The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 1192 - Self-immolation  

Chapter 1192: Self-immolation

Meng Jifang was a little dumbfounded. He thought Wang Duo was not clear-headed? How could he let him off so easily?

From the looks of it, this person was quite a character. He was not so petty.

Meng Jifang did not want to crawl on the ground any longer. He stood up immediately.

He did not want to continue to embarrass himself. At this moment, he glanced at Wang Duo and said, “It’s you who don’t want me to continue crawling. It’s not that I’m running away.”

“Yes.” Wang Duo looked at him with an indifferent expression.

“Well, I’ll go to the next one.” Meng Jifang patted his clothes and turned to leave. He looked extremely handsome. Those who did not know better would think that he was here to stir trouble.

Wang Duo looked at his unhesitant back and could not help but laugh sarcastically.

This Meng Jifang was arrogant. However, there was one thing that made people admire him. It was his shamelessness.

After Meng Jifang left Wang Duo’s place, he followed the list of names that his father had found out and went to look for them one by one.

The others were not as unyielding as Wang Duo. When they faced Meng Jifang, they would think that it was better to avoid trouble. They did not want to provoke him. Now that Meng Jifang had come to apologize, they still did not want to give him any attention. If they could avoid him, they would avoid him. If they could not avoid him, they would nod and let him go.

After all, the Meng family was the marquis’ family. How could these ordinary students not give him face?

Even if Meng Jifang’s attitude was extremely low, they would still be afraid of him.

Except for Wang Duo who rolled his eyes a little, everything went smoothly with the others.

However, this was also the first time in Meng Jifang’s life that he had lost so much dignity at the academy. In less than two days, everyone knew about his abnormal behavior.

Those who had heard of him now knew that he was going to be a Taoist master.

Some people sighed, while others gloated.

Xie Qiao also knew about Meng Jifang’s actions. She could guess that he would not suffer much, but it was just to see if he was willing to bow his head.

What really surprised Xie Qiao was that Meng Jifang was not afraid of ghouls?!

This bit of virtue was much better than her Junior Brother Jiang!

It was great.

Inside the Fortune Pavilion, Xie Qiao had also set up a formation for the first princess.

It was to retrieve the fortune that had been taken away.

However, after performing the ceremony, Xie Qiao felt that something was not right. The fortune that had been retrieved was extremely rare… She had tried several times, but every time it did not work. This only proved that Prince Rong only took a tiny bit of fortune, as for the rest…

Where did they go?

Great Consort Hui?

However, Great Consort Hui… was dead?!

Prince Rong had caused such a huge commotion, how could Great Consort Hui just stand by and watch?

Prince Rong was injured and had only recuperated for less than ten days before he was imprisoned. After that, Great Consort Hui was extremely anxious and immediately sent a letter to bear all the blame.

She said that when Prince Rong went to the fief, he was young and insensible, and everything was arranged by her. She also felt that she had let down the late emperor and Prince Rong, and after writing the letter, she set herself on fire and died.

Not only did Great Consort Hui die, the maids in Great Consort Hui’s residence also said that the Taoist masters who followed her also died.

Xie Qiao thought it was not that simple. This person… did not seem like someone who would give up easily…

Furthermore, she had died from self-immolation and was beyond recognition.

Although there were maids as witnesses and people from the criminal division had gone to check and confirm that she was wearing Great Consort Hui’s belongings, she still felt a little uneasy.


It was even more strange that the fortune that Prince Rong had seized had not been used on himself.

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