The Path Toward Heaven

Chapter 839 - A City

Chapter 839: A City

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The Star Chain Fleet and the Central Star Fleet were advancing toward the Sea of Dark Matter.

More than one hundred thousand burning battleships didn’t pay any attention to this black permanent star that was seemingly on the brink of dying.

Like all the other objects in the universe, the permanent stars have to go through the process of birthing, growing and evolving until the ends of their lives. In comparison to human life and many other lifeforms, the permanent stars expire in relatively more varied ways. However, this permanent star was apparently to die a unique death, an unnatural one. It seemed more like it was expired compulsorily by an external force.

Due to the long distance, Jing Jiu could in no way see clearly what the condensed gray layer of dirt covering the surface of the permanent star was; but he guessed it must have something to do with the dark matter.

This place was at the edge of the Sea of Dark Matter, where the darkness and the brightness were engaged in a final battle. The vast space had nothing but the scent that could suffocate humans.

The suffocating sensation most often didn’t stem from the outside pressure but was due to the nothingness.

The Scorching-Sun Battleship stopped at the outlaying space of the black galaxy, the lights of which illuminated the space a little. As a result, the ruptures in the space and the twirling particles could be observed. These were probably the remains of the explosions of millions of nuclear bombs. Judging by the magnitude of the radiation background, the explosions must have occurred more than one hundred thousand years ago during the era of the distant ancient civilization.

The ring on Jing Jiu’s finger emitted a faint glow, meaning that he kept in close contact with the battleship and received all sorts of data from it.

A gentle and bright light cast in the transport spacecraft. Neither Hua Xi nor the biochemical officer had noticed the scene outside the window.

Jing Jiu had just found out that the grave-like space outside the window was the main star region for the distant ancient civilization.

It was interesting to note that Chaotian was located on the other side of the grave.

As the black star drew nearer, the atmosphere became increasingly more depressed. The scene of a civilization that had decayed like a wilting flower could be spotted outside the spacecraft.

The objects as transparent as the thin wings of insects were dyed black, looking like moths. It was unclear what system they belonged to in the distant ancient civilization.

There were also many things resembling the stargates in the science fiction, drifting outside the atmosphere of the black star.

Countless black specks were found on the gray material covering the surface of the space gates, looking like the decayed mushrooms.

There were many spores drifting in the atmosphere, resembling smoke and fog.

Regular people couldn’t see those tiny spores, but they could in no way evade the surveillance apparatuses of the spacecraft and Jing Jiu’s eyes.

Being assaulted by the smoke and fog, the spacecraft let out some faint noises; fortunately, the surface of it had no sign of being polluted. It seemed that those spores had already lost their vigor.

The faint bumping sound was superseded by the whistling wind, indicating that the density of the atmosphere grew higher and the spacecraft was getting closer to the ground.

After having been infected by the darkness and eroded by the wind and rain for more than one hundred thousand years, the mountains, fields, and valleys gave off a barren sense.

Looking at them in the distance, the forests and the grasslands under the dim light looked rather black, just like an ink scenery painting.

A passage was cut open by the spacecraft within the atmosphere. As the wind whistled away, the black forest began to sway, spewing out countless black powders.

No high buildings could be found on the surface of the planet, except for a great many ribbon-like tubes connected to countless groups of buildings that floated in midair, which looked like blood vessels connected to muscles. Most of the tubes were ruptured and had collapsed. The groups of buildings looked dilapidated, unlike the way they had looked back in the days.

It didn’t take long for the spacecraft to come to the barren field in the uppermost north of the planet.

The surface of this place was covered with the gray stuff, and there was a circular base built there.

This circular base was exceedingly large, with a circumference of at least four hundred kilometers. Looking down from the sky, it seemed to be a circular mountain created by a small planet crushing into it.

The circular base had a gravitational field possessing the greatest power. One could sense it clearly from a long distance.

Hua Xi glanced at Jing Jiu, no changed expression showing on her face.

The spacecraft landed in the circular base, like dust soundlessly dropping on a ceramic plate. It didn’t draw any attention.

Two army officers came out from the circular base to receive Jing Jiu and his group.

It was then that another spacecraft broke through the atmosphere and flew over, along with the sound of zither music.

Hua Xi couldn’t help but furrow her eyebrows.

