The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 3: Cousin ‘Qinghu’

Book 2 Chapter 3: Cousin ‘Qinghu’

Teng Yunlong, the Chief of Teng Jia Village, was called the first hero of the Teng Jia Village.

Teng Qingshan’s grandfather, Teng Yunlong, was the Chief, and held the highest position in Teng Jia Village. At the same time, he was also the first-ranked blacksmith of Teng Jia Village.

Although he was called a blacksmith, his weapon manufacturing skills were much higher than the weapon blacksmith masters in the surrounding cities.

He welcomed ten disciples, and amongst these disciples, Teng Qingshan’s father, Teng Yongfan, was the most skilled. With Teng Yunlong’s advanced age, Teng Yongfan completely inherited Teng Yunlong’s skills and became the first-ranked blacksmith. Now that he became the first-ranked blacksmith of the village, unless unpredictable events were to occur, Teng Yongfan would become the next Chief!

In Teng Jia Village, generally speaking, there were only three occupations: hunting, farming, and weapons manufacturing.

Hunting and farming only brought a small amount income to the village.

Refining good weapons, however, could bring in a lot of money, so blacksmiths could potentially make Teng Jia Village prosperous. Moreover, all of the weapons in Teng Jia Village needed to be refined by blacksmiths, so they were able to make Teng Jia Village flourish, and even provide the men in Teng Jia Village with deadly weapons.

Hence, blacksmiths were of high status in the village.

If there were no unexpected events, then the the master blacksmith would become either the Chief, or the heir to the Chief.

Teng Qingshan’s father would spend most of the day in the smithy. His mother, Yuan Lan, would also be busy with many different chores, leaving Teng Qingshan mostly alone at home.

Teng Qingshan was happy to stay at home alone, as he only needed to close the courtyard gate to practice without worry.


With his left foot firmly planted on the ground like an iron plow, he swept his other leg a step to the side, as his both his right hand and foot almost simultaneously released a burst of Qi.

The Three Xing Yi Postures were the simplest yet most profound martial arts.

‘The Three Postures’ were the origins of Xing Yi martial arts, and even Xing Yi Masters would continue to practice it. Right now, Teng Qingshan’s every strike and kick were definitely at the Master level. If one focused more onto Teng Qingshan, one could hear a very subtle noise, a sound produced by the movement of his internal muscles and bones.

The song of both the bones and the muscles!

“Breathe out! Breathe out! Breathe in!”

His breathing was sometimes short and slow to coincide with the three Postures. His chest was like a set of bellows breathing in harmony to a strange pattern.

He would spend up to two hours on one session!

Closing position!

“The environment of the ancient world is indeed more suitable for people to practice martial arts.” Teng Qingshan’s mind was tranquil. “In the one year I have practiced Xing Yi Martial Art, I have achieved an inner strength that’s even greater than the strength I had previously achieved in my previous life. It’s no wonder that secret techniques such as《Crossing Worlds》 exist.”

After being born into the ancient world, Teng Qingshan finally understood that it wasn’t that《Crossing Worlds》 consumed too much inner strength, but that he had too little inner strength in his previous life.

“Having too much inner strength also has its own problems,” Teng Qingshan was worried.

As a four year old kid, Teng Qingshan had a lot of meridians in his body that weren’t open yet. Furthermore, Teng Qingshan didn’t dare to forcibly open these meridians with his inner strength. That would allow ‘meridian impurities’ to fill up the other main meridians. As a result of rushing his cultivation, it would become impossible to open all of his meridians in the future.

Would he sever his future prospects in order to achieve immediate benefits?

Teng Qingshan would never allow this.

“However, with more inner strength, I can enjoy the strengthening of my body,” Teng Qingshan quietly thought.

Internal Martial Arts were divided into three levels, and each level would enhance the body’s physical quality. At the first level, it would allow the human body’s muscular strength to reach its limit.

