The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: You Could Never Guess What Others Are Thinking

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Zhao Xuanjing agreed to it.

From a swindler to an immortal? Xie Qiao could get used to that.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou personally came to request for her, his expression was solemn. “Immortal, our young master wishes to talk to you…”

Qin Zhi was perplexed. “Mr. Zhou? Why are you calling her an immortal? Weren’t we supposed to take her to court?”

Please don’t scare him!

This person had read his fortune. First off, she said that he was not his father’s biological son. Secondly, she said he would never have a son. Thirdly, she even said that he will die by falling into a well.

There were no other words that could describe how tragic his fate was.

If she were an immortal, what did that make him?

Qin Zhi was in a daze, but Xie Qiao suddenly grabbed her head. “Headache. Can’t walk. I need to rest.”

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou was silent as he felt his eyes twitch.

He felt that these were the girl’s excuses. She was grumbling about their lack of manners yesterday.

But when he took a closer look, there was really a sheen of sweat coating her forehead. Her face was shockingly pale. Even her lips were lacking any color.

He was shocked at that moment. “Call the accompanying physician over! Immortal, please rest at this cool spot…”

Xie Qiao nodded.

She sat on the ground and immediately opened up the bamboo basket. First, she fed the rooster some food. Then only did she drink some water. After drinking, she said, “Da Xiong, I’m sorry that you have to suffer. You have followed me all this way, but there’s no other way. You could never guess what others are thinking. There are many bad people in this world after all…”

The corner of Imperial Bodyguard Zhou’s lips twitched.

“It didn’t suffer. Isn’t your chicken for eating…” Qin Zhi was confused. As he stared at that huge rooster, the only thing that went through his mind was that such a fine sturdy chicken would have some nice meat.

Xie Qiao’s hands stiffened.

Then she slowly let out a sigh as she raised her hand and gently petted the rooster’s feathers.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou glared at Qin Zhi.

This dumb brat, why was he not realizing anything yet?!

He had even already started calling her an immortal, and he still did not understand?!

Her prophecies had proven to be true!

“Immortal, Qin Zhi is a brat who has been spoiled by his family. He has no tact. Please do not pay him any mind. In fact, we might even need you to… ”

“Cough, cough!” Before he could finish, Xie Qiao had a harsh coughing fit. “Da Xiong… I might not make it. What would happen if I left you behind? You’ll definitely be eaten by evil people…”

She coughed non-stop. Her frail body was trembling like she was about to drop dead at any moment.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou was so scared that he told them to hurry up and bring the accompanying physician over. Soon the accompanying physician ran all the way over, panting. He rushed over like his life depended on it.

Xie Qiao stretched out her fair, slender wrist. Her long lashes were fluttering.

That wrist so pitifully thin that it was like a stick that would break with a hit and snap with a crack.

The physician’s face was flushed from all that running. He hurried and checked Xie Qiao’s pulse on her wrist.

“Miss, this illness has been with you since birth, right? Then there shouldn’t be many problems. However, you are still weak. You need to take it easy and keep away from triggers. Rest quietly, when you are well again, there might still be hope surviving.”

Of course, if she did not recover, she would die. But that was normal too.

When the physician said this, Imperial Bodyguard Zhou did not dare to speak loudly after that.

“I’ll… fetch the young master here?” Imperial Bodyguard Zhou asked cautiously after some thought.

Xie Qiao did not answer. She looked like she was one step away from death.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou felt like he was stepping on eggshells.

Just yesterday, they were rolling their eyes at this girl. Today, they were treating her like glass. The problem was that, after speaking to this girl, they were chased off before they said two sentences to each other. Something did not seem right here.

When he saw Zhao Xuanjing, Imperial Bodyguard Zhou related everything to him.

“The physician had seen her. It doesn’t seem like she’s faking it. When she coughed, I was really scared that she would cough her lungs out. It’s likely that she won’t be walking here. What do you think we should do… Sir?” Imperial Bodyguard Zhou felt troubled as he asked the question.

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