The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 322 - Same Words  

Chapter 322: Same Words

Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang had just put away their weapons and were walking over when they heard Xiao Muyan’s words. They found him ridiculous.

He didn’t do anything and was even inferior to the people from the four great clans. While they were fighting painstakingly, he was enjoying a good nap. The moment he came, he shamelessly wanted two big fish. And that too in such a commanding tone. What right did he have?

Was the Blue Sea Villa that impressive?

Was being able to refine pills so good?

Although Xue Fanxin really wanted to teach Xiao Muyan a lesson, she felt that there was no need, because someone else would do it.

Little Lei was sitting on the top of the fish pile because he wanted to keep an eye on these ingredients. He did not let go of a single fish. Even those who ran back to the lake were pulled back by him. It could be seen how much he valued these ingredients.

Xiao Muyan’s order displeased Little Lei, and he scolded angrily, “Who do you think you are? Do you think I’ll give you two fish just because you said so? These fish are all mine. Forget about two, I won’t even give you a bone. If you know what’s good for you, get lost, or I’ll make you suffer.”

“Awroo, awroo…” The little white tiger, which had been ravaged in Little Lei’s arms, echoed. It also released its anger at Xiao Muyan, unwilling to share the fish no matter what.

It had just learned from Little Lei that there was a delicacy called dry pot roasted fish. It had been guarding these fish with him and waiting to enjoy the dish, so it did not allow anyone to peep at these fish.

Be it Little Lei or the little white tiger, they were both first-class foodies and were very protective of their food. If those unrelated people dared to snatch food from them, they would not be polite.

Xiao Muyan did not expect a little brat to speak so arrogantly. Even the old fellows of the four great clans had to be polite to him, let alone a little brat…

“Which family are you from? You’re so uncultured. Don’t you know etiquette?”

The people of the four great clans almost burst out laughing. Su Baifeng’s expression turned dark because Xiao Muyan was basically repeating her.

Hearing the same words, she finally realized how ridiculous and stupid she had been when she said that Little Lei was unruly and rude.

Xiao Muyan sensed that the atmosphere was a little off. The people from the four great clans seemed to be mocking him, which made him very unhappy, but his heart was filled with doubts.

Had he done something wrong?

Just as he was puzzled, someone ran up in a hurry and begged, “Young Master Xiao, I beg you to save my younger brother. He’s injured and looks like he’s about to die.”

A young man covered in blood was carried to Xiao Muyan. He was on his last breath.

Xiao Muyan did not even look at the injured guy and rejected bluntly, “No.”

“Young Master Xiao, I only have this one younger brother. He is my only family. I beg you to save him. As long as you save him, I’ll do anything to repay you.”

“I said I won’t save him.” No matter how hard the other party begged, Xiao Muyan’s attitude remained the same. He didn’t show any mercy.

Everyone knew that Xiao Muyan of the Blue Sea Villa was the grand disciple of the Medicine King. Not only were his medical skills impressive, but he was also a high-level alchemist. However, Xiao Muyan had a bad temper. It could even be said he was cold and heartless. Even with his impressive medical skills, he never easily saved people.

According to rumors, the current Heavenly Saint Emperor personally went to the Blue Sea Villa to seek treatment, but Xiao Muyan acted indifferently. He rejected him without showing his face.

Xiao Muyan was arrogant, but he had the right to be arrogant. What could you do to him?

Just as the other party was about to give up in despair, a voice suddenly sounded. “It’s not that he doesn’t want to save you, but he can’t. So it’s useless no matter how much you beg him.”

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