The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 26: There's Still Something Troublesome

Book 7 Chapter 26 - There's Still Something Troublesome

Under the beams of sunlight, those unfurled seven-colored tail feathers dazzled the eyes. The feathers on the crown of its head were gold in color, as if they were a natural golden crown. Its entire body was enshrouded within a thin layer of encircling flames—resembling a divine bird bathed in fire.

“Truly beautiful.” Teng Qingshan inwardly sighed in admiration. Although this was his second time seeing the divine bird “Blue Luan”, he was still stunned by its beauty.

“Big Brother Teng, this… is this the Blue Luan that we previously saw?” Li Jun also felt that it was unbelievable.

“It should be!” Teng Qingshan nodded his head and said, “The Divine Bird Blue Luan is extremely rare. In the whole world, it is estimated that there are only one to two Blue Luans. How can we be so lucky as to coincidentally see two of them in succession, that even their physique is exactly the same?”

The Blue Luan’s pair of wings slightly fluttered as it suspended in the air; its beautiful pair of eyes watched Teng Qingshan and Li Jun who were below. Following which, it let out a loud and clear call.

Hearing this, Li Jun revealed an astonished expression.

“Ooo~ OooOoo~” Li Jun followed and raised her head to issue out a string of warbling.

“Ooo~Ooo~” The Blue Luan also responded.

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Teng Qingshan laughed while looking at this scene. After a moment, Li Jun turned her head to look at Teng Qingshan and spoke in excitement, “Big Brother Teng, this Blue Luan is the one that we came across the other time. Just now, it even said that it was extremely happy that it could meet us again. It also said that it and us have been brought together by fate, and we are its friends.”

“How did it know we were here?” Teng Qingshan asked, “Does it have to do with those group of Ardent Flamebirds?”

“I asked earlier as well. It said that this island is precisely its home, and many Ardent Flamebirds live here too. All the Ardent Flamebirds are subservient to it, and just now, it was precisely them reporting back to it—saying that they saw a boy and a girl, and also an eagle type demonic beast, on the island periphery. The Blue Luan had then already guessed that it was us.” Li Jun raised her head and looked towards the Blue Luan. “Thus, it immediately hurried over!”

The Ardent Flamebirds were listening to the Blue Luan’s orders, this, Teng Qingshan didn’t find strange.

The Blue Luans could be said to be the king of bird type demonic beasts!

“What a coincidence, we came to its home.” Teng Qingshan smiled.

“Ooo~ Ooo~” The Blue Luan gave a couple of calls.

Hearing this, the smile on Li Jun’s face became even more resplendent. “Big Brother Teng, this Blue Luan is even letting us go to its home.”


In the air, the Blue Luan’s pair of wings suddenly flapped as it directly dived down from mid air. It then landed lightly on the ground; the flames on the surface of its body were already withdrawn back into its body, and those seven-colored tail feather were folded together, seeming like a celestial goddess’s rainbow colored robe*. The Blue Luan’s physique did not count as too big; its height was similar to that of the Whole Gale Eagle’s, but it was “skinnier” compared to the Whole Gale Eagle.

[TL note: 霓裳羽衣(celestial goddess’s rainbow colored robe) *:]

If it was said that the Whole Gale Eagle was a fierce soldier, this Blue Luan would be a noble princess—extremely graceful.

“Oo~ Oooo~” The Blue Luan faced Teng Qingshan and called out very excitedly. Those eyes that were faintly suffused with a bright glow were also fixed onto Teng Qingshan.

Li Jun was stunned.

“What did it say?” Teng Qingshan doubtfully asked.

“It said that it wants to compete with you again.” Li Jun forcefully smiled. Teng Qingshan couldn't help but laugh. It wants to compete with him again? The previous time, Teng Qingshan was not able to win against this Blue Luan, but… after seclusion on Bright Moon Island, Teng Qingshan’s current strength had greatly improved. In particular, his offensive technique “Toxic Dragon Drill” improved tremendously, and saying that its formidable strength “doubled” would not be an exaggeration at all.

Teng Qingshan laughed, “Ask it, why does it want to compete?”

Li Jun then immediately spoke to the Blue Luan.

“It said, on the island, even the strongest Ardent Flamebird was no match to it. Thus, it doesn’t have any adversary. The last time it competed with you, it was very happy, and it wants to compete with you once more,” Li Jun helplessly spoke as she faced Teng Qingshan.

Teng Qingshan could not keep his laughter from bubbling out. “Little Jun, it looks like this Blue Luan is also a lonely expert; adversaries that are its match are hard to find.”

