The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 279 - Chapter 279: The Gap Between People, Setting a Small Goal

Chapter 279: The Gap Between People, Setting a Small Goal

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The two returned to the Lord’s Castle.

I_Love_Black_Stockings’ confidence waned, and the words she had planned earlier now felt hard to articulate.

Facing Ji Chen, who had military, financial, and material advantages, the resource-hungry King Kong Island didn’t have much negotiating power.

Although she still wondered where so many weapons and food came from, she was wise not to ask. Everyone had their own secrets.

If this offended Ji Chen, it would be a loss.

“Big Boss, I wonder how much supplies you can deliver to King Kong Island in a month. After all, no matter how many supplies you have, it’s useless if transportation can’t keep up.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. If you’re willing to pay promptly, at least forty fully loaded merchant ships will go to King Kong Island every month, continuously delivering what you need.”

I_Love_Black_Stockings was about to ask if the Crown of the Ocean had so many ships available, but seeing Ji Chen’s calm demeanor, she wisely kept her mouth shut.

Since the boss had answered like this, it should be true. So far, she hadn’t seen Ji Chen make empty promises, so she felt reassured.

Next, Ji Chen and I_Love_Black_Stockings continued to discuss a series of trade matters.

From the pricing of goods to how King Kong Island would receive the goods.

It took half a day in total, and even Ji Chen, who was now a legendary mage, was mentally and physically exhausted by these discussions.

When the conversation finally ended, both sides looked dispirited, almost ready to collapse in their chairs.

“Today’s negotiations end here. It’s getting late, let’s go have dinner.”

I_Love_Black_Stockings nodded. She hadn’t eaten for half a day, and after intense negotiations, hunger was creeping up on her.

At this moment, the prospect of having a meal brought great joy.

“I’ll have to trouble you then, Lord Ji Chen.”

Ji Chen looked at I_Love_Black_Stockings, a fellow diner, and smiled knowingly.

Then he called for Wilus.

“Is dinner ready? Don’t disappoint my guests.”

Wilus, dressed as a butler, made a refined bow.

“Lord, dinner is ready and will surely satisfy our guests.”

I_Love_Black_Stockings, looking at the well-groomed Wilus, asked in a low voice, “Boss, is he your exclusive butler?”

“Wilus is the Crown of the Ocean’s Minister of Internal Affairs, responsible for various internal affairs.”

I_Love_Black_Stockings had already checked secretly. This person named Wilus was a hero unit, and he was even a Purple Rare-Tier one.

In the Crown of the Ocean, it was quite intimidating that even an ordinary Minister of Internal Affairs was a Purple Rare-Tier hero.

She had already become somewhat immune to surprises. She felt that even if an epic-level hero appeared in front of her the next moment, she wouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Ji Chen, accompanied by I_Love_Black_Stockings, transitioned from a side hall to a well-lit grand hall. She couldn’t pinpoint when, but the space had transformed into an elegant dining area. Long tables were elegantly dressed with white tablecloths, showcasing a delightful array of dishes that were sure to tantalize the taste buds. Modest vases and candlesticks added a touch of refinement to the tables.

Various meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood, grains, fine wines, and desserts were all available.

In the grand hall, beautiful maids dressed in maid uniforms shuttled around, constantly replenishing the food, looking as if they wouldn’t stop until they had stuffed you full.

The appearance of the entire hall resembled a noble’s banquet, luxurious and elegant.

Despite having said it many times before, I_Love_Black_Stockings couldn’t help but complain.

The gap between people was so great.

Others had delicious food, with maids in stockings serving them, and dozens of warships at their disposal.

In contrast, she had simple meals, rugged and robust men as company, and fishing boats as her companions.


But in the blink of an eye, she put all these thoughts aside, turning her frustration into appetite, and indulged heartily.

She was satisfied both in the physical sense of a full stomach and in the mental sense of contentment.

Eating delicious food while watching beautiful maids in stockings, l_Love_ Black_Stockings felt pretty good.

Ji Chen watched her with a bit of sympathy in her eyes. Was the food on King Kong Island really that bad? Flow could they starve this poor child like that?

After dinner, I_Love_Black_Stockings and her companions returned to the luxurious villas prepared for them.

The next day.

After breakfast.

Ji Chen and I_Love_Black_Stockings continued their negotiations.

When it came to negotiating and discussing the terms and details of the trade, it was the most time-consuming and mentally draining part. Ji Chen and I_ Love_Black_Stockings represented different sides, with their own interests to pursue.

One side represented the Crown of the Ocean, while the other stood for the Player Alliance of King Kong Island.

Both had their respective interests to fight for. However, Ji Chen easily took control of the negotiation’s pace. He calmly stated that King Kong Island wasn’t a necessity for the Crown of the Ocean, but for King Kong Island, the Crown of the Ocean was a lifesaver.

Upon hearing this, l_Love_Black_Stockings fell into silence.

Finding a territory that could quickly provide substantial resources to King Kong Island was no easy task.

So far, the Crown of the Ocean had proven to be the most suitable trading partner, a consensus among the Player Alliance of King Kong Island.

After finalizing the last item in the trade details during the negotiation, I_Love _Black_Stockings finally breathed a sigh of relief, leaning back in her chair with a bitter smile on her face..

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