taking care of the husband like their half-son.

This was way beyond feeling wronged, was it not?

Although spirits could appear in people’s dreams, not all of them could do it.

Those who could usually do it were those who had accumulated good karma or spirits with big resentment and persistence. Otherwise, dead people could not do anything to living humans at all.

Xie Qiao asked for the female spirit’s husband’s address and identity. After she completed the registration, she was considered to have accepted the job officially.

There were no more spirits upstairs.

Xie Qiao did not stay. She left after inscribing some talismans.

At present, the situation at the Yuan Residence had worsened.

The crime of Yuan Bin molesting his stepmother had been brought to the Imperial Court. His grandfather was old, and he should be able to retire gloriously a few years later. Yet, the investigating censor was scolding him for being a bad family master.

He fainted from the anger, and he was brought home.

He did not die from that. When he woke up, he called his eldest son and grandson.

When he realized that his grandson was really at fault after questioning him, he almost spat a mouthful of blood.

“Grandpa, s-someone must’ve plotted against me… Oh, I made a bet with the Xie siblings. That Xie Qiao said I would have bad luck within three days. It must be her! She doesn’t want to be my concubine, so she got someone to wrong me!” Yuan Bin directed the blame at Xie Qiao immediately.

“You made a bet with someone!?” Old Master Yuan felt terrible when he heard that.

This spoiled brat had ruined his clean slate.

Yuan Bin suddenly yelled, “Nobody knew about this, and that woman appeared out of nowhere to ruin my reputation… It must be a scheme!”

“Why are you yelling!? You’re shameless, unable to distinguish right from wrong! Now everyone in the Imperial City knows that you molested your stepmother! The Shi family has come to ask for a divorce. You’re still not repenting. Must you drag the entire family down with you!?” Old Master Yuan was well aware of the situation.

He had a bad impression of the people who made a bet with his grandson.

However, he was completely disappointed in his grandson.

Yuan Bin was the one who had offended those people, attracting trouble to himself.

No matter if it was a scheme or not, it was he who had acted in such an immoral way. Nobody had wronged him. Even if the truth was not out today, someone would find out one day.

He had a few more children.

However, his eldest son only had one son, Yuan Bin. He was spoiled rotten.

Now that Old Master Yuan thought about it, he realized he was wrong. If he knew this would happen, he would have raised Yuan Bin himself.

Regarding whether Yuan Bin was the Yuan family’s child or not… That was not important at all now. The reason being even if he was not, they could not admit that.

Old Master Yuan asked, “What did you bet with those Xie siblings?”

Yuan Bin struggled, but he chose to tell the truth, “I-If I won, she’d be my concubine. If she won, I’d kowtow to the both of them…”

Old Master Yuan looked at Yuan Bin as if he was looking at an idiot when he heard that.

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