“Okay, tell it, if it’s not afraid of getting injured, then it can have a battle with me.” Teng Qingshan was not one to be unreasonable.

“Okay.” Li Jun immediately spoke with the Blue Luan.

The Blue Luan suddenly fluttered its wings instead, and a gush of strong gale blew towards Teng Qingshan. Having a high fighting spirit, the Blue Luan held its head up high. Needless to say, Teng Qingshan already knew the Blue Luan’s decision.

“Haha, good! My spear arts has advanced greatly, in that case, I’ll use you to test it.”

Teng Qingshan smiled as, in one swoop, he grabbed the Reincarnation Spear that was stabbed into the ground beside him. “Little Jun, move to the side and take cover further away.” Hearing this, Li Jun obediently ran with haste to the side of the forest in the distance, and the Whole Gale Eagle too, dived down from up high, stopping beside Li Jun.

It could be said that the Blue Luans were the strongest demonic beasts below the Emptiness Realm demonic beasts.

Teng Qingshan, whose “Toxic Dragon Drill’s” formidable power had advanced greatly, could also be said to be the strongest human below the Emptiness Realm.

Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle dared not stay near the fierce battle between this man and this demonic beast.

“Ooo~” The Blue Luan gave a resounding sharp cry as the flames on its body swirled and coiled around it. In an instant, the plants on the ground were scorched to scattered ashes, leaving only blackened sand. The flame enshrouded Blue Luan, with only a simple flash, immediately disappeared from the distance and appeared on Teng Qingshan’s left.

Only one word could describe the Blue Luan—fast!

“Haha!” Teng Qingshan laughed. The Reincarnation Spear was like his arm; the spear tip streaked across in a beautiful and mysterious arc, while the red tassel left a red afterimage as well.

“Up you go!”

Teng Qingshan bellowed, and in the split second that the Reincarnation Spear blocked the Blue Luan’s talons, an astonishing force burst forth. Receiving the brunt of this attack, the Blue Luan was sent soaring through the air! “Rumble~~” Violent air currents caused the ground to actually sink down by three Chi, the surrounding stones and sand to roll and fly, and even the seawater to the side to surge.

“You’re not my match, Blue Luan.” Teng Qingshan raised his head to look at the skies.

The Blue Luan looked down below it, and it seemed like a blaze was burning within its eyes. A reverberating cry sounded, and like a sharp arrow, it directly shot down fiercely from up high.

“Last time, you had a taste of my defensive spear arts… this time, I’ll let you experience my offensive spear arts!” Teng Qingshan’s gaze was electrifying. With a sudden deep snort, in the instant that the Blue Luan swooped down, Teng Qingshan’s body suddenly flashed, and like a slippery fish, he dodged one Zhang away.

The Blue Luan moved horizontally almost simultaneously, and this movement was even nimbler than Teng Qingshan’s.


Teng Qingshan roared loudly. His entire body was covered in a cyan glow, while yellowish brown colored lightning flickered. Both of his arms immediately bulged as well, almost causing his clothes to burst.

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In a flash, a drilling force erupted from the Reincarnation Spear, and the air, as if like a river, fluctuated as it was drilled. A terrifying explosion echoed out, as if the whole space was punctured. Accompanying this terrifying explosion, a “Whoom~” also echoed out. Teng Qingshan’s Reincarnation Spear transformed into an indistinct silver lightning, and it was fast to the extreme limit!

“Ooo~”The Blue Luan let out a loud screech, and the flames covering its whole body greatly rose as its body transformed into an afterimage.

Its dodging speed was even faster compared to before.


A few drops of golden blood sprinkled down.

“Whoosh!” Teng Qingshan withdrew the the long spear in a lightning fast manner, and with his right hand holding the long spear, he watched the already grounded Blue Luan.

“Its blood is unexpectedly gold in color.” Teng Qingshan inwardly exclaimed.

The power of the “Toxic Dragon Drill” was just as Teng Qingshan expected. The last time he competed with the Blue Luan, he had only just created the first form of the《Water Element Fist》, but now, he had already created the fifth form of the 《Water Element Fist》. This “Toxic Dragon Drill”, regardless whether it was speed or attack power, it had all improved by a large degree.

This time, the Blue Luan’s dodging speed had also burst forth to the extreme limit—a dodging speed that Teng Qingshan was extremely envious of—but, as before, the Blue Luan could not dodge away from this one strike.

Luckily, Teng Qingshan only pierced into it momentarily, and then immediately pulled the spear back. He also did not use his Internal Supreme Force to blow up the wound.

