The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

It felt like being cradled in a mother’s embrace, enveloped in a sense of security.

It was akin to a long-awaited reunion with loved ones, filling him with joy and warmth.


It was like the soothing comfort and warmth of lying on a vast field basking under the gentle spring sun.

[Song of Temptation (Blue skill, can use beautiful and seductive singing to confuse the enemy, causing them to fall into a state of absent-mindedness)]

In a mere moment, the Shallow Water Trolls went from fierce and menacing to completely stunned.

Their eyes lost all their life as their attacking movements slowed to a crawl, their faces taking on a look of obsession and happiness as if they were witnessing something truly beautiful.

They ignored the Murlocs that had already rushed in front of them.

The Murlocs were not affected at all, and they stabbed the pitchforks into the trolls’ bodies without any hindrance.


The piercing sound of weapons entering flesh echoed continuously, accompanying the clean and sharp song that carried a murderous aura.

Despite the numerous wounds on their bodies, the Shallow Water Trolls remained entranced and unable to free themselves.

Even in death, their eyes were filled with bliss. As the gentle singing ceased, the ground was already littered with the corpses of Trolls.

The green shallow water was dyed red, and a thick smell of blood filled the air, rushing straight to his nose.

After a long time, Ji Chen finally came back to his senses. His eyes were filled with shock.

The scene was shocking, too terrifying to comprehend. To watch the enemy die in such a beautiful and warm manner seemed almost romantic, but seeing it first-hand sent shivers down their spines.

The Siren was truly a noble of the sea. With this ability alone, she could easily be considered a hero. Ji Chen’s admiration for Alice grew stronger.

With Alice by his side, he had no worries about not being able to conquer and rule the entire island.

“Ding ~ The battle has ended. You have won a glorious victory.”

“None injured +40% extra experience. Defeating a large number of opponents with fewer opponents +20% extra experience. Overwhelming victory +40% extra experience.”

[You have received 600 experience points. Current experience is [80%/100%].]

The intensity of this battle had filled up 60% of his experience bar, nearly reaching the maximum experience for this level.

It was truly overwhelming.

Once the battle was over, the coldness in Alice’s eyes dissipated and she began to proudly take credit like a child.

“My Lord, I did well, right?”

Ji Chen smiled and gently stroked her hair. “You did well. You’re amazing.”

Alice’s eyes formed a crescent shape, like the moon.

Next, it was time to collect the spoils of war.

He waded through the shallow water and came to the beach in the middle of the lake.

He first walked to the treasure chest.

The chest was glowing with stars, and it looked even more beautiful than the treasure chest he had seen on the stranded ship.

[Unlock Treasure Chest]

[Level: 3 stars]

[There seems to be something good inside.]

[Will the Goddess of Luck notice you?]

3 stars!

It was definitely better than the last treasure chest!

Last time, he had only gotten a resource collection tool. What would he get this time?

Ji Chen opened it with a hint of anticipation.

“Goddess of Luck! If you don’t give me something good, I’ll believe in other goddesses!”

“You have opened a 3-star treasure chest. Obtained The Crown of Omniscience (3-star treasure).”

[The Crown of Omniscience]

[Level: 3-star treasure (single)]

[Effect: Activate the full-view map.] Greatly increases the user’s field of vision in the wild

[You need a map that can cheat.]

A 3-star treasure!

The effect was simply awesome!

Currently, he planned to use not only the hack for upgrading troops, but also the hack for X-ray vision!

Ji Chen placed the Crown of Omniscience under the head equipment slot.

In the next second, a circular light screen map appeared in front of him, showing the surrounding terrain from a bird’s eye view.

At the center of the map was a green dot in the shape of a water droplet, representing himself.

There were some circular green dots surrounding it, representing the Murlocs.

The green triangle that represented Alice was right next to him.

Some of the beasts and monsters in the nearby forest appeared as red dots on his map. Some remained stationary, while others were moving slowly.

Ji Chen smacked his lips in surprise.

Wasn’t this a radar made for human?

He calculated that the Omniscience Map covered an area of about one kilometer around him, displaying a circular field of view with a diameter of two kilometers.

It could track allies and even hostile targets such as monsters and wild beasts within this range.

Additionally, it could provide information on the terrain and buildings within a certain distance, as if they were playing an action-adventure game.

The Goddess of Luck had truly favored him this time, gifting him with an item that could be considered a divine artifact in the dense forest.

With it, he no longer had to worry about sudden attacks from wild beasts and monsters. The actual effect of using it could even surpass that of a 4-star or 5-star treasure.

Obtaining this item alone was worth the entire trip.

It was a bloody profit!

He shifted his focus to the neutral recruitment camp situated at the center of the beach.

With the massive number of trolls guarding it, it couldn’t be just any ordinary army recruitment camp, could it?

He took a closer look.

[Naga Warrior Altar]

[Tier: 2, 5 stars]

[Type of soldier recruited: Naga Warrior (Tier 2, 5-star)]

[Number of recruits per week: 14]

[Current Recruited]: 14

[Recruitment cost: 30 units of wood, 30 units of fiber, 30 units of clay.]

[Click to recruit]

Ji Chen felt extremely happy to see that he had recruited a Tier 2 5-star Naga Warrior.

Since Nagas and Murlocs were both aquatic creatures, they were very suitable for the island’s terrain.

He was worried that the neutral recruitment camp might only offer land or sea units, which would not be as valuable to him.

He immediately claimed it and clicked on recruit.

With a soft sound.

The altar-shaped Naga Warrior recruitment camp in front of him trembled slightly, and the patterns in the center of the altar emitted a green light.

The green light wiggled and gradually formed into tall and sturdy figures.

His face and body slowly became clearer.

Its head was a combination of human and dragon features, with fins protruding on either side. Its body had two powerful scaly arms with sharp, half-meter long bone blades on the back of each hand.

The upper half of its body resembled that of a human and extended down to its waist, where it transformed into a snake-like body.

Unlike Alice’s delicate and beautiful scales, the scales of these creatures were thick and wide like those of a general’s armor, indicating strong defensive capabilities.

His gaze was cold and cruel, and he stood there like a ruthless executioner.

[Naga Warrior]

[Level: 1]

[Tier: 2, 5 stars]

[Skill: Bloodthirsty frenzy (green skill, once it smells blood it will become frenzied and attack wildly).]

Naga’s Body (Green characteristic. Large and thick scales provide considerable defense, ignoring some damage)

Bloodline Regeneration (Green characteristic. The meagre bloodline of the Great Flood Dragon gives it a certain regeneration ability. Other than the head, heart, and other core parts, all parts can be regenerated)

[Military characteristic: Out of control (once a Naga smells blood, it will lose control to a certain extent and even ignore orders to attack the enemy crazily)]

[I’m the Northwest King of Assassins!]

His eyes lit up.

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