The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 1225 - Ending No. 1

Chapter 1225: Ending No. 1

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Mo Lingzi’s face was full of excitement as he grinned.

“Who in this world has not heard of the reputation of sacrificing themselves to save the world?

“Although you only saved seven children, these children are the most innocent people in the world. This is a great merit. Of course, you will be rewarded.

“Even if your vision can not be restored, your lethal fate has already been broken. It is not a loss!” Mo Lingzi said seriously.

Whether Xie Qiao had helped the ghouls or saved people in the past, most of the time, she had the idea of saving the fortune for herself.

After all, this purposeful act of kindness could not be compared to this act of being open-minded and saving people.

A cultivator cultivated the heart.

Even Xie Qiao was a little confused.

She wanted to say…

The reason why she did not hesitate to do the ritual was completely because… she could not tarnish her reputation as a master!

Even if it was a mountain of knives and a sea of fire, she had to brace herself and charge forward. Only then would she be worthy of her powerful identity as a sage. If she was as afraid of death as a coward and pretended not to see it, how could she still have the face to say that she was an expert in the future?

However, in the end, just like that, her fate changed?

She no longer had a lethal fate?

Xie Qiao felt that it was a little unreal.

“Your Highness must have done a lot of good deeds in her daily life. Changing her fate isn’t something that can be completely accomplished in a day or two.” The master was also a bit surprised. How many good deeds did this Princess Consort do, to change her short life to what it was today.

“Well… it’s only right to do good deeds.” Xie Qiao raised her head and puffed out her chest. She coughed dryly and pretended to say that.

The money she donated was not wasted.

When the Taoist master saw how sincere she was, he could not help but admire her.

“Your Highness has a kind heart and will be rewarded well,” the Taoist master quickly said.

Xie Qiao felt a little embarrassed after being praised.

A kind heart… could be considered to have dignity.

In this lifetime, one’s life had always been hanging by a thread. The only thing in one’s hand was dignity. If this little thing was gone, what was the point of living?

Mo Lingzi did not even let this master have a meal. After paying the divination money, he chased him away.

The master seemed to be an old acquaintance. He rolled his eyes at him and could not be bothered to argue with him.

“Master, in that case, could I be considered a normal person now?” Xie Qiao looked expectant.

“Nothing could be more normal!” Mo Lingzi was very proud. “Such a great fortune. In the future, when the ghouls see you, they wouldn’t dare to think about possessing you again.”

Xie Qiao was very happy, but she still looked very dignified on the surface.

Mo Lingzi knew his best and knew that she was probably feeling very smug in her heart right now.

With this calm expression, she had lied to him countless times in the past.

In the next spring, the emperor resigned from the throne and went to the imperial garden to recuperate with the empress.

Crown Prince Zhao Xuanjing ascended the throne and changed his title to Qingshuo.

After ascending the throne, he immediately conferred the title of empress to Princess Consort Xie Qiao and the title of grand preceptor to Mo Lingzi, who was in charge of feng shui.

As the grand preceptor’s disciple, Meng Jifang was also conferred the title of feng shui official. Compared to the Meng family who had to live carefully, although Meng Jifang was only a small official, he was still a “fellow disciple” of the empress and could be considered decent.

As the father of the empress, Xie Niushan was conferred the title of first-class high official while Xie Pinggang was still mourning. However, he had already become the young man that all the important figures in the capital wanted to rope in the most.

Especially after the emperor ascended to the throne, he directly abolished the harem and decreed that during his reign, there would be no selection of concubines. This way, the position of empress would be unbreakable and the Xie family would become even more popular.

Unfortunately, the current Xie family was no longer the same as before. It could be said that they were indestructible.

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