The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 706 - 706 Bewitched

706 Bewitched

Hearing the tragic cry, everyone looked towards the source of the sound. At a glance, they knew that it was from the direction of Old Man Yin Feng.

For some reason, Old Man Yin Feng suddenly screamed. Then, he ran out of his tent crazily and rolled on the sandy ground, as if he was in pain.

“Ah… How could this be?”

“It’s impossible. No… impossible.”


Du Yuxuan also came out to take a look at the situation. When she saw Old Man Yin Feng rolling in the sand in extreme pain, she suddenly felt very panicked. Her entire body was trembling violently and in the end, for some reason, she also fell. This fall was quite heavy, breaking her newly reattached leg.

“Ah…” Du Yuxuan suddenly fell and screamed, stunning the surrounding people.

What was going on with these two people?

Were they possessed?

Old Man Yin Feng did not know the situation on Du Yuxuan’s side. After rolling on the ground for a while, he finally relieved the pain in his body. Then, he sat up and placed the thing in his hand in front of his eyes to look at it. He kept muttering to himself, “What went wrong? It was clearly refined according to the previous method. How could there be a mistake? It’s fine if there was a mistake, but why can this poison hurt me?”

“I’m immune to all poisons. How can this little poison hurt me?”

Hearing Old Man Yin Feng mutter to himself, everyone understood that Old Man Yin Feng had made a mistake in concocting the poison and had accidentally been poisoned by the poison he had developed. That was why he was in such pain just now.

As a high-level poison master who was already immune to all poisons, he could still poison himself when making poison. Either his poison skills were not good, or he was too unlucky.

As for Du Yuxuan, she had fallen when she came out to watch the commotion and had even broken her leg. She was really unlucky.

When Xue Fanxin saw that Old Man Yin Feng and Du Yuxuan were suddenly so unlucky, she suddenly thought of what the mysterious man had said… Some people’s luck had been transferred and they would become very unlucky.

Could it be that Du Yuxuan and Old Man Yin Feng’s luck had been transferred or changed?

Who cares?! Anyway, she was happy to see these two unlucky people.

“Woman, woman, I suddenly sensed a very powerful and terrifying aura, but that aura disappeared immediately.” Little Lei was originally sleeping when he sensed the aura of an expert. Only then did he run out and tell Xue Fanxin about this in a hurry.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. He’s probably already left.” Xue Fanxin knew whose aura Little Lei had sensed, so she was not nervous.

That mysterious man did not have any ill will towards her. He probably would not hurt her or the people around her. Otherwise, with his ability, he could destroy all of them in minutes.

“Woman, have you seen that person?”


“What do you mean probably?”

“Probably means probably.”

“Er… I can’t communicate with you.” Little Lei was really defeated by Xue Fanxin and could no longer talk to her properly. He carried the little white tiger and went back to sleep.

Heiyao, Heiran, and the others also went to do their own things.

As long as the consort was fine, nothing else mattered.

Xue Fanxin shrugged indifferently. Actually, even she did not know what was going on. Her mind was in a mess. She could not understand no matter how she thought about it, so she might as well not think about it.

Before long, the rock monsters would appear. She had to be prepared.

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But before that, she had one more thing to do.


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