The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 7: Pierced Through With One Thrust

Book 7 Chapter 7 Pierced Through With One Thrust

There were no other plants within a radius of ten Zhang around the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree; it was completely barren. It was clear that even the growth of the plants and trees outside these ten Zhang was not as vibrant as in the other regions.

“They can really keep their composure!” Teng Qingshan surveyed the surroundings with a glance and smiled. Following this, he threw the fish net that was over his shoulders to the ground; producing a rather ear-piercing “bang” in the quiet forest of this mountain.

Teng Qingshan could sense pairs of eyes hidden in the surrounding underbrush of the forest, staring at the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree.

“As expected of demonic beasts, they’re very cautious.” Teng Qingshan’s hand held the Reincarnation Spear, and in one leap, he jumped precisely onto the tree branch of the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree.

“Green fruits? An Iron Leaf Fruit?” Before him, Teng Qingshan gazed at fruits that seemed to be carved from jade, “As expected, a world with abundant Spiritual Qi can give birth to many peculiar things.” He stretched out his hand and grabbed a fruit.

He pulled with force!

“Boom!” As if he were pulling and snapping off a rigid iron chain, Teng Qingshan yanked the Iron Leaf Fruit down. This was not 'picking'; this was tugging on with brute force

“If ordinary people tried to pluck the Iron Leaf Fruits, they probably wouldn’t be able to even make it budge,” whilst laughing, Teng Qingshan held the Reincarnation Spear with his right hand, while his left hand—like a dragonfly skimming water—became a series of afterimages as it easily grabbed the Iron Leaf Fruits, one after another.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

Many green fruits that resembled carved jade were seen falling unceasingly from the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree, each and every one of them landing in the fishnet. This fruit-picking speed was so fast that it was as if it were raining fruits.

“Boom!” The air suddenly shook.

A black shadow rapidly scuttled out from the underbrush ten Zhang away and immediately pounced towards Teng Qingshan who was on the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree. Its pair of verdant pupils were even more terrifying—

Teng Qingshan, who appeared to be immersed in the joy of picking fruits, cast a glance and casually turned the wrist of his unused right hand. The powerful arm strength imbued within this turn was tremendous, and the Reincarnation Spear created an exquisite line as it streaked across.


A silver light flashed

“Aoooooo—” A mournful blood-curdling screech sounded out.

Only the sight of that silver Reincarnation Spear precisely skewering the underbelly of a silver gray demonic beast could be seen as blood flowed incessantly. The four claws of this demonic beast were actually a strange blood red color; its body was huge, and it was comparable to a common fierce tiger, moreso.

This demonic beast was impaled as such on the Reincarnation Spear, yet its verdant pair of pupils remained fixed on Teng Qingshan with a frenzied gaze; its four claws also flailed, struggling, but it simply could not break free.

“Blood Shadow Wolf?” Teng Qingshan looked down at the demonic beast, when suddenly, the right hand that held the spear moved.

“Bang!” The Reincarnation Spear turned.

Powerful Internal Supreme Force channeled through the Reincarnation Spear and exploded within the underbelly of this Blood Shadow Wolf, causing all its internal organs to disintegrate. The Blood Shadow Wolf gave only a low howl and then never made a sound again. Teng Qingshan flicked the long spear; this Blood Shadow Wolf slipped out from the spear’s body and was thrown flying downwards in an arc, dropping to the ground.

With a thud, the corpse of the Blood Shadow Wolf landed about five Zhang away from the trunk of the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree


Teng Qingshan jumped down from the tree’s fork as well and landed on the ground. He looked far and wide; with his night vision, Teng Qingshan could clearly see several terrestrial demonic beasts hiding at various spots. Teng Qingshan raised his head; in a few trees far away, there were also several bird-type demonic beasts.

Each and every one of them eyed him like a tiger watching its prey.

Teng Qingshan pointed the Reincarnation Spear in his hand at the surrounding demonic beasts, as well as the several bird-type demonic beasts up in the trees, “If you all don’t scram a little further…” Following which, Teng Qingshan pointed the tip of the Reincarnation Spear at the Blood Shadow Wolf’s corpse, “You’ll end up just like this corpse here!”

The demonic beasts did not understand Teng Qingshan’s words.

However, Teng Qingshan first pointed at them and then pointed at the Blood Shadow Wolf. The intelligence of these demonic beasts was very high, so all of them understood. Although they were amazed that this human was able to notice them, this human was able to easily kill a ‘Blood Shadow Wolf’ that had reached the Hollow Dan of the Innate Realm; this already proved Teng Qingshan’s strength.

