The Ninth Sister is a Prodigious Beast Master

Chapter 1003 - Chapter 1003: The Pill Refined by His Son’s Love Rival

Chapter 1003: The Pill Refined by His Son’s Love Rival

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“These guys, hmph! Those who don’t know better would think that Beiting Huang is their leader!” Qin Duan had already returned. He walked to Qin Yu’s side and muttered angrily.

Qin Yu did not understand what his father was mumbling about. He threw a jade bottle into Qin Duan’s hand. “Little Ninth gave it to me. It’s a bottle of Spirit Breaking Pills. Give it to the brothers in the team!”

Qin Duan had long heard of the Spirit Breaking Pill, but he was still so frightened that his hand trembled and the jade bottle almost fell to the ground. The ground was paved with spirit stones. If it fell, would the Spirit Breaking Pill shatter? Qin Duan was already covered in cold sweat, but fortunately, his hand was steady.

“It’s Spirit Breaking Pill! Commander, if we sell this Spirit Breaking Pill, I don’t know how much we will earn!” Tynon’s breathing was a little rapid. He was only a nine-star swordmaster and had no use for such pills that were difficult to obtain with a lot of money on this continent. “It’s good to be a supreme beast tamer. I heard that His Highness the Night King is an alchemist. I wonder if these pills were obtained from His Highness the Night King?”

What did he mean? Qin Duan’s face darkened. He was not old and muddle-headed. He knew what the relationship between His Highness the Night King and his son was. They were simply love rivals!

“Sigh, Lord Beiting Huang is really good to Young Master. He can actually get such a precious pill from His Highness the Night King to give to the Young Master. Commander, in my opinion, the Young Master is already old. There are some things you shouldn’t care too much about!” It was an elder in the group who spoke.

The old fellow was originally only a seven-star Great Spirit Master. After Qin Yu gave him a Celestial Fruit, his strength broke through to the Two Sword Star Spirit Master level in one go. Now that he saw the Spirit Breaking Pill, how could he not be tempted? He did not care about Qin Duan’s thoughts of having no descendants. Strength was the way to go!

Qin Duan’s hand began to tremble again. The jade bottle that he had wanted to throw into the interspatial ring was now in his hand. He was conflicted. He wanted to throw it away, but he couldn’t bear to. If he didn’t throw it away, he really couldn’t stand this stimulation. Even if he recognized the taboo relationship between his son and Beiting Huang, he couldn’t accept the pill refined by his son’s love rival!

Just as Qin Duan was in a dilemma, a figure rushed out of a door opposite the Snow Wolf’s headquarters. It was as if this person had a dog’s nose. He approached Qin Duan while sniffing. “Is that a pill? It’s a pill. What pill is it? Ah! Old thing, it’s in your hand. You bastard, you didn’t even tell me that you had obtained a good pill!”

Without waiting for Qin Duan to react, this person took out the bottle of pills from Qin Duan’s hand. He opened the cork of the bottle and took a deep breath, as if he was reminiscing about a bottle of thousand-year-old good wine. It was rich and fragrant, as if it flowed for a long time. That kind of enjoyment made people think that he had eaten some delicacies and wanted to drool.

“Earth Leaf Flower, Rehmannia. Heavens, there’s actually Rehmannia, Nine Leaf Grass, Black Spirit Fruit… Yes, it’s these herbs. Yes, it’s a Spirit Breaking Pill, it’s actually a Spirit Breaking Pill…” This person was very careful. He held the medicinal pill with both hands and wished he could stick his nose to the mouth of the bottle. He kept nagging as if no one was around.

He was wearing a long robe with a color that was no longer recognizable. His hair was originally tied into a bun at the top, but it was all messy and drooped down. Even a dried grass vine that was used to tie up his hair was about to droop down. His hair was completely covering his face, and one could vaguely see the crisscrossing wrinkles on his face, but it could not hide his bright eyes.

At this moment, when they saw the old man come out and snatch the bottle of pills that carried the hope of the entire Snow Wolf Mercenary Group from Qin Duan’s hand, the entire Snow Wolf team who was gathered at the entrance of the headquarters calmed down. Pairs of nervous eyes stared at the old man. Even Beiting Huang was prepared and ready.

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