At the second level, after producing inner strength, it could be used to stimulate the depth of the muscles, and make the muscles and bones absorb the power of inner strength to grow even further, allowing the body to further strengthen. When Teng Qingshan was shot by ‘Sharpshooter’ Sun Ze, he managed to survive because with his terrifying muscular strength, he had managed to block the bullet.

After reaching the third level and stepping into the Grandmaster Realm, it would be possible to go beyond the limits of the human body, and continuously strengthen one’s body.

Since the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, and the lower inner strength of the body were too weak and thin in the modern world, everyone would naturally focus more on body strengthening.

“With more inner strength than I can consume, I should train according to the second level, and stimulate my muscles and bones to strengthen my body.” Teng Qingshan was a Master, and knew what he should do to cultivate.

If inner strength was like nourishment, then his muscles and bones would be the plants that could grow by absorbing it.

The method of making muscles and bones experience stimulation and absorb the power of inner strength was a secret method of Internal Martial Arts, as well as its most treasured martial arts technique.

In Teng Qingshan’s previous life, countless talented people practise one after another over a thousand years. Only by gradually improving from generation to generation did they finally create the astonishing Internal Martial Arts.

“Hmm, Mother should be back soon.” Teng Qingshan opened the front gate of the courtyard. After locking it behind him, he went straight to the training field of Teng Jia Village.

The training field of Teng Jia Village was the most lively and noisy place in the village.



All kinds of noises and laughter could be heard. When Teng Qingshan went over to take a look, he looked throughout the training field. Young adults and teenagers were rolling iron balls, pumping stone dumbbells, and were even practicing with spears.

All of the men within the clan would practice together in the training field, except in the morning.

At the edge of the training field, there were some women doing laundry and other chores. While the women were working, they would watch their men exercise.

“Qingshan came,” Some women greeted Teng Qingshan with a smile.

“Hello aunties,” Teng Qingshan answered politely.

“Qingshan is such a good boy. He never stirs up trouble, and even though he is only four years old, Yuan Lan can let him play by himself without worrying.” Those women smiled in praise. In Teng Jia Village, Qingshan was famous for both his appetite and his well behaviour. Normally, children were always annoying, and everyone who raised a child knew about it.

However, Teng Qingshan was so behaved, that his parents didn’t worry about him at all.

“Mother,” Teng Qingshan exclaimed as he walked over.

Yuan Lan was sitting at the edge of training field, holding a baby in her arms. This baby was Teng Qingshan’s three month old sister, Qingyu.

“Qingshan, your cousin is over there.” Yuan Lan smiled.

Teng Qingshan turned his head, and saw a six foot tall boy who was constantly swinging a big stone dumbbell. This huge stone dumbbell weighted at least one hundred Jin, and in order to continuously train with it, one needed strong arms and shoulders.

(TL: 1 Jin = 0.5kg)

“In this world, the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth is more than adequate. An ordinary person’s physical quality is already two or three times stronger than a person from my previous life,” Teng Qingshan sighed with emotion.

“Your cousin Qinghu lifted a three hundred Jin stone at the Spring Festival. A nine year old child like that lifting a three hundred Jin stone, it is likely that he will become the greatest hero of Teng Jia Village.” Yuan Lan sighed.

Teng Qingshan nodded.

Teng Qinghu was nine years old, but was already almost six feet tall. According to this world’s measurements, one foot was equivalent to 25 centimeters, which meant that Teng Qinghu was nearly 150 centimeters tall. In this world, it was normal for a nine-year-old boy to be able to lift objects that weighed 70 to 80 Jin.

If they were able to lift over 100 Jin, it meant that they had the potential to become a hero when they grew up.

If a nine-year-old boy could lift 300 Jin, then he would be considered a ‘gifted talent’. When his mother Yuan Lan said that Teng Qinghu would become the greatest hero of Teng Jia Village, it wasn’t without reason.

“Big cousin is able to lift 300 Jin stones. If he was to practice Internal Martial Arts with me, he would have boundless prospects,” Teng Qingshan thought to himself. The training conditions of Internal Martial Arts were extremely harsh. There were many practitioners in the modern world, but small factions, such as the Godly Thief Sect, had deteriorated so much that they no longer had any inner strength practitioners.