It definitely greatly surpassed the Hollow Dan of the Innate Realm!

These Iron Leaf Fruits were very important to the thunderwhales. To the other demonic beasts, however, it was not necessarily so.




One after another, the demonic beasts rapidly left the the area, fearing that this human would hunt them down.

In a mere moment, those demonic beasts in the surrounding underbrush all left, with only the several bird-type demonic beasts high up in the distant large trees remaining. “You all are better off. All of you can fly, and indeed, I can’t catch you.” Teng Qingshan grinned and did not pay further attention to the bird-type demonic beasts.

Jumping up onto the fork of the Iron Leaf Tree, Teng Qingshan continued picking the fruits.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

Fruits fell down unceasingly. The bird-type demonic beasts watching from far away in the large trees were already anxious, “Oooo~” “Oooo~” Those several demonic beasts all let out angry squawks, but they simply did not dare to provoke Teng Qingshan.

By the shore of Iron Leaf island.

“Ah, those Demonic Beasts are all furious.” Hearing the warbling, Li Jun could easily make out the meaning, and could not help but be somewhat excited, “Looks like those demonic beasts are simply not Big Brother Teng’s match. I reckon that the Blackgale Divine Condor isn’t on the island.”

Off to the side, the King of the Thunderwhales directed a question to Li Jun, who told the King of Thunderwhales of the news that she could hear.

“Roar~~” The King of the Thunder excitedly roared out.

One after another, the thunderwhales roared out excitedly; they all understood that, in a moment, they would be able to bring back a large pile of Iron Leaf Fruits.


“Ooooo~” An angry, reverberating cry pierced the horizon.

The originally excited King of the Thunderwhales, after hearing this, immediately let out a low roar. Hearing its low roar, Li Jun’s expression changed.

“What? it’s the Blackgale Divine Condor?”


The Iron Leaf Fruit Tree— it only beared fruit once a year, and once the fruits ripened, all the fruits that were not picked would fall to the ground within a month.

The Iron Leaf Fruit, however, was like steel in hardness, and it was very difficult for it to rot. Even if it were put aside for two to three years, the Iron Leaf Fruit would still remain the same as before. Coincidentally, the day when Teng Qingshan had set off to sea, July First, was also the start of the transition between summer and autumn. This period was precisely the Iron Leaf fruit Tree’s fruit-bearing season.

“Rumble, rumble~”

Ion Leaf Fruits fell down, striking against each other and producing “Clang, clang” sounds of metal striking. In only a moment, more than half of the fruits on the Iron Leaf fruit tree were already plucked by Teng Qingshan. Without a doubt Teng Qingshan was picking too fast!

“Oooo~” A resounding sharp cry could be heard.

“Tch, I was still thinking that you weren’t on the island and that I wouldn’t have to fight seriously. Forget it, let’s just work out my muscles and bones.” Since Teng Qingshan knew that it was the Blackgale Divine Condor, he now had a hundred percent assurity.


A piercingly cold gale came from high above, causing many plants to bow their heads. Luckily, the Iron Leaf Fruits were like iron balls, and only a small portion of them were blown about. The rest remained trapped within the fishnet and simply couldn’t roll an inch.

“The Blackgale Divine Condor; with a snow-white body, a crown of its head, and golden eyes!” Teng Qingshan gazed ahead at the Blackgale Divine Condor that had stopped on top of a fork of a large tree, comparing it to its recorded description. “It’s body is truly huge; it can probably be compared to Blacky and White in size.”

Fixed onto Teng Qingshan, the sharp eyes of the Blackgale Divine Condor were filled with a murderous aura! This Iron Leaf Island was its territory! This Iron Leaf Fruit Tree was also its food. Although occasionally it would let the other demonic beasts on the island to have a taste, it monopolized the majority of the fruits.

To it who was already at the Innate Golden Dan level, these fruits were of no particular use to it, but, it still liked to eat it!

“Whiz!” The Blackgale Divine Condor suddenly and fiercely shot out from the branch. Like a sharp arrow, it shot towards Teng Qingshan.

Teng Qingshan gave a cold snort, and without moving aside, he stood firm at his original position with the Reincarnation Spear grasped in his hand. In the split second that the Blackgale Divine Condor attacked with its pair of talons, Teng Qingshan blinked. The Reincarnation Spear in his hand flickered.