Shen Yunmai disembarked the spacecraft, two kids who were dressed like Daoist children following on his heels, an ancient zither in one’s arms and a sword in the hands of the other.

It was truly absurd to witness such a scene in the circular base protected by the gravitational field on this planet left behind by the distant ancient civilization.

“Hello, Advisor Shen.”

The two army officers stood with their backs straightened and saluted Shen Yunmai; it seemed that they were rather excited to see him.

Shen Yunmai said expressionlessly, “He is the Chief Advisor of the military now. His status is higher than mine.”

The two officers came back to their senses and said to Jing Jiu, “Mr. Advisor, how are you!”

Having said that, the two of them turned to Shen Yunmai and said in a louder voice, “Greetings, Commander!”

Shen Yunmai was the Commander of the Central Star Fleet, but his right of authority was still lower than Jing Jiu’s.

Feeling indignant, Shen Yunmai waved his hand a few times and led the two children heading toward the base, saying, “Let them guide the tour for you first.”

This solar system might be the origin of the distant ancient civilization; at least it had been the main residing place for the humans of the distant ancient civilization.

The regular people in the Federation of the Milky Way had no knowledge of this place, including this planet and the circular base.

A faint trace could only be discovered in the hidden network.

The city recorded in the top-secret material was located outside the circular base.

This planet was the first place invaded by the Sea of Dark Matter, and the city was the first site suffering the dark night. The lifeforms infected by the dark night turned into the monsters of the Sea of Dark Matter and began to slaughter and swallow the humans and other lifeforms. The whole of the city and planet was transformed into hell.

It was unclear what method the distant ancient civilization had employed to insulate this planet and seal off those monsters and the living humans.

More than one hundred thousand years later, the new human beings found this planet based on the clues provided by the female priest.

When they landed in this city, they were surprised to find this city that maintained the condition it had had more than one hundred thousand years ago.

The monsters of the Sea of Dark Matter, the process of infecting the lifeforms and those horrific scenes seemed to be taking place.

It was the first-hand and precious material for humans. They could understand the Sea of Dark Matter and those monsters more deeply through observing this planet and come up with more ideas of how to wipe out these monsters and quarantine the infections.

To avoid unnecessary panic, the government of the Federation of the Milky Way had kept this planet under tight control; the military personnel was allowed to enter the base only after they went through a strict examination. The research center under the base was guarded even more strictly. Many researchers hadn’t had the chance to return to their home planets ever since they came here.

The former director of the research center was the current president of the Science Academy of the Federation. Shen Yunmai had worked here for half a year. Normally, this planet should be safe; however, the observations and experiments conducted by the military and the research center were carried out prudently around the base. No one dared penetrate too deeply.

The monsters of the Sea of Dark Matter could live without energy. No matter how powerful the method employed by the distant ancient civilization was, they couldn’t guarantee that the monsters hiding in the deep underground wouldn’t be able to wake up someday.

Jing Jiu had read those materials, so he had no need for the introduction from those officers, but he didn’t stop them from speaking. Otherwise, the footsteps in the passage would be too monotonous.

Several hundred researchers were working in the underground lab. The base was very vast, and the footsteps and the voices could spread very far, plus a vague echoing sound.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows were the black field, streets, buildings, space gates, and corpses.

Those were black dust or powders. The black oily paste could be spotted in some places; it was unclear if they were the rotten tree leaves.

Jing Jiu halted his steps and looked at the outside of the window; the scene reminded him of the artifacts covered under the ice in the south pole on the Main Planet.

A bird was struggling in the air in vain when it flew over the surface of the ocean full of dirty black oil.

One of the officers thought that Jing Jiu was interested in the floor-to-ceiling window, saying, “The highly synthetic material can withstand the assault more effectively; so safety is not a problem here.”

Hua Xi remarked with wide-opened eyes, “Now that all the monsters are dead, who will assault this place?”

The officer was taken aback for a brief moment before he explained to Jing Jiu, “The metals with smooth surface and glass can insulate infections; but their strength has to be taken into consideration.”

Jing Jiu didn’t mull over the hidden meaning in Hua Xi’s remark, nor did he pay attention to the explanation of the officer. All he did was look at the outside of the window quietly.

That city lay outside the window; it was soundless.

As a gust of wind blew over, some leaves were brought down, which were all black in color.

It was deathly quiet.

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