The body of a Demonic Beast, perhaps its feathers, scales and shells so on and so forth, were very hard; however, their internals would not be more so. Once pierced through and Internal Supreme Force exploded out again, it would definitely blow out a large bloody hole. However, this time, he was only having a competition with the Blue Luan, additionally, Teng Qingshan also held a favorable opinion towards the Blue Luan. Naturally, he would not make a vicious move.

“It is said that the Blue Luan, when injured, will restore itself very quickly, and can be said to have an immortal body.” Teng Qingshan carefully watched the Blue Luan’s wound.

The Blue Luan’s left wing had a two finger wide wounds. Blood had stopped flowing out from it, and at the same time, the wound rapidly shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye. In merely one breath of time, the wound that was originally there had already disappeared.

“Ooo~ Ooo~” The Blue Luan faced Teng Qingshan and successively let out hoots, seeming to be extremely excited.

At this moment, Li Jun who was watching the fight also hastily ran over.

“Big Brother Teng, the Blue Luan says that your spear arts was very powerful; it is even amazed. It is asking you, last time you weren’t this powerful yet, how did you become this powerful in such a short time.” Li Jun continued, “It also asks whether you have reached the level of the Godly Beast, oh, it should be what we term as the Emptiness Realm.”

“Of course I haven’t reached it.” Teng Qingshan shook his head.

If one reached the Emptiness Realm, then one would have the power to control the heavens and earth, causing an endless stream of energy in the body.

Like Borileimu, Huangfu Yujiang, and also his teacher “Zhuge Yuanhong”, all of them have touched upon the “Dao”. At that time, that one sword from Zhuge Yuanhong had a formidable power that was inconceivable. Borileimu’s “Descent of Thunder God” almost caused Teng Qingshan to lose. In Huangfu Yujiang’s first battle with Teng Qingshan, he was able to to block every single move of Teng Qingshan’s.


Stepping into the Emptiness Realm was obviously not that easy. If it was that easy, the Emptiness Realm would not be considered precious to this extent.

“Ooo~” “Oooo~” Li Jun and the Blue Luan were in the midst of communicating.

“Big Brother Teng…” Li Jun turned her head to look towards Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan discovered that Li Jun’s expression had become somewhat strange.

“What?” Teng Qingshan doubtfully looked at Li Jun. “What happened?”

Li Jun’s expression was extremely strange. “This Blue Luan told me, i-it wants to go with us.”

“What?” Teng Qingshan was shocked. “The Blue Luan wants to go along with us? What did you say to it earlier?”

“It asked, how did you already become this amazing, improving to this extent; and I said, it was you, Big Brother Teng, that comprehended on your own,” Li Jun said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “Afterwards, this Blue Luan said… previously, when it saw Big Brother Teng practicing boxing, it was somewhat moved. In the future, it wants to examine Big Brother Teng practicing boxing more. It even said that it wants to become a Godly Beast. Thus, it wants to follow you.”

Teng Qingshan suddenly understood.

Previously, it was precisely because the Blue Luan saw his《Water Element Fist》which caused its fighting spirit to be aroused. Certainly, his Internal Martial Arts were different from the rest. The other people’s method were Realization. For example, Poetic Sword God “Li Taibai” had the “Dao: be embodied within his calligraphy, while for himself, he instead had the “Dao” that he Comprehended embodied within his Fist Arts.

Seeing Teng Qingshan’s “Fist Arts”, it was not strange that the Blue Luan was moved.

“It seems that this Blue Luan, that has reached the Golden Dan Innate Realm early, also very much wants to step into the Emptiness Realm, eh.” Teng Qingshan smiled. He reckoned that this Blue Luan was under the impression that he improved quickly, and thought that there might be hope for it to become an Emptiness Realm demonic beast if it followed him to Comprehend the Dao.

“Then, do we agree?” Li Jun asked.

“This is a wonderful thing, of course we agree.” A smile bloomed on Teng Qingshan’s face.

Li Jun immediately faced the Blue Luan to the side and told it. The Blue Luan appeared to be extremely excited, but following immediately after, the Blue Luan called out once more, “Oo~Ooo~”

“Big Brother Teng—” Once more, Li Jun’s expression became odd.

“What?” Teng Qingshan was suspicious of Li Jun’s expression.

Li Jun spoke with a peculiar tone, “This Blue Luan said that it will follow us go, but this matter still has another troublesome thing, which is this—we must get its mother’s permission.”

“Its mother?” Teng Qingshan widened his eyes. “It even has a mother!!”

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