Like a swimming silver dragon, it pierced towards the Blackgale Divine Condor.

“Clang!” Sharp talons against a spear tip produced a sound resembling steel being struck, and shockwaves visible to the naked eye spread out; the surrounding plants were twisted to pieces, and with a loud bang, many large trees toppled over and smashed onto the earth with a rumble. Only the truck of the Iron Leaf fruit Tree was left with just a shallow wound.

Sensing that Teng Qingshan was not easy to handle, the Blackgale Divine Condor immediately flew up.

“Hmph!” Teng Qingshan jumped up, sufficiently reaching a height of twenty Zhang.

A human being dared to fight with a bird-type demonic beast in mid air? Was he courting death? The Blackgale Divine Condor immediately rushed towards Teng Qingshan, giving out reverberating cries as it did so. Its pair of golden pupils were filled with a chilly berserk killing intent. Only a series of striking sounds could be heard.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Each blow led to a violent wave of Qi that spread out, completely wiping out the surrounding trees and vegetation. Even the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree was affected; many of its leaves floated down, some of its thinner branches even broke off, and some of the Iron Leaf fruits also fell down.

The Blackgale Divine Condor’s continuous attacks simply did not harm Teng Qingshan in the slightest.

Teng Qingshan’s Transmutation Unity Qi defensive spear arts had long since reached an extremely terrifying high degree.

“Now!” Having brought himself to mid air and baited that Blackgale Divine Condor, the moment that Teng Qingshan had been waiting for finally arrived! The Blackgale Divine Condor was berserkly attacking, and under this kind of state, it was most likely to expose a sliver of a opening. After all, a berserk attack reduced one’s defences.

“Bang!” The moment when the Blackgale Divine Condor was jolted adaze by Teng Qingshan’s spear, Teng Qingshan’s gaze momentarily locked onto the neck of the Blackgale Divine Condor.

Teng Qingshan could finally make the killing move!


In a flash, the Transmutation Unity Qi spear art turned into the ‘Toxic Dragon Drill’!

A flash of silver lightning radiated!

“Oooo~” A resounding, sharp, and even containing a hint of alarm, cry sounded. The Blackgale Divine Condor flailed its pair of wings with great effort.

Whether it was a fist, saber, or the tip of a spear with the strength of one million two hundred thousand Jin, the piercing power was different depending on which weapon was used. A spearhead only had that one point, and its piercing power was naturally astonishing. Plus, this one million two hundred thousand Jin really was not brute force, but rather the burst of a peculiar drilling force that had been formed in an instant.

“Pstt~” It was as if space was drilled through.

The penetrating strength had reached a terrifying astronomical figure.

“Pu!” In a flash, Teng Qinshan’s Reincarnation Spear pierced through the steel-like layered feathers of the Blackgale Divine Condor, piercing the skin; muscles, tendons and bone beneath. On the surface, the body of the Blackgale Divine Condor had a strong defence, but in fact, it was only those layered feathers; with Teng Qingshan piercing through those layers of feathers, the Blackgale Divine Condor naturally had no further way of resisting.

The silver Reincarnation Spear directly impaled the left wing of the Blackgale Divine Condor!

“Oooo~” The Blackgale Divine Condor let out a pain filled cry, and at the same time, its sharp beak belched out a puff of black cold air.


A breath of black cold air momentarily covered Teng Qingshan.

“I’ve already had a taste of this trick!” Teng Qingshan’s Internal Supreme Force receded, and in a flash, his Innate True Origin instantly transformed into an enveloping ball of light. Instantly, Teng Qingshan was frozen into an ice sculpture. It was then that the golden pupils of the Blackgale Divine Condor had a flash of vindictive pleasure.

However, this ice sculpture could move!

“Bang! The Reincarnation Spear suddenly whirled, and the Blackgale Divine Condor gave a mournful cry. A large hole the size of a human’s head was blown into its left wing, scattering and spurting fresh blood.

“Ooo~” The Blackgale Divine Condor tried hard to stay in mid-air.

The layer of ice on the surface of Teng Qinshan’s body completely cracked open. He raised his head to look at the miserable Blackgale Divine Condor above; suddenly, a thought struck him, and he said to himself, “This Blackgale Divine Condor is an Innate Golden Dan level demonic beast; if it can be subdued…if I’m faced with a dangerous situation where I have to respond with my full concentration, I can let it carry Little Jun on its back. Moreover, with a Divine Condor in the air, the troubles on the road’s journey will definitely be greatly alleviated!”

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