The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 801 - 801 A Large Condor

801 A Large Condor

He Huahao had heard Xu and Yang mention this heaven-defying cat, but in his opinion, it was only a little kitten. It could not do much.

“Little girl, since you’re so insensible, then there’s no need to talk between us.”

As He Huahao finished speaking, a huge condor suddenly flew over from the sky. The huge condor was more than a meter tall and huge. The moment it appeared, it flew towards Xue Fanxin and attacked her fiercely.

Xue Fanxin had seen even larger demonic beasts, so she had no feelings for this huge condor. When the huge eagle attacked her, she only said to Little Meow on her shoulder, “That guy is for you to play with.”


“Meow…” Little Meow pricked up her ears, very interested in this. When the huge condor attacked, she jumped nimbly onto the back of the huge condor and bit its neck ruthlessly.

The huge condor was in unbearable pain from the bite. It flew into the air and flapped around. Finally, it hit the wall by the side and died on the spot.

The teeth of the Nine-lives Heavenly Cat were not ordinarily powerful. Although that condor looked huge and ferocious, in Little Meow’s opinion, it was just an ordinary beast. It could not even be called a demonic beast. If it bit it, it would definitely die.

When the huge condor hit the wall and died, the little white cat easily jumped down from its back and returned to Xue Fanxin’s shoulder. She acted cute and asked for credit. “Meow…”

Master, I’ve dealt with that stupid bird.

“Little Meow is really powerful.” Xue Fanxin stroked Little Meow’s head and praised it.

At this moment, everyone present was in a daze. All of them looked at the little kitten on Xue Fanxin’s shoulder in shock, their eyes filled with disbelief. Even Guan Xiaoyan was no exception.

Guan Xiaoyan knew that Little Meow was very powerful, but he had not expected her to be so powerful. He stared at her up close and exclaimed, “Little Meow, you’re really powerful. You’re also my idol.”


I don’t want to be your idol.

Although Guan Xiaoyan did not understand what Little Meow was talking about, her disdainful gaze made him realize something. He hurriedly explained, “Idol means that I worship you.”

Just as Guan Xiaoyan and Little Meow were chatting happily, an angry roar sounded.

“Who killed my condor?”

A middle-aged man ran out of the villa. When he saw that his condor was already dead, his heart ached. He casually questioned angrily and looked at Xue Fanxin sharply, “You killed my condor, didn’t you?”

“So what if I did?” Xue Fanxin admitted boldly without any fear.

“In that case, you have to pay with your life for my condor.”

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“How ridiculous. It was the one who attacked me first. Can’t I counterattack? Forget it, forget it. Talking nonsense with unreasonable people like you is simply a waste of time. You must be from the so-called ancient martial family that He Huahao mentioned. I haven’t fought with people from the ancient martial families for many years. I wonder if your strength has improved?”

“What do you mean? Who are you?”

“Xue Fanxin’s younger sister, Xue Fanjiu. Back then, my sister had some dealings with your ancient martial arts families. However, she did not give you a high evaluation. Self-righteous, conceited, arrogant, and eyes on the top of your heads. This is the highest evaluation she gave you.”

“You’re Xue Fanxin’s younger sister?” When the man found out about Xue Fanxin’s identity, he was extremely shocked. His brows were furrowed tightly, and his eyes were filled with confusion. “When did Xue Fanxin have a younger sister?”


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