The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 539 - Chapter 539: Isn’t Pre-Battle Supplies Normal? Scrolls, Robes, and Blue Dragon Blood (3)

Chapter 539: Isn’t Pre-Battle Supplies Normal? Scrolls, Robes, and Blue Dragon Blood (3)

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Among the three items, the only equipment-type treasure was a robe.

From its effects and skills, it seemed to overlap somewhat with his innate talents, but that couldn’t hide the fact that it was a powerful robe. Its main color was deep blue, with interspersed golden threads that gave it an exceptionally noble appearance. The embedded blue dragon scales added a touch of dominance.

The last item was a crystal vial containing a crystalline, ice-blue liquid.

However, this crystal vial contained one-fifth of the Blue Dragon Blood, yet it held an extremely concentrated and explosive energy, exuding a dragon’s aura that struck fear into the hearts of those who beheld it.

This was the most surprising thing for Ji Chen. Since the last time he had hunted the Marshland Dragon and obtained some Dragon Blood Crystals, he hadn’t come across anything related to dragons. This forced the evolution and enhancement of the Dragon Blood Murlocs to come to a halt.


With this priceless Blue Dragon Blood, the Dragon Blood Murlocs could once again undergo a transformation. As for Benbo, who could be considered a hero among the dragonkin creatures, he would undoubtedly reach another level and evolve to become a legendary figure… It was not just a fantasy.

Marianne watched Ji Chen’s unwavering focus, her face showing a hint of pride.

Not to mention, the elves’ collection was extremely precious, and you wouldn’t have found anything like it in the outside world.

She said in a proud tone, “Lord Ji Chen, you are free to choose one item as our support to you… Of course, 1 recommend selecting the Deep Sea Dragon Scale Robe. It can greatly enhance your strength, which will be of tremendous help when facing numerous Deviant Ghosts.”

“I’ll take all three of them.”

“Very well, your judgment is impeccable…” Marianne suddenly woke up from her reverie, her eyes filled with shock as she looked at Ji Chen. She instinctively said, “This is impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Ji Chen shook his head and advised, “Think about it. If 1 can’t obtain that divine weapon, then I won’t be able to capture the two human kingdom fleets, and 1 won’t be able to defeat the powerful sea beasts guarding the gate.

In that case, you won’t be able to leave this frozen wilderness that has trapped you for hundreds of thousands of years, and everything will be back to square one.

What’s the use of keeping these things? It’s better to enhance my strength a bit, so my chances of success are greater.”

Margaret was at a loss for words, her expression extremely complex. Although she said those words, she was reluctant to part with these three precious items, which were the most valuable possessions of Vale Village.

After a long silence, she sighed heavily and reluctantly conceded, “You’ve convinced me. Let’s consider these three items as our support to you. 1 hope, Lord Ji Chen, that you can truly accomplish everything you’ve mentioned.”

Even though Marianne didn’t have high hopes for Ji Chen, she couldn’t help but think, what if he succeeded?

Even if there was only a one percent chance.

Once he succeeded, they would be able to leave this harsh land and go to the more beautiful main world, reuniting with their kin.

If he didn’t succeed, they would have kept these items for nothing, and they would be utterly useless.

A smile played across Ji Chen’s face as he said, “Once a promise is made, it’s hard to go back on it.”

Hearing this, Marianne seemed to relax a bit and shook her head, saying, “Take these three items and set off quickly.”

Seeing that Marianne was eager for them to leave, Ji Chen didn’t take offense. He happily stowed away the three items, bid farewell, and then followed Arlin out of the valley.

After a brief rest, the group embarked on their journey towards the Fallen Sea..

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