After all, it was extremely difficult to change to internal from external.

Only one person amongst ten thousand could achieve inner strength, and only one amongst 100 million would be able to reach the Grandmaster Realm. Knowing this, one could imagine how high the aptitude requirement was.

The aptitude of Cousin Teng Qinghu was really good.

“Unfortunately, I am only a child at the moment. Who would believe my words? Besides, I cannot disclose my abilities at the moment, since the consequences would be……” Teng Qingshan didn’t want to think about it too much.

“Hey, Qingshan.”

Exactly at that time, a voice sounded from the distance. Teng Qinghu put down his stone dumbbell, his bare upper body was drenched in sweat, as he came closer with a smile. “Qingshan, what are you doing at home every day? Come more often to the training field. Although you are too young for strength training, it’s not good to stay home every day.”

If a child shut himself indoors all the time, his character would become soft-spoken, which was indeed not a good thing.

“Thanks for the advice, Cousin.” Teng Qingshan smiled.

“Ah, Qingyu, little Qingyu.” Teng Qinghu moved closer to the baby and smiled to play with her.

“Hey, Qinghu, look at your sweat. Don’t drop it on Qingyu. Go wash up, and then put on clothes.” Yuan Lan couldn’t help but scold him, “You are having lunch with us today. On yesterday’s hunt, the brothers brought us a pheasant. I cleaned it up, and now it’s braising on the stove.”


Teng Qinghu smiled and ran not too far away from them, grabbing the gourd dipper to scoop some cold water to rinse his body with. He then picked up a towel to dry himself off and put on his clothes.

Teng Qingshan quite liked his cousin. He was as straightforward as the other men in Teng Jia Village were. In addition, he was nice to him and his little sister Qingyu.

“Hmm?” Teng Qingshan’s ears moved a little.

By practicing Internal Martial Arts, Teng Qingshan’s sixth sense was extremely sensitive. He had already heard a tiny noise in the distance which was now gradually becoming louder. Suddenly, three women carried a man with blood on his head, as they ran towards them. One of the women shouted, “Someone help, please carry Dahou back home!”

“What happened?!” The gate of Teng Jia Village opened, and a crowd of people rushed out at once.

Immediately, the whole Training field became noisy and chaotic.

“Something happened.” Yuan Lan held the baby and suddenly stood up.

“The men of the first and second team, stay in the village. The rest of you, take up weapons and follow me.” A deep shout rang out from the door of the village. Teng Qingshan could immediately tell that the person who spoke was the great master who taught the spear techniques to everyone in the village, Teng Yongxiang.

At the great master’s command, the entire Teng Jia Village became noisy, and the news spread quickly.

“Another village is picking a fight with our guys. Screw them, let’s show them who’s boss.” Teng Qinghu also took a spear and turned around to Teng Qingshan. “Qingshan, you coming?”

Teng Qingshan took a handful of stones from the ground at random.

“Are you going to shoot people with those small stones?” Teng Qinghu couldn’t help but smile, “Such small stones, with your strength, it’s useless.”

“Let’s go, cousin. Mother is taking sister away, and if she comes back, I will not be allowed to go.” Teng Qingshan didn’t explain too much. He had not yet opened most of the meridians in his body; however the meridian impurities in a child’s body was scarce anyway. Moreover, the meridians in the hands were the easiest to open, and when Teng Qingshan felt his inner strength for the first time, he penetrated the ground with a slap. At that moment, the meridians of his hand had been opened.

Combining knife throwing techniques with inner strength to throw stones infused with inner strength would make them as strong as bullets.

Of course, Teng Qingshan’s strength was still weak, so he could only rely on his inner strength.

“Let’s go, but be cautious. Cousin will protect you.” Full of confidence, Teng Qinghu grabbed a spear and took Teng Qingshan along with him, following a large group of men as they rushed out to meet the enemy.

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