The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 277 - Chapter 277: Building Trade Routes, Flexing Muscles

Chapter 277: Building Trade Routes, Flexing Muscles

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At this moment, I_Love_Black_Stockings suddenly heard a strange sound.

Turning her head, her pupils shrank to their limits.

A Kraken!?

Ah no, a fearsome ‘Tyrant Azure Dragon burst out of the sea with a resounding crash, its mouth large enough to swallow a ship whole, and it exhaled an extremely cold breath.

Crap!? Where did this thing come from? Am I about to die?

As she looked at the surging breath coming towards her, l_Love_Black_ Stockings felt a sense of despair and instinctively closed her eyes.

In her mind, memories began to flash before her eyes.

But after a long while, she didn’t feel the freezing sensation she expected. She couldn’t help but open her eyes in confusion.

She was startled immediately.

The Tyrant Azure Dragon was just a few meters away from her, its blood-red eyes devoid of any emotion, and from its slightly open mouth, a scent of blood and coldness emanated.


l_Love_Black_Stockings stared, her expression frozen, swallowing nervously and not daring to move.

Not only her, but the other soldiers also didn’t dare to move. They had witnessed this giant freeze the attacking Murlocs with a single breath, turning them into ice lumps, and then devouring them along with the ice.

“Come back, don’t scare the guests.”

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded, and the Tyrant Azure Dragon slowly retreated.

l_Love_Black_Stockings couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, then suddenly realized that the voice from earlier sounded so familiar.

She then looked towards a nearby spot.

The Islander was standing on the head of another Tyrant Azure Dragon, slowly approaching her ship with a smile on his face.

“Big Boss, you’re finally here! I almost thought I was done for here… Wait, are these Tyrant Azure Dragons yours!?”

Seeing the shock on I_Love_Black_Stockings’ face, Ji Chen smiled and said, “Why, can’t these Tyrant Azure Dragons be mine?”

“It’s not that, I’m just… a bit surprised.”

l_Love_Black_Stockings felt a bit embarrassed and awkwardly scratched her head.

Ji Chen didn’t continue on this topic and instead asked the question that concerned him the most.

“How did you end up here? It’s quite a few days’ journey from King Kong Island.”

At these words, I_Love_Black_Stockings’ face froze. “Big Boss, didn’t 1 ask you about this before? You said that once I arrived outside the Stormy Sea, 1 should send you a message, but you didn’t respond.”


Now Ji Chen was stumped. He casually opened the chat channel and saw the chat history with I_Love_Black_Stockings.

The date displayed was five days ago in the evening.

Ji Chen remembered that on that night, l_Love_Black_Stockings had indeed sent him a message, and he had agreed and provided a rough address.

What was he doing five days ago?

Well, playing cards with Alice.

He probably got busy with something and forgot about it.

Now it was a bit awkward.

“Ahem, it might be that 1 was too busy and didn’t notice the message. No worries, I’m actually heading back now, so I’ll take you inside with me.”

“Uh, inside?”

“That’s right.” Ji Chen pointed to the stormy sea area surrounded by storms in the distance. “My territory is in there.”

l_Love_Black_Stockings looked terrified. With such a terrifying storm, wouldn’t her ship be destroyed in minutes!?

Moreover, she didn’t expect that the Islander’s territory was inside the Forbidden Sea – the stormy sea area with a natural protective barrier. This was really impressive!

He deserved to be a big shot, always standing out from the crowd!

With Ji Chen’s personal guidance, l_Love_Black_Stockings and her group successfully passed through the storm and entered the inner sea area.

Unlike the outer sea area with its howling storms, the inner sea was calm and sunny, with the sea and sky meeting harmoniously. It was teeming with life and looked vibrant.

“Big Boss, your place is truly a paradise. It’s much better than the area around King Kong Island.”

Seeing this peaceful scene, I_Love_Black_Stockings couldn’t help but express her envy.

“Not bad? It’s just so-so, seeing it every day can get a bit boring. There’s nothing special here, it’s just that we have a year-round mild climate, no tsunamis or heavy storms, and slightly more resources,” Ji Chen replied casually, pretending to be nonchalant.

I_Love_Black_Stockings’ face darkened.

Hey, one shouldn’t take advantage and show off like this, even if you’re a big shot!

Soon, when she saw the picturesque New Moon Islands arranged like a half-moon, her admiration grew.

Then, upon seeing the bustling port and various buildings on the island, her mindset shifted once again, from admiration to jealousy.

Why was the gap between people so vast?

Not only did they have a formidable army, but they also had territory development that was on par with it.

“Big Boss, Big Boss, what’s that pyramid-like structure over there? It looks like some ancient relic!”

“Oh, that’s my Tier 5 unit recruitment camp. It does look a bit like that.”

I_Love_Black_Stockings fell silent, her heart aching as she looked at her own highest-tier units, which were only Tier 3.

“And what about that tower-like structure standing on the cliff?”

“That’s the Five-Star Defense Building, Elemental Arrow Tower. Its range can cover the nearby sea surface for protection.”

“Uh… and what about that building under construction?”

“It’s also a Five-Star Defense Building, the Alchemy Death Cannon. It has slightly higher range and damage compared to the Elemental Arrow Tower.”

I_Love_Black_Stockings exclaimed in amazement continuously, just like someone entering a grand garden for the first time.

The harbor, stone square, residential villa area, sea rice paddy fields, rows of unit recruitment camps, various advanced buildings – all of this made her open her eyes wide in astonishment..

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